9 Ways To Create A Lead Magnet That Converts

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A lead magnet is one of the key factors in the marketing mix of any online business today.


Yet there are still some entrepreneurs and marketing professionals who fail to create lead magnets that actually get leads.


A lead magnet is how you specifically solve people’s problem and they’re considering hiring you for that.


And those who clicked on that lead magnet were the ones who chose to be your identified, genuine leads.


If you struggle how to create a lead magnet that works, there’s a high tendency for your business to fail. No entrepreneur would like their conversion rate and revenue to suffer.


So here’s what you can do.


Help them with their customer value journey and it should work.


Consumers take time when making a buying decision and purchases.


They might visit your site, be entertained in your content, and forget about it the very next day.  


You need to get their attention back by keeping in touch – email.


That’s what a lead magnet allows you to get done.


But more than that, you should know if what you are offering is A REAL LEAD MAGNET or just AN IRRESISTIBLE OFFER.


These two are different.


So who are your leads?

This is crucial so you should keep reading to understand it further.


The basic definition of a lead is as simple as the prospective buyer of your goods or services.


Leads are valuable prospects.


And you have the responsibility to collect his contact information such as an email address and phone number in order to help him get into the buying state.


But it’s worth to note that there are 6 levels of customers. And you should know them to properly segment these people to be placed under the correct marketing strategy.

I listed below the two styles that will enlighten you who your leads really are.


Old way of identifying leads:

  • They are those who download your checklist, e-book, infographic, whitepaper, video, swipe file, strategies, etc. FOR FREE.


New way of identifying leads:

  • They are those who download your pricing sheet/pricing guide, looking at your portfolio or services, getting your proposal, etc. and they’re WILLING TO SPEND a few hundred or thousand bucks.
  • They could also be those people who are booking an appointment with you.


So you’ll ask me now, what do you call today with the old way of identifying leads?


Free Irresistible Offer vs. Lead Magnet


Those who get free irresistible offers can’t really be considered leads. They’re not getting the offer because they’re interested in your services.


Instead, they just want to get some solution to their problem that is like a Do-It-Yourself solution. They’re just nosing around for some solution that they don’t want to hire experts to solve their problems.


Here’s an example.


I myself and I know you, too, have a lot of times when you chose to opt into someone’s email list just to download an offer. But you never get converted, right?


After you get what you want, you’ll unsubscribe from their mailing list.


And when you’re not satisfied with the material, you’ll jump to next offer. And that’s a reality.


Now, here are the real leads.


These are the people who are willing to spend money to get the solution which they think they can get from you.


They are the GENUINE LEADS.


But I have exclude “FREE CONSULTATION” from irresistible offers.


Yes it might be free, but it is considered as a “Foot in the Door” offer. It is a step closer to getting them as your leads that can be converted.


Consultations, appointments, webinars, estimation, and the likes — these are all introduction to your goods and services.


Just communicate what you think the prospects want to hear from you, sure, they won’t only listen to your solution but they would want you to implement that solution to ease their pain points.


Now that we have defined some of the most critical terms in business, let us explore the  9 ways on how you create a lead magnet that actually gets leads.


1. Find out what your target consumer wants

This simply means you have to define your buyer persona. The first thing you need to consider before creating a lead magnet is to start getting to know your audience.


What does your target consumer possibly want, what is his purchasing behavior, and how can you address that he’s experiencing some pains that he is not aware of.


Hint: You should reveal your customers’ problem better than they can describe it themselves.


Imagine that you run a gift registry-related e-commerce store and your target audience wants to throw a baby shower.


Think outside the box and dig deeper.


Are they after the quality, the cost, or the delivery of the products?


Once these qualities are understood; once you already knew your target’s buying behavior and their pain points, you are now ready to design a lead magnet that will satisfy their needs.


2. Make your lead magnet specific and relevant to the audience

Help the audience to solve a specific, relevant problem without giving away all your secrets or expose your business unnecessarily to the prospects.


What you should consider in here?


Great communication.


Your message will only be great for other people if they find it relevant in their lives especially with their problems.


Give your prospects the specific solution they want and deliver it with correct messaging.


3. Give one great promise and offer

Think of an equation getting X to achieve Y.


A lead magnet transaction is the same as that equation.


In the example used below, notice the Call to Action?


It tells the subscriber the desirable result of following the lead magnet’s advice with its promising statement, this can increase your conversion rate.


However, it’s just an irresistible offer.


lead magnet example

A typical example of a lead magnet | Via Digital Marketer


4. Deliver what you promised

If the target audience downloads your lead magnet and didn’t find what they were promised, they will most likely to unsubscribe.


The audience may assume that your paid products lack value and they won’t take the chance.


Deliver exactly what you promised in your lead capture interphase.


If you want information on how to develop a rapid action plan for growing your business


5. Action-driven and free Lead Magnet

Make your lead magnet free ONLY if it is a foot in the door offer or an introduction to your services.


It’s true that if it’s not free, your prospects will not be interested.


But it will allow you to segment those who are just after the irresistible offer and from those who wants to be your genuine lead and hire you for a dramatic solution.


Your target audience may not ready to make a purchase yet but there’s another approach that you can use to help them get into the buying state.


Further, a lead magnet needs to be action-driven and need to provide something relevant and useful to visitors’ immediate action.


6. Don’t make users to wait for so long

Your lead magnet should give immediate satisfaction to the users. Nobody likes to wait these days. Our generation is all about getting instant gratification.


You need to implement a sense of urgency.


That is why a lead magnet that offers, take note even if it’s FREE ADMISSION, a webinar session next month will probably lose those leads who signed up. The audience will forget about it as time passes.


Make an instant download and/or an easy booking procedure for consultation or appointments.


7. Quick and easy to “consume” Lead Magnets

Along, drawn-put magnet is often thought of as having a higher value. This is generally not the case.


In fact, it creates an impression that the audience is forced to work harder for information on your lead.


It is never a good strategy.


Instead, you can create a high-value offer that’s not difficult to consume. If it is an e-book, for example, make sure it’s an ebook, not a novel.


The maximum number of pages that one can enjoy for an ebook is 20 or less.


For a video, it depends on what stage on buying journey your prospect is currently at. As we mentioned in a critical update on SSF method to grow your business.


If they are on the early stage, the maximum length of your video should no longer than 3 minutes, 5-15 minutes when they’re already engaged, and 30-90 minutes for those who already want a solution or ready to purchase.


If your prospects are looking up to you as an authority and ready to get converted into customers, a one-hour webinar or consultation is not an issue.


A good example of a lead magnet

Miami Marketer’s lead magnet 


8. Various versions of Lead Magnet

Audience interest varies.


Some prefer to read text-based content because this way, they can always refer to that article to recall things and consume the content better.


Others like to watch videos since it doesn’t get them bored, making it easier for them to catch the points and instill on their minds.


While others prefer to listen to audio such as a podcast or setup an appointment for phone calls or video calls.


A single lead magnet can be transformed into multiple versions to see which one performs better for your audience. The lead magnet that gets the most clicked should be considered.


For example, if more audience converts on your checklist offer than to your video, use the checklist moving forward.


Same content with a different way of delivery — it has a huge impact.


9. Convert more by adding a sense of urgency

As mentioned above, include a sense of urgency in your offer.


Lead magnets work best when there’s a limited time to avail the offer.


Let the audience know that they are being offered with a solution to their pain at limited days or hours. But be sure that you’re delivering the right message to get your lead magnet clicked.


You can always create a sense of urgency in various ways.


Unfortunately, people are now aware that your countdown time never reaches zero.


So, think a better way.


You should.



Lead magnets can be anything as long as it is something your audience wants.


Always give something valuable to the people and they will highly appreciate it with giving their contact info in return.


Again, it is a key factor in achieving growth in any online business.


Just remember to use only one Call to Action. The worst thing that you can do is confuse or distract the visitor.  


The end goal is that you want people to buy from you.


First, though, you have to build rapport with a lead magnet that actually works.

If you want information on how to develop a rapid action plan for growing your business



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