7 Marketing Mistakes You Should Avoid For A Successful Business

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Marketing is effective when executed properly with the right experience and content being sent to future and existing customers that either make or break your business campaigns.

Marketing is the lifeblood of any startup business or small business marketings and it’s not always predictable. This fact makes marketing mistakes unavoidable especially in the early launching of your business.

Oftentimes, the immediate action in unavoidable mistakes is to look externally for a source and solution to these problems.

Reports from Content Marketing Institute shows that there are 91% of B2B marketers from B2B Content Marketing 2018 Benchmarks, Budgets and Trends that are using content marketing strategy as part of their strategic methods for successfully achieving and retaining customers.


While there is no assurance to success to any business, there are many mistakes you can avoid to improve your chance of getting leads and building your brands which you can apply even for small business marketing.

1) Early hiring of an in-house staff

It takes caution and proper spending on staffing for the company’s development.

Finding the right team of in-house marketers needs investing.

Any new in marketing channel is a risk. What happens when you hire in-house staff too early?

In house marketing staff can be an unnecessary expenditure.

It is suggested and more cost effective to hire freelancers, interns or an external agency.

It may seem that a high-value in house staff can give your company recognition, however, it might also put you in a bankrupt status.

2) Customers are busy

Some marketers believe this lie and makes the same cycle of mistake. The lie they assume to believe is that customers are too busy to read the email, blog, watch the video or demo or even interact with the Facebook post.

This lie is untrue as it is not always about people being busy. It just means, but rarely disclosed, that what you have delivered in front of them is not relevant enough for them to catch their interest.

3) Failing to stand out

Marketing has a competitive nature and if the competition is doing something great, it is tempting to try and exceed better than the competition.

Instead of copying the competition, try to stand out.

Think about your what makes your business unique and stand out. Showcase your brand or your approach.

What is the core passion that fuels your brand or company?

Be outstanding and think of something that will set you apart from the rest.

4) Forgetting to track marketing campaign

You may think that when marketing campaign launches, you can just sit back and trust everything will fall into places. Remember, your work is not done yet.

Do not slack. Figure out what’s working and what doesn’t and then act on it. Some businesses fail because of putting everything out of luck.

5) No website needed

In this modern age, you must have your website. You may lose a potential client if you don’t have a website, or your client may switch to a competitor who does.

Most consumers rely on searching for products and services online or through a search engine while having direct communication with you.

Websites are no longer expensive to create and are no longer complicated.

You can search for cheap web hosting companies like Weebly or Wix for a startup.

6) No need to connect with the audience

The first step of a successful marketing campaign is targeting the right audience.  

Failing to connect with them is one strategy you have to consider.

The marketing campaign is not just about the presentation of your data, or why people should like and choose your brand.

That logic is boring and will lose your audience connection and is unlikely to drive action.

You can create marketing campaigns that are visually and ideally connects with your audience on a more emotional level.

7) Failing to Diversify Marketing Approach

Finding the right team marketer to diversify your company can be hard.

It is a risk to invest in a  new marketing channel and always think ahead of what will happen if you hire someone incompetent and whose skill doesn’t fit your company’s need?

Marketers should know the status and effectiveness of the marketing strategy.

A constant review on analytics, sales volume, evaluating SEO strategies, and other marketing strategies that you find effective.

By studying helpful data, you can identify what works and what does not work and change action accordingly.


Keep pace. Marketing is not a static venture. It needs long-term constant attention. Find the right channels to reach the audience that connects with your business.


Marketers can avoid these marketing mistakes and have plenty of careful time management and planning.

Don’t rush anything.

Deadlines may seem to create hustle and bustle, but a rushed marketing campaign would be the last thing you need to deal with.



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