How Successful Mompreneur Myleen Obando Added An Ecommerce Store To Her Revenue Stream

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“I’ve been a marketer, entrepreneur, a MOM-preneur, all those other labels for the last eight years, nine years. And it’s been such an exciting ride because I’ve really just kind of like fell out, you know, just like I fell into marketing.”

00:00 Myleen: I wish my Disney Cup had like, oh, I wish this was locker or something.

00:06  Carlos: How do I know it’s not?

00:12 Introduction: Welcome to the digital marketing secrets show was Carlos A. Vazquez where we share actionable strategies and tactics to grow businesses no matter what industry you’re in. Now your host, Carlos A. Vazquez.

00:29 Myleen: I love how you said my last name, like so exotic because I take it is very American. I say Obando

00:37  Carlos: Why?

00:38 Myleen: I don’t know why. I guess, you know, it’s like the Pennsylvania and me. I’m like, oh, it’s a Bando. And everyone’s like, oh, bondo.

00:46 Carlos: Well, you know what, my last name is Vasquez, but I grew up, I grew up with my last name. I grew up saying my lane, my lane, my name is as quest. Yes. And then my wife being Latina, she says, your last name is not Vasquez is Vasquez. I’m like, oh, okay. Well happy wife, happy life. So if it makes my wife happy,

01:09 Myleen: We’re going to alter, we’re going to alter my last name. Boom.

01:13 Carlos: I mean, she’s okay with Carlos. Carlos Vasquez in that catalog. Alright. So yes, like I gotcha. I gotcha so Myleen, do you want me to say Obando? I’ll see whatever. Whatever suits we’re in South Florida, so add the Latin to it and tallying if [inaudible]. Okay. Well today I wanted to bring you on board because you recently, you recently just launched, not one, but two ecommerce stores and you’ve been, I’ve been working with you, I would say since I guess close to a year now and we’ve, we, we met virtually last year and you were, listen, in the marketing space, it’s hard to find people that actually know what they’re doing, right? I mean it’s just, it’s just the reality. And then every time I meet a marketer I’m very skeptical. Like I don’t want to, I don’t know what kind of market do they think they are, whatever. But you never gave me that vibe, you gave me this vibe where like, okay, well I found some of them finally. The knows probably more than I do on a whole different vertical. And I’ve, I’ve been trying to keep in contact with you ever since because it’s hard to find the, it’s like a little gem to find other marketers just like you. So, and you’ve had a ton of success and I know you’ve been working for years in the marketing space. I mean, can you tell me how you got into marketing, first of all, what, what brought you to this point?

02:41 Myleen: I actually got into marketing by accident. Yeah. So I graduated high school and here in South Florida and I moved to Philadelphia to pursue my art degree, um, and, and mixed media art, um, uh, and, and our education. So, um, I got a job as an assistant and an advertising agency. I somehow sold myself to this advertising agency. Um, you know, it’s very boutique down in Philadelphia and that’s where my marketing career started. I learned, um, you know, everything about marketing and advertising, doing campaigns. They had a TV production company. I learned about TV production. I produce some shows or the local Comcast network at 18. I somehow like magically was able to do this. And, um, and that’s when I really realized that I had a gift. I had this gift of, of creating, mmm. Helping people realize that they don’t want a product or service, but they actually need a product or service.

03:52  Myleen: Um, and being able to highlight, you know, um, the benefits of obtaining, um, what it is that they need, um. And, and really playing with the psychology of all of it and the, and the whole behavior of consumerism, um, which we’ve always said that, you know, I feel like we’ve kind of like as a culture ingrained consumerism as a negative thing, but I mean that’s what we do. We work to acquire stuff. So, um, so yeah, that’s how I got started. And, um, so I did marketing and advertising, um, you know, since then, since since the 18. And I am not telling you my age, we’re not going that.

04:30 Carlos: Right I would say what you’ve been doing there for like 2, 3 years now, right?

04:37  Myleen: Yeah, I’m a spring chicken on that on the block for a minute.

04:41 Carlos: So then what are you doing this full time now as a marketer? I mean, I know the answer, but the people, the person that you, that’s why

04:50 Myleen: Yeah so I was incorporate, um, for, for about over 10 years, a little over 10 years. Um, you know, corporate working at ad agencies, uh, working for Carnival Corps. Um, I worked, yeah, I worked for the cruise line for a while. Um, I worked for private airport. Um, so definitely like the hospitality niche. I loved working in the hospitality niche, and working in those, those little niches, those little demographics. I general aviation is such a huge industry, but it’s not a common one. Like not everybody flies her own airplane. So, um, you know, all that fun stuff. And, and being able to learn co-marketing co branding, um, and all those synergies and crosspollination lot of fun with that. And, um, and then of course, you know, I got crazy, got married, had some kids and excited to take home.

05:46 Carlos: With a Marine

05:46 Myleen: Yeah, man, I got crazy and I decided that I was going to, you know, have a family and I quit. I quit my corporate job to be a full time stay-at-home mom. That, that lasted like six months. Um, so I realized very quickly that babies sleep a lot and, um, and just not domestic.

06:13 Myleen: And that’s where my epiphany, my epiphany came as an entrepreneur because I was like, you know, I was dressed like, I was just not liking it. I wasn’t, I was like, this is not, I’m not cut out for this. But I was like, but I know how to make money and really learning how to design my life, um, with my gifts and my talents to, you know, for the new stage, the new season in my life of, of being a mom. Um, and so, um, I’ve been a marketer, entrepreneur, a mompreneur, all those other labels, like, you know, hashtags, um, for the last eight years, nine years. And, um, and it’s been such an exciting ride because I’ve really just kind of like fell out, you know, just like I fell into marketing. I kind of like fell into being an entrepreneur, you know, in marketing. Um, and, um, and it’s just been an exciting, ever since then, I’ve been working in different industries too. So I started out with licensed artists and teaching licensed artists how to brand their blog. And it’s so much a diverse, uh,

07:21 Carlos: Ooh, there’s the kiddos in the back, that’s fine, that’s, that’s, that’s the challenge, there’s the kiddos in the back hey

07:36 Myleen: Can you go get me your iPad and I’ll hook you up with a timer and that’s how you get work done. You just hook your kid up with a youtube timer.

07:58 Carlos: I gotta bring you back for that one, it teaches about the whole timers. I don’t know much but my kids are a little bit older now and like and if I could do that with my pets, they’ll love better because

08:02 Myleen: Don’t worry, I’ll be changing the password later. So yeah, the, the key to dealing with small children and making money ism is youtube kids with lots of filters and timers,

08:20  Carlos: Let me break that down, YouTube kids with timers

08:21  Myleen: Timers and filters, timers and filters.

08:44 Carlos: YouTube kids timers and filters. Alright so, I am writing that down and if it wasn’t for the fact that I have to finish this episode, I’m gonna just put them on the back for them so

08:46 Myleen: So now I’m definitely really come like full circle. Where I am, um, is um, you know, I provide a service. Um, and um, one of my frustrations was um, providing a service. People can’t use their senses and it’s, you know, it’s a, it’s a process. And even though like, you know, how we met all we met through Alex would launch in two days and Alex has, is a genius. Being able to condense the branding process from like a six, eight, 12 month process into two days and really eliminate that procrastination. um, most people are not accustomed to that or it takes a certain individual to be able to do that.

09:28 Myleen: And um, you know, at the end of the day, it’s a service. You can’t really use your senses and see it until the final product is delivered. Um, and that’s why I got him to e-comm because the key to entrepreneurship is having several revenue streams running at the same time. So you’re not, you’re not like sitting there, you know, dying every freaking month of I got to go to this networking event and get six prospects, I got to go do, you know, I’ve got to get this video done so that way I can have an optin going on. I got to do this and I got to do that. Well, having those revenue streams that really allow you two, um, be strategic, um, in, in how you’re coming up, how you’re showing up and how you’re providing being of service to others. Because in the end of the day, that’s what we’re all doing. We’re being of service to others. So being able to find those niches and generate revenue from those different streams really releases the stress of, I got to meet my quota so that way I can play this game again for the next 30 days or the next 30 days.

10:34 Carlos: That’s like, that’s like almost the equivalent of living paycheck to paycheck prospect to prospect basically. So that’s super.

10:42 Myleen: Exactly!

10:42 Carlos: So then is that, what made you decide to get into ecommerce specifically?

10:46 Myleen: So what got me into ecomm was actually, um, um, the couple that I’ve been watching they’re marketers as well. And like you were saying in the beginning, you know, as a marketer you kind of get skeptical when you meet other marketers because you’re like, do you like, do you really know what you’re talking about? Um, and it’s not, you know, not trying to like put anybody down or anything, but it’s just like you get, you get weary. Like you’re just like, okay, marketing is so diverse. Like I do not call myself a digital marketer at all. I specialize in branding, um, uh, branding PR in a way. Um, the content content for me is key. So I take the different disciplines in marketing that appeal to me and that’s where I show up or for my clients. I definitely don’t sell, you know, automation or digital marketing, you know, Facebook ads and stuff like that because that is not my wheelhouse. That is like beyond my bandwidth.

11:49 Carlos: There’s a ton of people, there’s a ton of people that learn a trick on youtube and then they start selling the service that belongs to that trick. And that’s it. They think they’re an expert because they’ve had success with this one little trick. But that’s it. That’s where it stops. And that’s why it’s so easy to get a bunch of posers ruining the marketing space because they’re, they’re just a one trick pony basically.

12:11 Myleen: Yeah. And, and, and the thing is, is that, yeah, definitely learned the one trick master the one trick all freaking day long, but keep it in that one lane. Don’t sell yourself out with all these other disciplines because at the end of the day, and that’s why I love meeting other marketers like you and Alex and whatnot, because, um, we all have our disciplines. We all have our one trick we’ve mastered on one trick. And then by us all collaborating and understanding and coming to the realization and respect that we all have our one trick and collaborating and, and whatnot, and teamwork, so to speak, we are able to provide, you know, something tenfold that the client never even thought possible. Okay. And that it works. You know, I’m, so happy client, happy life, happy bank accounts.

13:08 Carlos: What’s the name of the Robin?

13:09 Myleen: And Robin and Michael Shaara they’re fucking killer, men, in, in digital marketing. So I gotta give them their Kudos and they’re in there. They’re doing ecomm. And, um, and so I’ve been following, I’ve met, I met Robin and made a couple of years ago through women’s prosperity network. Um, and, um, you know, we’ve been following each other ever since. And Robin, you suppose all and she still does about her ecomm success. So I’ve been watching this for a while now like, man, this is, this is really cool. Like I’m, you know, wondering what’s going on. And my marketing business was doing, was thriving. I was, you know, doing my happy dance every month. I had my clients and whatnot and Hurricane Irma actually came and destroyed my house. So I went from thriving marketing business to no business at all because I had to put my house back together. Um, so like I literally would come every day and work on my house for like four months. Um, so that was a lot of fun.

14:14 Carlos: You’ve been a handyman. I don’t even, but I think my house would have stayed.

14:19 Myleen: Well, I mean, we were like looking at the rafters literally, oh, hello addicts.

14:25 Carlos: Oh my God.

14:26 Myleen: Yeah. So the blessing is that my husband has no honeydew list right now. Um, I have a new house we can think for that. But that was, that was really the, the motivation to really look into ecomm. And, um, the other motivating factor that I had was I have another business partner, Sharon Awda, who’s a holistic practitioner. She’s a holistic healer and she’s a transformational life coach. And then she’s one of my first clients. Um, I’ve been working with her for eight years and we have an ecomm store that we launched about two years ago and we’ve had success with the product, but they’re not mainstream products. And I was like, how do we take this product and really optimize the crap out of it? Um, and that was the problem that was showing up for me in our business because we have a thriving, we have a thriving business in there, but like, how do we, how do we take it to know how do we scale up?

15:32 Myleen: Like that’s the, that’s the hot term right now in this season is scaling up. So like, how do you scale this prep up? So, um, you know, there I am doing my research. It keeps coming up to me and I was like, um, and then of course, you know, I shut my business down because I was putting my house together and I was like, you know what, I don’t want to be chasing people for services anymore. I want to be able to live in a space where if the opportunity comes to provide my marketing services to a client, I can do it with ease and grace. So what other revenue stream can I do, um, to be able to allow that to happen where I’m no longer networking, where I’m no longer having to put myself out there or you know, uh, chase the referral and whatnot.

16:25 Myleen: Um, and that’s where ecomm came for me. And then I started, you know, so I started doing the research on ecomm. I, I called Mike and Robin. I hired them, you know, like I bought into their workshop, um, killer frigging workshop by the way. They’re amazing. Um, and um, so yeah, so and, and they launched a family tactical and, um, and I learned the ins and outs of ecomm. And so I actually, I launched two ecomm stores and I overhauled my existing ecomm store. So in, in a span of the last seven days, cause I just did it recently. Um, I’ve had a sale a day on all three.

17:12 Carlos: Wow. That’s amazing. Wait, wait so before the course, were you making any sales or this is the brand new one?

17:26 Myleen: The original, yeah. The original ecomm store, the first one that I have, um, was averaging sales but not one a day. I would get like, because mind you, the product is not a mainstream product. It’s a product for an educated selected segment. Like right there, it’s EMF radiation protection. It’s not vastly known. You have to do some education unless like you’re really into that whole EMF radiation protection and the whole EMF thing. And it’s more of a holistic nature situation. So unless you’re into that universe, you know nothing about it. It’s not like buying socks. So, um, you know, it was doing okay. I mean, I would go to events and we still do, we go to events and we sell it out. But the problem is, is that we don’t want to go to events every single month, you know, or every single weekend to sell the crap out of our product.

18:26 Myleen: We wanted to, you know, the key to entrepreneurship again is being able to make money, continuous play in different revenue streams so that you can live the lifestyle and what you want. Um, you know, that’s the, that’s the dream. That’s the dream that entrepreneurship sells you, right? So how do, how do I get this product to generate on its own? And we’re manufacturing this product ourselves. So there’s an overhead, you know, I have product sitting if I don’t go to an event, that products just sitting there. So I want to be able to move that product a lot faster. So my idea was, and it’s working beautifully by the way, is cross pollinating a mainstream product like a water bottle with the EMF protection, um, you know, shrug. It’s called Shungite. Um, you know, products. So like we have like these water bottles that you can put like crystals or rude or whatever. Um, you could put the Shungite in there and it purifies the water and Bam. So somebody just bought this water bottle and then, you know, I quickly educated them in 3.5 seconds. The benefits of the Shungite rock and now they’re buying both

19:47 Carlos: That’s very creative so you’ve found something that people are already buying , people are already know about, a water bottle very simple. But now you combined what’s something they might don’t know about but the benefits they know of. They still didn’t know that the Shungite is the actual mechanism that does it and that’s how you introduce it to them. That’s actually very clever so, you know what? I’ve seen a lot of, I’ve seen a lot of people try to say, people get stuck in technical battle. We call it technobubble. We call it, oh, we got, let’s say for example Keto, Ketosis, organisms and all these, all these other different technobubble stuff, and then it actually is more stuff, but when you get too technical, the person listening just disconnects because one, they don’t know what the heck you’re talking about, and number two is just too complicated. It sounds complicated. Hey, here’s a water bottle. If you want to feel good, you got to just put this thing inside. This will make you feel great. Look what others are saying. Hmm, that’s interesting. Then they go into the journey and learning more. That’s a clever, clever, clever way to do it.

20:51 Carlos: That’s like marketing 101 but we get sometimes so lost into thinking like this. We’re thinking, man, people shouldn’t really get benefits.

21:01 Myleen: Like we literally get armpit deep, passionate about whatever it is that we’re trying to project and communicate that we forget that we should really, and we’re like, dummy it down. I use the phrase dummy it down and it’s not, it’s not insulting in any way. The thing is is that you know, need deep in this product all day long. I know this product backwards and forwards, but my end user has no clue about the product. And as a marketer you always have to think about that, dummy it down, put it into the most layman terms possible perkeratosis for example, lose weight quickly, you know, boil it down to the most minimal and try to do 3.3 0.5 seconds. That’s all you got. Our attention span has been so limited. It takes 3.5 seconds and we’re ready to move on. And so if it does not fit in 3.5 seconds and you have to be like blah blah blah blah blah, no, goodbye, endgame, done.

22:05 Carlos: Are you familiar with reddit? Reddit, the front page of the Internet before it gets everywhere else. And they have a subreddit, which is basically a sub category of a specific topic. And one of the topics is called, and this is where people ask a complicated question but they want a five year old can understand it. And that’s the same exact concept that we as marketers need to always think about. Even if it’s even if it’s something simple, we want to make sure that a five year old can understand it and if a five-year-old can’t, then your, your target audience won’t understand it.

22:55 Myleen: And even cause like people, people are like, oh, but I’ve taught B to B and I’m like, yeah, you may talk Bita B but that B has a whole different experience than your B. Whether you’re talking B2B, B2C, you know, you’ve got to really just explain it like they’re five and that’s okay. You’re not insulting anybody as long as you’re doing respectfully and you want them to understand it in 3.5 seconds. You want a five-year-old to get it.

23:31 Carlos: And we also have a section called TL;DR, which stands for too long, didn’t read a bullet points of what the benefits are. So yeah, that’s a solid tactic to turn a complicated subject matter into something that people can actually understand. And if a confused mind is not a buying mind. So they need to understand exactly what they’re, what they’re doing. All right, good to go. So then how, how did, what are the steps if someone wants to try to get into this, maybe not, not in your industry, but just the fact of ecommerce. What steps have you’ve taken to get your site actually launched?

24:14 Carlos: Because there’s, there’s people that they are searching on Google, they’re trying to figure out what to do, but you know, the Internet is the black hole, right? You’re, you’re, it’s like a rabbit. When you jump in, you jump into one thing and then all of a sudden you’ve got this whole other, a bunch of different paths was getting anywhere. What are the steps you took to get started? So that way you actually got launched.

24:36 Myleen: So the first step that I took when I decided to jump into ecomm is go find someone that’s already doing it. Go find someone that’s successful already doing it. Um, and make a plan, make a plan, make a budget. You know, a launch. Hold yourself accountable. Because if you don’t, if you don’t make a plan, it’s just a dream. That’s it. That’s all it is. So, you know, turn this shit into a reality. Ooh, I’m sorry. I got really passionate there for a second.

25:10 Carlos: Hey producers, can you guys believe that one thing

25:18 Myleen: I got really passionate

25:20 Carlos: I’m going to have to take, I might have to take the explicit check mark now for iTunes because they, they require that. So thanks to Myleen, that’s an extra set content.

25:32 Myleen: I’m really professional. So yeah, so definitely make a plan. Who set, set the plan. Go find people that are already successful and you’re going to get inundated. Like once you start hitting Google algorithm of like ecommerce land, you’re going to get inundated with a whole bunch of people that are like, oh do this. And it’s going to be easy. It’s not going to be easy. I’m going to let you know right now. It’s not going to be easy. You’re going to have patients, you’re going to be, you know, you’re going to be tired. You’re going to want to throw your computer somewhere. You’re going to want to break up with the Internet. Um, but once you find somebody you know, like, and trust that is successful in ecommerce, I would highly suggest that you make the investment, set yourself a budget, hold yourself accountable, have a reasonable measurements of success.

26:28 Myleen: Um, you know, I have my measurement of success for each of my stores for the first 30 days, 60 days, 90 days. What does that look like to me? Um, and, and for everybody in different, um, you know, I’m not going to be like, oh, like invest x amount and have an ROI of x amount. Everybody is different. So definitely generalized big picture wise, I would highly suggest that you have the plan and have the benchmarks. The second thing that I would do after, you know, I finally mastermind, how many take over the world via ecommerce is, um, niche it down. Um, find that one area that you want to be in. For instance, the reason why I went into tactical gear is because my husband’s former military and, um, cause there’s no ex marines and yes, you like how I use warmer there.

27:47 Myleen: Um, but, um, so yeah, he, um, um, uh, this, this also was another opportunity for my husband and I to have our first venture together, which was super exciting because I’ve been dying to do a project with my husband. Um, he sees me work all day long with other entrepreneurs and you know, he’d be like, oh, this would be cool and that would be cool. And he came up to me and was like, wouldn’t it be awesome? And we owned a tactical gear like store like five, 11. And I was like, yes, yes, it was

28:26 Carlos: It’s relevant, it’s a part of your personalities so it’s good

28:27 Myleen: Yeah, we like to go shooting. I mean, like, you know, as part of our lifestyle. So it’s something that we’re into something that, you know, we can do together. So that’s exciting. Especially, you know, I always like to say it’s better to play with someone that I’m not doing this by myself, talking to myself, you know, having your staff meeting of one nightmare. It’s a delicate dance man. I mean, I’m sure these would not be coffee mugs on that podcast. There would be some beer bottles going on. But one of the other motivating factors was being able to do something with my husband. That’s something that we both are interested in and we’d like to do together. Um, and um, so yeah, so that was, that was really cool. um, and um, there was another point, but I totally forgot.

29:51 Carlos: You’ll remember when you’re in the shower. Oh yeah, that’s right. That’s what ‘m talking about. And yeah, you know what, I remember if I wasn’t as good as you, it actually happens to me every time I’m talking to my wife, I be talking to her rambling on about something and they’re like, well, they’re thinking about, I was gonna take something, something good, something real good. And then when I remember it, I was like, damn, it’s pretty stupid. But most of the things I say is pretty stupid. So I’m kind of used to it already, but whatever, that’s like my life.

30:28 Myleen: I feel like I talked to my husband sometimes in mid sentence, like I’m just like, I started a conversation in my head and then it comes out and then he’s just like, what?

30:38 Carlos: I think, uh, I think I should start calling my wife. What are you talking about? Cause that’s always what she calls me. Or is that my name? What are you talking about? What are you talking about? She always says that, what are you talking about? What are you talking about? That’s wow. Now that you’ve told me this now I realized

30:54 Myleen: But the thing I have found personally being an entrepreneur is, is that I’m having these like little dialogues in my mind. Like I’m having like this constant solo staff meeting and then like I wanted to tie my husband into it. You know? Cause like you get excited, you’re working by yourself. Yeah. And then like, you know, like I’m sure like, you know, your wife is home or my husband and then like you’re like so excited and you have to tell somebody else. And so like, you know, you have to share it with someone and or like you have like those great idea. Like, I’m sure this has happened to you where you’ve created, you’ve designed like this killer campaign and it rocks, right? You’re like gold star for you. Cool. And it’ll be like my husband’s home and I’m like, oh my gosh. Like I just did this. I just did this whole campaign and a rock, people are buying into it, blah, blah blah. And he’s just looking at me like that’s nice. I have no idea what you’re talking about.

31:53 Carlos: If I understand you correctly. What I got out of that was you monetize your, your, your split personalities because you have conversations with yourself. And that is you’ve got your logical brain, you’ve got your creative brain, you’ve got your, you’re eccentric brain and then you, you’re basically many making money off your split personality. That’s pretty awesome. Yeah,

32:15 Myleen: Yeah. No, I totally, I cross pollinate all day long.

32:21 Carlos: That’s a funny way to put it.

32:22 Myleen: And the thing is, is that’s the beauty about ecommerce, the beauty about ecommerce that I have found personally, um, and, and this whole process of launching and, and, and seeing the fruition is, is that I, I have service-based businesses. I have several service-based businesses. Um, and being able to have the product helps people ease into knowing, liking and trusting you. So like for coaching for example, um, you know, we’re, we’re all told in the coaching business to niche down beautiful. But now I have to like go on a coffee date, you know, because as marketers, we teach you to bring it down to a five year old level. Marketing is like dating, right? So we got to, you know, get the number first, then you gotta go on the coffee date.

33:14 Myleen: Yeah. You got to buy them the drink right then to break that ice and then, and then eventually, somehow you magically convinced them to go out to dinner with you and so on and so forth in this relationship, right? You, you hit all the milestones and then, you know, finally you’ll get married. Um, or, and possibly so. Um, but you know, in the consumer life cycle, there’s all these benchmark, you know, and the relationship, there’s all these benchmarks. With e commerce, you’re able to, because you have a product, you’re able to skip like three, four different steps of that painstaking service based marketing that you know, that we have to do as service providers. You get to break into that because they have like this physical product that they can look, feel, touch, smell, all fricking day long. And they’re like, oh, I thought this teacup at this from this person. And I liked them because I like my tea cup. So that, that whole psychological, you know, phone, consumer shit, Ooh, sorry again. Oh, hello. Per baby laughing somewhere. And this entrepreneur distraction. So most of the entrepreneurs that I work with are like either A.D.D or A.D.H.D and that’s why they hire me because I’m a business brand manager and that’s what I evolved into. Um, uh, and I helped them make a plan and stay on the course and measure there are,

35:29 Carlos: Okay so let me bring it back. Let me bring it back so to stay on the course

35:32 Myleen: Let’s go back to the conversation

35:37 Carlos: So we, we, we for, for someone that’s listening. Okay. So let’s say don’t have an ecommerce store right now, alright? What is the first thing they should do on this journey?

35:52 Myleen: Find someone that’s established and successful and that’s teaching ecomm.

35:57 Carlos: And how would you do that? How would you search that?

35:59 Myleen: Um, how would I search that? I mean, I was, uh, I mean start looking in your networks. Um, because we all network, whether you’re a nine to five or an entrepreneur or whatever you do, you network, start, start figuring out who, who in your circle and your tribe and your in your immediate universe is playing the ecomm game.

36:22 Carlos: Okay. But it doesn’t have to be specific in the niche or just ecommerce in general?

36:30 Myleen: No, just ecommerce in general. Um, start doing the research and start figuring out, cause there’s different, there’s different disciplines to econ. Um, you know, some people want to like go ham on it and own a warehouse and do a wholesale and buy in bulk and whatnot. And you know what? That’s cool. Um, some of us may want to go into drop shipping, test the waters, see how the ecomm goes, and then scale up the business or keep it where it is.

36:57 Myleen: Um, you know, there’s so many different kinds. I mean, it’s so vast that it’s like marketing. It’s so vast that there’s so many different options out there. Start doing your homework, see what works for you. See what works for your lifestyle. Start figuring your, first of all, you’re always going to have to make an investment. You’re going to have to make an investment of your time, your money, and your sanity. So figure out what’s comfortable for you.

37:21 Carlos: Gotcha. Well, I’m gonna end it there because what I would like to do is I like to bring you on board to the digital marketing secrets Facebook group because after this episode I’ll be, I don’t know, maybe that one person you that’s listening and watching this video, whatever. Maybe you want to come to this person. Yes. Is One person. I know that you’re, I know that you have nothing better to do. Actually, I don’t know why you’re listening to the show anyways, but hey, come over to the Facebook group. Join our split personalities. There’ll be you, Myleen, and and me and my different personalities. So that’s what, nine people

37:58 Myleen: I’m like 14 other personalities

38:00 Carlos: And then my dog in the background. So I’d like for you to be a part of the group so that way we can, we can just keep the conversation going that that’s, that’s one thing I’ve, I’ve found that the digital marketing community lacks is one. And then the big ones that are already too big, it’s hard to even talk because you’re, once you put out a message that’s it. It’s lost into like space and it’s hard for people to even see you. So I want to bring you on board and for anyone who has questions, if you could just help them out and point them in the right direction,

38:31 Myleen: Oh my gosh, that’s, I mean, I would be honored man. I love that. I love to ask questions too. It’s always asking the question, you know, um, uh, like when I started collaborating with you, like I remember you were like, oh, brand, you know, we were talking about branding and content and whatnot. Um, you gave me your point of view and I was like, I mean, you totally blew my mind about like clickfunnels and, and the whole automation game. And I was just like, I mean, I know about it, but it’s not something I specialize in. So it was just so freaking awesome, you know? And it still is to like learn from you and you’re like, you teach me all kinds of cool things and I’m like, man, and I can apply that to my, so my clients and apply that to my business. Um, and the same thing that I know you and I have talked about, you know, with content creation and branding, you’re like, wow, this is insane. So definitely be open to collaborating and listening to other people because you’re never going to know. Um, we all have that one trick that we’ve mastered. So go, go learn from other people. Like always learning, always, always like just listening and learning and reading, um, and applauding them for mastering their trick.

39:48 Carlos: Alright, well, thank you Myleen and, uh, we rocked this one up.

39:55 Closing: Thanks for listening to the digital marketing secrets show with Carlos A. Vazquez. Want to join the exclusive digital marketing community. Of course, you do! Make sure to visit us at for more info. See you soon!




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