If you are happy with how email automation works, you’ll surely be even more thrilled with how Facebook Messenger Bot can help you grow your business.

Chatbot technology is one of the digital marketing trends that you should not ignore in today’s internet-connected era.

Primarily, it works to help companies interact with the different levels of customers by sending instant messages in real time, 24/7, based on the automation triggers you set up.

And with over 1.4 billion users of Facebook Messenger worldwide, it is the ideal chat app that you can use to make your life a lot easier while leveling up your business.

In case you missed listening to our previous podcast, we had the chance to interview one of today’s chatbot geeks, Justin Scicluna, about what messenger bots are and how do they work.

Ways to use Facebook Messenger for higher conversions

For responsive customer service

The most basic use of this automated messaging should be to answer the frequently asked questions (FAQs) about your product or service.

The use of chatbots will guarantee that you can provide an immediate response to your prospects day and night, and it will set you apart from the competition.

If you can give excellent answers by providing multiple choices and moderately narrowing down to specific questions, then it will be easy for people to decide if they’ll take action to get your goods or services or respond to whatever your call to action is.

To create brand awareness

You can use Facebook Messenger to build your brand by letting people know what you do with your business, the projects you are currently engaged in, and how it may help them.

In return, it will help you capture their interest and get them into your sales funnel.

Persuade your prospects to visit your product page

When you finally get your prospects’ interest, it’s time to ask them to go to your landing pages.

Just make sure that you sound natural and conversational like you’re talking to someone you are close with.

It helps them feel that you are not pushy. But on top of all these, you should create value that they can be most likely to appreciate.

To send your broadcasts to your subscribers

Similar to email marketing, you can also send broadcasts to the people who opted into your sales funnel.

Use this strategy to disseminate news and information about your current engagements, promos and discounts, product launches, or even contents that they might find interesting.

However, don’t do this too often like sending broadcast once or twice a week should be enough or your prospects will turn off receiving notifications and messages from you.

Creating Facebook Messenger Bot in 10 minutes

Many of you may wonder, is it really possible to make a Facebook Messenger bot in minutes?

Yes, it’s possible when setting this up.

However, what may take you time is the crafting of high-quality questions and answers that will lead your prospects to consider getting your products or services.

In digital marketing, it is imperative that you have your customer avatar to know who your target audience is.

This way, you would know how you will create the right message to hook your prospects.




So when you’ve finally crafted your FAQs, options, and call to action, you’re now ready to create your Facebook Messenger bot!

Here’s Jason Wardrop, founder of Arsenal MKG which is a lead generation and a CRM software company, to show you what a Facebook Messenger can do for your business and how to set this up in 10 minutes.

He will give you the step-by-step process plus excellent tips that you can use for your own creation!

If you want information on how to develop a rapid action plan for growing your business