Are Webinars Effective? Hear The Experts and Get Started

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If you are thinking twice, listen to Dan Lok

Some people are asking, it’s 2019 now, are webinars dead?

Take it from HubSpot, webinars are not dead.

People might be just changing their preferences in terms of consuming contents online so instead of using the same old format, better discover a new one which will be suitable for all 6 levels of customers.

But before we jump into our discussion, let’s define first what webinar is for the sake of new in webinars.

What is webinar?

The term “webinar” is originated from the terms web seminar.

If you haven’t done this before or tried to attend one, it is a live meeting over the internet that you broadcast to your audience to promote your business. Some people call it live workshops, while others call it online seminar but they all mean the same thing.

A webinar can be a presentation, a demonstration, an instructional how-to session, or any discussion that you can do online in a webinar format.

The participants or attendees of the webinar view some documents, apps, a live video feed on their computer and will have a chance for an interactive Q&A segment.

For OptinMonster, a webinar is a kind of lead magnet that aims to offer more value to the people and generate a better number of leads than what a checklist or an ebook can provide.

Why webinars are a good marketing strategy?

According to Brian Carter, a highly-respected digital marketer, webinars are one of the highest-profit content marketing strategies.

They are so flexible that most entrepreneurs consider integrating this strategy in their marketing mix for it has better sales conversion rates compared to other sales medium such as videos, sales letters, email marketing, and social media campaigns.

It can be utilized as an awareness campaign and can be marketed as a training experience.

Also, webinars can get you heightened attention from the audience of the webinar. Your information is all that’s going to matter to them and you can build this up through the emails leading up to your scheduled webinar.

That being said, you have to do something. Give them some sense of what value you are going to provide to put them in a state that they want to hear what you have to say and they’re going to stick around and listen to you.

The effectiveness of webinars will naturally show up once you make sure you’re giving value to the audience and with that, you’ll surely get that “heightened attention.”

Webinars Infographic

So we can safely say webinars are comparable to live stage presentations or live introduction or selling from a stage.

It’s a good way to generate a significant number of leads, drive customer engagement, and can also create customer loyalty and retention which definitely can help grow your business.

Webinars are also found to be a cost-effective tool to diminish clients’ fear to deal with businesses engaged in volatile markets.

If you want information on how to develop a rapid action plan for growing your business

Why webinars are a powerful and effective marketing strategy?

Alright, I think y’all should better it hear from the man who can really prove why webinars are so powerful tool for the growth of every business.

Let’s hear it from my most favorite marketer who is also known as “The King of High-Ticket Sales,” Dan Lok.

Dan Lok’s 7 Reasons Webinars Might Do Wonders For Your Business


So for a recap to what Dan Lok has taught us from the video above, here are his first 3 reasons why webinars work:

Reason #1: Webinars are a great tool for email list building

You are driving people to your registration page and therefore opting into your email list. This way, you can build your list quickly and make them your subscribers.

Reason#2: Webinars convert better than almost any other sales medium

If can do it right, webinars can give you high sales conversion rates. You have to give value to your participants first before you start pitching to them. Always try to deliver a content-rich and a high-quality webinar with a call to action at the end.

Reason #3: Webinars help you establish yourself as an authority

Answering back and forth the questions of your audience can help you establish your reputation as an authority in your niche or industry. It’s your opportunity to impress people about your expertise.

Alright, let’s continue hearing more from this marketing genius.

Let’s have a recap again.

Reason #4: Webinars allow to get valuable feedback from your audience

One of the best things about conducting a webinar is that you’ll be able to ask questions and get feedback in real time. If there’s something that you think you need to tweak from your offer to put your audience in a state of buying, then you can always go back to the insights shared and modify your offer.

Reason #5: Add webinar training programs to your offer

Webinars are a great tool for delivering your training, teaching and coaching services. You can offer paid online courses or conduct a how-to session.

Reason #6: Webinars allow you to partner up with other experts in your field

You can invite an industry influencer or other experts in your niche to co-present on a webinar. They can leverage their audience to drive participants.

Reason #7: Webinars are cost-effective

You can easily organize a webinar with just a few hundred bucks. There are even free platforms such as Google Hangouts and Zoom. Instead of allocating budget to host in an event’s place, you could save a lot on a webinar and better invest the rest of the budget for marketing.

If you want to know about some of the FREE WEBINAR PLATFORMS that you can use, you can visit this article:

>> 7 Free Webinar Tools for Webinar Online

Here’s how to get started

Different marketers give a different number of steps on how to get started with this webinar tactic but all the steps are similar for getting starting. So let’s take the easiest path and this time, we’ll hear Chris Garrett, the Chief Digital Officer at Rainmaker Digital, on how we can get started with webinars the easy way.

Alright now Garrett wants us to follow only 3 simple ways:

  • First: Let’s forget the term “webinar”
  • Second: Do practice in private
  • Lastly: Remember, the Q&A part is not a test

Visit Garrett’s short blog about 3 simple ways on getting started with webinars to learn more and you’ll surely like his FREE & PROVEN TIPS in there to host a successful webinar.

If you want information on how to develop a rapid action plan for growing your business




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