Coordinating a Group Meeting Time Without The Back and Forth

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Trying to coordinate a meeting with a group of people is like herding cats.

I know you’ve experienced this following back and forth before:

You: Will Tuesday at 2:00 pm work for you?

Them: No, I can’t make that time, what about Wednesday at 11:00 am?

You: Sorry, I’m not available at the time, what about at 2:00 pm Wednesday?

Them: I can’t but what about…

…and it continues and continues.

Coordinating a meeting with 1 person is ridiculous if you don’t use booking software, it’s even worse if you have to coordinate with multiple people which is why I use this following group booking strategy and I come off as the intelligent and technologically advanced person to command efficiency.

Watch this video to see how it’s done.



  • Visit
  • Click “Schedule an Event” button
  • Select Days and Times
  • If needed, choose different times for days
  • Save
  • Send To List with a Deadline

…and that’s it!

Try it and let me know how it works for you plus, if you know of another way, please share!



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