10 Best Lead Generation Ideas You Can Actually Try

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Lead generation keeps our business alive and growing but it requires a good tactic to generate high-quality leads that we can convert from suspects to fans.

However, more and more people are becoming skeptical to opt into our offers as marketers.

They even knew now that our countdown timer never reaches zero.

Clickbait will no longer work and it will only push people away from you.

So what we can do is to offer real help to solve their problems.

Instead of focusing on just capturing their attention, we should think of a way that will make them want to learn more from us and become the authority that they can look up to.

We listed below some of the best lead generation ideas that you can use for both B2B and B2C. You should test them out and don’t be afraid to come up with a trial and error process but make sure you’re doing it based on your audience’s preferences.

1) Offering a Free-Trial

A free-trial offer is one of the common but also one of the most effective lead generation strategies.

The said kind of offer can make your own brand’s site to sell itself to the prospects.

Plus, this encourages people to purchase the full features of your product in a low-pressure way once they find it useful to them.

Offering A Free-Trial for Lead Generation Via Netflix.com

2) Run a Quiz

This should be an exciting lead generation idea that your target audience can enjoy.

In this strategy, you’re trying to bargain the result of the quiz in exchange for people’s contact information.

One of the great examples is the SEO fun roulette which Neil Patel runs on his website.

It gives his visitors an opportunity to win an SEO strategy call, tips, and cheatsheet.

And what’s good about this is you have to put your email address first before you can spin the roulette.

Highly interested visitors will surely give their reliable email, otherwise, they won’t get the prize.

Running a quiz for lead generation Via NeilPatel.com

3) Create a list post of helpful tools

It’s not a bad idea to promote the tools and platforms you use in your company.

However, there’s a broad audience out there who surely use a different set of tools for their business and this means an opportunity for you to help them.

Try to make an initiative to explore other tools.

This way your audience will feel that you care more about their success than your own self-promotion.

In return, you can attract the audience who is also searching for the right tools and find a solution like yours.

Therefore, it’s a good way to drive leads.

4) Share the secrets of the experts

If you want to give your prospects a unique value that will surely help them, you can get insights from the experts in your industry and share them with your audience.

Uncovering secrets or growth hacks from the thought leaders means ensuring you’re trying to deliver the best and the most reliable pieces of advice to your prospects.

Below is an example from our previous blog post discussing the thoughts of the experts about the effectiveness of a webinar in growing your business.

Via MiamiMarketer | Are Webinars Effective? Hear the Experts and Get Started

5) Hosting A Giveaway

If you’re feeling generous while trying to generate new leads, giving away an item or any offer with great value is the best one.

However, you must set this up in the most logical way or else, you’ll get tons of junk leads who aren’t even from your target audience and it’s a huge waste of time and effort.

So, what you can do is to give away only what your target market actually needs.


6) Creating a template to help daily operation get simple

There are things in the business where the supposedly simple tasks are getting complicated.

Not because these things are not important but these aren’t the focus of the day-to-day business operations.

And for marketers, this would be an opportunity to generate leads.

Creating a template for your prospects is a good way to build relationships with your audience and this may end up your prospects buying your goods or getting your services.

7) Make an easy-to-digest help videos

Most people prefer to watch help videos than read instructions.

And depending on how you create your video, it can be both entertaining and education that’s easy to digest.

If you are offering a product, people will highly appreciate if you can walk them through the process using a video instead of a written manual (although there’s also a lot of people who prefer step-by-step articles).

For example, ClickUp is a project management platform and since they have a product to offer, it’s better to show a demo on how to use their tool.

Using a video, they can effectively attract a new audience to try their platform as it shows how it can be used.

Their other help videos are posted on their YouTube channel.

Via ClickUp.com

8) Utilize the SEO power of customer review

This is the lead generation strategy where you’ll be needing the help of your previous and existing clients.

You can encourage your happy customers to leave feedback and it’s a great endorsement and advertisement as well without the need to spend a single dime.

However, you should use a third-party platform that uses a strong SEO strategy and not the customer review section on your own website.

Google has a preference for review sites in search engine results. It recognizes the role of the review sites in helping people to find what they’re searching for and that’s why you should try this leag gen idea.

9) Use pop-ups the right way

Well, let’s face it, pop-ups have been defamed in the last few years.

Instead of enhancing people’s experience on the website, it disrupts and drives people away.

It became annoying for most. But pop-ups still work — only if done the right way.

Offer something that provides a great value and relevant to your audience, sure, it will be a healthy part of your company’s inbound strategy.

Moreover, you should know the right timing when your offer should pop-up.

There are time-based pop-up and slide-in forms that will only appear when the visitor has been staying on a specific page for a certain number of seconds or when visitors are about to leave the page just like our own pop-up in the photo below.

Via MiamiMarketer

We recommend that you try this awesome, free marketing tool from HubSpot so you can get started with this strategy.

10) Use the power of social media

Social media marketing isn’t just good for brand awareness.

It can also be your low-cost lead generation tactic.

Aside from just promoting your articles in your social networking sites, make sure to maximize this by adding links to your blog posts and even directly on your landing pages.

But it would be best if you can do a lead generation analysis to figure out the post that’s best for your lead generation.

Canva’s blog post below is a good example of utilizing Facebook to generate leads.

Keep in mind that merely posting your blog posts on Facebook is different from utilizing Facebook Ads to generate leads.

Via Facebook @Canva

I hope this post has helped you get some smart and creative ideas that you can test for your own target audience.

Don’t be afraid to try every tactic that you can do until you find the right lead generation strategy that suits your business.

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