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6 Essential Business Networking Tips To Maximize Your Efforts

Want to be good at business networking?

Networking is an effective and cost-efficient marketing strategy that you can take advantage of to build your business or service.

It simply involves connecting with individuals to form mutually beneficial relationships that offer support and guidance to one another over time.

However, many professionals and business owners today hardly leverage the huge potential business networking promises, probably because they do not know how to go about it or they have some unrealistic expectations about the specific timing of positive results. In some cases, these individuals do not build a business network until they really need one – and this could have a negative effect on their business. Here are a few tips that can ensure your business networking success.

Choose the Right Business Groups

Not every business networking group will be ideal for you. Choose only groups where like-minded people congregate. This could include special interest groups, men’s and women’s organizations, and Chambers of Commerce.


Develop Relationships

Business networking does not necessarily involve marketing your products or services but developing relationships that can lead to referrals and eventual sales. The idea here is to connect with people by taking the time to build trust even without the expectation of making sales for your business.

Win-win partnership strategy concept. Businessman draw win-win scheme with handshake partnership agreement.



Always be prepared. Bring along your business cards – plenty of them, but only give them out to those who indicate a real interest in your offering. Printed postcards or brochures, and a short description of your service can effectively market your business to your target networks.



You do not have to go on and on about what you do to get your potential customers. When you meet people, you can ask questions about their business and listen to the answers they provide. Look out for common points that you can bring into your conversation.


Give to Receive

Focus on what you can offer those you meet, not strictly on what they can do for you. If you know someone who could need your services, reach out to them. In doing so, you may just make a great referral.

Follow Up

If you attended an event where you made a good connection with someone, send a note indicating how much you enjoyed the meeting. Where appropriate, you could send some information that might prove helpful to them.

Networking can help your business soar. In addition to building valuable connections for you, it increases your confidence and raises your profile. As more and more people recognize you and your efforts, your brand reputation will continue to improve. And you are more likely to get referrals and leads over time.

author: Carlos Vazquez

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