A Quick Guide To Marketing Automation

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One of the things which small, medium and large companies have in common is they’re aiming for the success of their businesses, no questions asked. And whether you are a B2B or B2C company, it’s imperative to come up with a rock-solid marketing plan for the right management and nurturing of the clients or you’ll end up seeing all your efforts gone in the wind. Benjamin Franklin once said, “if you fail to plan, you are planning to fail.”

And since marketing automation is currently the new trend in business marketing, more and more marketers are now considering the use of marketing automation platforms to help them attract a new customer, build a well-established customer engagement including retention, and turn leads into sales.

If you’re not yet using marketing automation in your business strategy, we compiled the most important things that you need to learn about marketing automation to help you decide using it in the near future.

1) The Importance of Marketing Automation


Marketing automation has first started as a tool for wealthy and influential companies having vast extensive customer bases. But today, it becomes the tool for small businesses and medium enterprises to become competitive within their specific industries while it serves as a maintenance tool for large businesses to fulfill the demands of their customers.

Now that marketing automation has become available and affordable due to technological advancement, modern marketers have been grabbing every opportunity to utilize the benefits of this automation.

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2) 28% of businesses use marketing automation to drive new insights and intelligence


The photo above was the result of the survey where current marketing automation users were asked: What were the main business reasons for implementing Marketing Automation?

While we can’t exactly tell what should be the winning reason for the businesses to implement marketing automation, we should bear in mind that this strategy is built to help companies acquire more leads while keeping the acquired ones. Therefore, making businesses more functional and a step closer to success.

To know more other surveys which Smart Insights has conducted regarding marketing automation,

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3) 6 Ways in Which Artificial Intelligence Powers Marketing Automation


If you’re wondering how much will AI impact your marketing strategy in the coming years, maybe so much better than you could imagine. AdWeek’s 2017 article claims that 86% of marketers believed AI will make their work more efficient and effective but according to the article released by Marketing Artificial Intelligence Institute, only 58.7% of them have already started doing research and testing of AI.technologies. However, only 11.5% have a good grasp of how AI really works.

But how does AI actually do and power your marketing automation engine? Here are the 6 ways to give you an overview:

1. Segment your users better

2. Deliver a truly omnichannel experience

3. Craft and deliver content that resonates with users

4. Drive predictive marketing

5. Reduce manual supervision

6. Achieve greater ROI

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4) Build the perfect conversion funnel with marketing automation


We couldn’t agree more, and marketing automation is the perfect tool for optimizing your conversion funnel. The automation of your conversion funnel has another far-reaching benefit.

Here are the conversion funnel stages and automation possibilities:

1. Awareness

2. Consideration

3. Decision / Action

4. Retention


Harnessing Funnel with Automation

1. Planning (Segmentation, Channel definition, Navigation)

2. Execution

3. Optimization and Retention

If you have structured your funnel clearly, you will surely have strong marketing that’s set to have conversions. And it can even be more powerful the moment you top it up with marketing automation. It can give your customers a smooth flow of experience and connection with you and your services.

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5) 6 Email Marketing Automation Strategies Backed by Data


One of the most essential things to consider when doing business is the consistency of promotional actions and it’s impossible to achieve if you don’t have a firm knowledge of who your customers are. A solid preparation will make your marketing strategy effective.

For instance, it might take you forever to create a good email routine and strive to connect with your clients if you’re not going to utilize marketing automation.

And as support to building the perfect conversion funnel with marketing automation, we’re going to tackle the best strategies for using email marketing automation for eCommerce.

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6) 30 Experts Discuss Marketing Automation Trends In 2018


One of the disadvantages of every strategy, specifically this marketing automation, is that it can also do harm than growth when implemented improperly such as poor messaging and targeting, and untimely. That’s why every marketer should be knowledgeable enough before doing the implementation.

The site SnapApp claims that marketing automation has already outperforming paid search and article creations for acquiring customers and even do better than social media and various analytics for improving customer retention.

That being said if you’re not contemplating yet to integrate automation in your digital marketing strategy, I think you should know what the experts are saying about this marketing automation in 2018 and after which, we will jump into what the experts have to say now in 2019.

Follow the link below to read the ideas of 30 marketing automation experts regarding the trends that maybe you noticed have slammed B2B marketers last 2018.

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7) 3 tips from the marketing automation experts this 2019


With tons of available marketing automation platforms today, new marketers tend to think they’re already ready to start their marketing. No matter how good your preferred platform is to render a satisfactory customer value journey to generate leads and sales, without proper implementation, you’re success isn’t starting yet.

So yeah, implementation is the next step and it should be created excellently to prevent the conflicts in your own marketing strategies. In order to do that, we’re going to guide you from choosing the right vendor to measuring an ROI.

And to make it even more reliable, the pieces of advice that you’ll get today are from the experts in marketing automation who can definitely give you concrete tips to get the most from your automation platform.

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8) 50 Marketing Automation Services & Tools to Save Time in 2019


Marketing experts are projecting that more and more tasks will become automated this 2019, Leadsurance has compiled the list of 50 marketing automation services and tools that will help business owners save time in 2019.

Some of the marketing automation on the list are Leadsurance, Adobe Campaign, InfusionSoft, MailChimp, HubSpot, ActiveCampaign, Dux-Soup, etc. To get the full list and the descriptions, visit the button below. Bear in mind that various platforms differ in pricing and features, and you’re the only one who knows what’s better for your business. So take enough time to assess which one is fit for your marketing strategy implementation.

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If you want information on how to develop a rapid action plan for growing your business




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