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High-Quality, Low-Cost, Fast Delivery: You can only pick two!

By LJ Diaz 0
High-Quality Services

Economists presume that people have unlimited wants and they can be satisfied mostly by purchasing goods and services. But since our resources are limited, we can’t have all the products and services that we want. Hence, we can only choose what we want the most and give up others.

The Venn diagram I provided above will serve as your guide to help you understand the concept of choosing only two among services of High-Quality, Low-Cost, and Fast Delivery in connection with satisfying the wants of people in getting goods (tangible) or services (intangible).

But before we start our discussion, I want you to take a look at the photo of a Filipino artist below and try to figure out what’s wrong in there.

Photo via Hans Alcanzare

The offer for the said artist and the offers that we, as digital marketers, are getting from our prospects have something to do with our decision to come up with this article.

If you are a business owner and you think you can provide the three services: High-Quality, Low-Cost, and Fast Delivery all at once, it’s not a sin to be a hardworking person. I know you’re a great man for doing that. But I know, too, that you can be compensated way better than that.

And if you are the type of client who wants it all, you must be very lucky if ever do you get the luxury of getting all those three services. It’s not everyday you can find a company who’s willing to give them all at a bottom level price.

Alright, before you get me wrong, let me explain our topic further with real-life scenarios.

First Scenario: Low-Cost + High-Quality = Not Fast Services

Our first concept is about the turnaround time of service.

Let’s say you are shopping online and you found the product that best suits your need. For example, you’re buying on Aliexpress. You know very well that there’s always a shipping cost when buying online especially if items are coming from another country, the fees are too pricey.

One good thing about Aliexpress is they offer FREE SHIPPING. That’s for real, but you have to wait for weeks before you receive your item. If you want to get it sooner, you have to pay for premium fees.

Now you ordered the item you want. It’s true you saved more bucks from availing free shipping. But you have to give up the fast transaction available.


Now let’s have an example from the digital marketing industry.

You want to hire the services of a digital marketing company to build a professional website for your startup business. However, since you are a startup and doesn’t have enough funding yet, you can only pay $1,000 or at least half of the standard rates for creating a basic yet professional website

Below is a sample pricing for a professional website design and development.

Website design pricing of Torrboar Design

The website builders may accept your budget but since your offer is way below their standard pricing, YOU MAY NOT BE A PRIORITY.

If someone else has come and pays better or at least in accordance with their standard rates, their work for you may be set aside from time to time and it’s not going to be completed fast.

Bottomline: You can get a high-quality service for a low-cost price, but wait for your turn.

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Second Scenario: Low-Cost + Fast Delivery = Not High-Quality

This concept is about the quality of service.

If you’re planning to hire a company or people who give fast services at a cheap price, the high-quality outcome is mostly out of the question.

I used the term “mostly” since it’s not impossible to get a high-quality system with fast service at a bottom-level price but it would be very difficult to find a company or people who can give you such services. And because of that, I can’t drop specific names of people or company to be our example.

But just think of it this way, if people are rushing their works, you can expect the service is not of high-quality.

Remember how the classic saying goes:

“You get what you pay for”

Third Scenario: High-Quality + Fast Delivery = Not Low-Cost

Our third concept is all about the price.

Let’s go back to our first example with Aliexpress shipping costs. Assuming you’re buying a high-quality product but you want it the soonest possible time and you don’t want to wait for the next 26 “business” days just to receive your item.

So what you can do is to let it deliver through DHL which has the fastest delivery timeframe of 3-7 business days. But it’s not going to be cheap since you have to pay for an extra $42 and this third concept is all about the additional cost on services you are getting.

And if you noticed in our example with website designing services of Torrboar Design, they clearly have stated the completion timeframe of the website and even included the term “DEDICATED.”

It paints a picture that they’ll make sure to come up with high-quality services even if it means to work round-the-clock and add extra manpower to meet the deadline.


Please note that by saying “FAST” doesn’t mean the accomplishment of service should be on the next day or next week. It’s about meeting the deadline based on the wish of the client.

So, if you want a high-quality service with a fast turnaround time at a low price, companies will surely neglect your offer.

Worse, they will laugh or get mad at you as it’s like an insult to their ability. Remember that they have invested a lot of time and efforts to possess the expertise they have today.

Fourth Scenario: High-Quality + Fast Delivery + Low-Cost = Not Happening

This concept, well, not actually a concept but just a scenario when a client or a business owner tries to get or render the three concepts all at once.

If you are a client wishing to get those three services, it’s very rare, if not impossible, that you can find a company that will give you a professional, quick service at a cheap price. It’s business as usual, my friend.

You can only choose a combination of two services and sacrifice what’s left. That way, your offer and the service to render will be a lot more reasonable.

It’s worth to note that not all businesses will tell you an honest assessment of their capability especially if you’re trying to bargain with their services beyond their standard rates.

Again, "you get what you pay for"

And if you’re a business owner or a working professional such as a freelancer, better try to study this concept. It will surely help you find out how to deal with the prospects or clients that will benefit the both of you. It will also ensure you not to find yourself doing a slave labor.

Remember that you are a professional. You’re offering your services because you are an expert in your chosen field. You’ve worked hard for this so it’s just right that you must be compensated properly.

Don’t settle for less. A free lunch or a shoutout in social media won’t make any sense.

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author: LJ Diaz