How To Create Stories That Sell You And Your Stuff

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“I realized that I have to stop fighting the fact that stories are what sell. People want to know the story that connects to them.”

Introduction: (00:00) Welcome to the digital marketing secrets show was Carlos A. Vazquez where we share actionable strategies and tactics to grow businesses no matter what industry you’re in. Now your host, Carlos A. Vazquez.

Carlos: (00:33) This is live. Can you hear me?

Myleen: (00:35) Loud..

Carlos: (00:35) Hold on. My AC went, went out last night and it wasn’t because it broke. It was because, uh, the little, the little huya that fills up with water. Fill up a water to stock. There’s a little hole that when your pipes get filled with water, it pushes the bring up. Yeah. Yeah.

Myleen: (00:58) It’s an, it’s called an over, this should, this should be flipped.

Carlos: (01:04) Listen, I don’t, I don’t know. My family suffered last night because we had no AC, because I don’t know anything about AC units. Well, I learned something today and that is that the pipes need to be cleared out and if not, it’ll it all on the level of water. The whole yellow fill up a water and then shut everything off. And you can press thermostat all you want. You could put it on cool and it’s just not going to turn on and

Myleen: (01:37) Say, do you want me to give you like three tips on how to like have the huya behave the overflow of rattled by

Carlos: (01:45) Go nuts. I want to hear it all.

Myleen: (01:47) Okay. Do you have a wet/dry vac?

Carlos: (01:51) Yes.

Myleen: (01:52) Okay. So twice a year you’re going to want to uh, take that wet/dry vac. Hook it up to the outside pipe. Is that that crop out? Once a month, grab a shot glass, fill it up with Clorox bleach. Pour it into the overflow valve.

Carlos: (02:10) Gotcha.

Myleen: (02:11) Change your filt, change your filter once a month. Write the date on the filter so that way you remember when to change it.

Carlos: (02:20) Is there an APP for this?

Myleen: (02:23) No, I put a, I put a reminder in my calendar.

Carlos: (02:26) No, I have, I have a calendar. I don’t care about that. I want an app that just does all of that.

Myleen: (02:31) I’m sorry.

Carlos: (02:33) And I guess we’re going to have another hot night soon.

Myleen: (02:36) I’m going to be praying for your wife.

Carlos: (02:41) What’s up Myleen? We are back.

Myleen: (02:43) What’s up? what’s up? Oh my gosh, this is so exciting! I love this topic. I love this topic.

Carlos: (02:52) Do you know what I um, I was, I dunno, like if you’re anything like me, I get the most random ideas in the most random places and I was just randomly thinking I want to talk about stories.

Carlos: (03:07) I think, I think I was, I was in the shower, just uh, you know, just no, I want to talk about stories on my next episode and, and then that’s it. And then the most logical person I could think of was you. So I know it’s true kind of weird I’m thinking about you in the shower, but that’s not what I meant. Okay.

Myleen: (03:21) That’s, that’s very odd. Had I keep out but..

Carlos: (03:27) But you know what I mean I was like, you know who can help me? Who can help me plot stories. Myleen that’s right. Okay, let me get out of here. Let me just

Myleen: (03:36) I kinda feel really bad for my husband because I will have some ideas while taking a shower. So I’m here like talking to myself, I get like really excited. So I’m like, ugh this is so awesome! And he’s like ah lit, I have made this poor man run from our living room to a bedroom to be like, oh my gosh, did you fall? what happened?

Myleen: (03:58) And I’m like, I just thought of the most insane ideas and he’s like, can you just get out of the shower? And I’m like, no, all the fun because your brain actually, um, your brain relax. Yeah. Like you’re just relaxed. You’re in a relaxed state. So much fun fact, I can’t stand like those little water fountains they were like super engrossed a couple of years ago, those little water fountains, they were selling them at every corner like at the drugstore or whatever.

Carlos: (04:30) What water fountains?

Myleen: (04:30) Those little water fountains with the rocks and crap.

Carlos: (04:34) Oh ok, yeah, yeah, yeah.

Myleen: (04:35) Yeah. When my sister got me one, one year for Christmas and I can’t stand it because that darn thing, you know, working from home you would be sitting there working and you hear the trickle on this stupid little water fountain. I was so happy that day my Schnauzer drank all the water out of that fountain. It was German. But I mean you’d have to go to the bathroom. So, uh, no, it’s the worst, it’s the worst, if you don’t like me, send a little water fountain. Just that, that, don’t do that.

Carlos: (05:10) So when you get on my bedside, send me a little rock and water fountain guy. Play rain sounds. Hey Google volume 10.

Myleen: (05:32) That’s awful. That’s awful.

Carlos: (05:33) I go to sleep with that. I sleep with, so, hey Google stop. Yeah, we don’t need doing that. So, alright, thank you for that story. So you just sold me my why I need to get you a water fountain. Got it. Which I love the segue. I love the segue of how we’re bringing it right back to the topic of the show and that is the power of story. Okay.

Myleen: (06:01) Yes.

Carlos: (06:03) And I always thought of this topic as being one of those, in my opinion. I mean not now, but back then I always felt people that had shared stories were just full of fluff and I just didn’t want to hear any of that stuff. I just want to know the deal. I just want to know what the heck was going on. Give me the meat. I don’t want to hear the facts. Right. That’s how I felt. But I realized that when you give too much people fat or too many, in my case, too much techno bubble, people don’t get it. People don’t connect. You can, I can create a whole webinar or a seminar about the facts about how to do something, but I’ve learned that people just don’t get it after that.

Carlos: (06:49) In fact, it does the complete opposite. It makes people want to run away because they feel so overwhelmed. They feel stupid. They don’t want to raise their hand and ask questions. They just want to be like, okay, I want to act like I get this because I don’t get it. And in marketing and in sales, a confused mind is not a buying mind. They’re not going to buy.

Carlos: (07:15) They’re just going to go ahead and just never. Hey Phoebe. How are you? They’re just not going to make that purchase. And it took me so long to realize this and the, someone that writes stories for a living and not, not, and not like, like stories

Myleen: (07:33) No, not like bulk nominal book stories. There’s a clear difference between, and a lot of people get this confused. There’s a clear difference between telling a productive story. And in this case, we’re talking about any bridges, um, or the epiphany story. And so having that story with structure and having the story for the sake of a story.

Myleen: (07:58) Um, and what we’re, what we’re talking about today is like story with purpose, where we’re helping them come along of how we can be a service providers, even a product and whatnot, how it can be of service to them and turning that want into a need. That’s the, that’s the drive.

Myleen: (08:19) So when you’re doing those webinars and you’re doing those workshops and whatnot, it’s very, it’s a very delicate dance because you don’t want to end up going down, going down that hallway, down that street where you’re telling a story. It doesn’t come full circle back to why you brought them there to that day. Um, and, and having a productive story where it leads them to a call to action of where you want to drive up to.

Carlos: (08:49) Right, right.

Myleen: (08:49) And translate that want to that need. So, uh, yeah, I’ve, I’ve actually experienced folks personally and you know, networking and whatnot, and I’m being in the business.

Carlos: (09:02) I’ll tell you, sorry, didn’t mean to cut you off, but I stumbled upon this because, alright, I know I gave this, this, this seminar. It wasn’t a seminar, it wasn’t a pitch fest, but I, I was hoping to get people to want to join my Facebook group. That that was the objective and I didn’t get anyone joining.

Carlos: (09:27) I probably, you know what I’m like, I got maybe like one person wanting to join, but that’s it. It just stopped right there. So I’m thinking, man, what, what is it? What can I do? What am I doing wrong? Because I’m an expert in this field. People were telling me how awesome the material was. I felt that I had everything that I, that that wasn’t necessary to actually just crush like this objective.

Carlos: (09:50) So that’s where I stumbled upon the whole story thing. So, and then that’s where I, I said I, let me give this a shot. Let me just try this out. For example, I got this whole concept when it comes to my predictable profitability formula, and the first step in a natural discovery process is a lure. Okay?

Carlos: (10:08) A lure is meant to attract a suspect. So that way you can start bringing people into your little space. And yet nobody got that. Nobody understood that. Like I’m, I’m, I’m telling you what it is. So let’s turn this into a story. So I said, okay, it’s kind of like going fishing right before you go fishing, instead of trying to throw out your fishing line, you should throw out a bunch of chum or a bunch of fish food. Because what’s going to happen is that a bunch of fish are going to come around you.

Carlos: (10:46) Now when you throw your fishing line, you’re most likely into catch more fish. And that is like a lure. A lure is a blog article. So that way you can start attracting your perfect customer because not you have a bunch of perfect customers hanging around you. You’re less likely to try to get someone to give you their email address. And then when I came up with this easy to understand story, in my opinion, I feel as like it’s fluff. People were like, what’s, that makes perfect sense. This is amazing. Oh my God, Carlos, you’re right. This is the most intuitive thing I’ve ever heard and it’s common sense.

Carlos: (11:21) And I’m thinking, wow, I had to go through all of that just to make this point. But then I realized that I have to stop fighting it. I have to stop fighting the fact that stories are what sell. No one cares about the facts. They want to know how the story connects them.

Myleen: (11:43) I have to disagree with you.

Carlos: (11:45) Why?

Myleen: (11:45) They want to know the fact that there’s a couple of different factors involved. How many minutes from when you started til you started to talk about the lure, did you have their attention?

Carlos: (11:58) Um..

Myleen: (11:59) Like how long were you talking from the beginning of introduction, setting the authority, setting your placement?

Carlos: (12:06) Five or 10 minutes.

Myleen: (12:08) Okay, so like about five to seven minutes. I actually three to seven minutes. That’s when you’re brain clocks out.

Carlos: (12:14) Okay.

Myleen: (12:15) So I’m kind of done. I’m like, okay, I know exactly where I am and I know who I’m sitting in front of. I’m in a safe space. So consciously I’ve kind of cocky. Now I’m thinking about what I need to buy for dinner. Um, you know, praying that my kid behaves and I don’t get a call from the principal. Um, did I finish that job on Fiverr? You know, whatever the case is, I got your running. That whole mental list in your head is, and I’m listening to you the whole entire time, but I’m kinda talked out.

Myleen: (12:44) So the great thing about the story is you’re kind of waking me up cause you’re talking about fishing. And I’m like, oh, wait fishing. I’m like, oh, that’s, you know, then I’m starting to think about fishing, but I’m listening to the story. That’s why it’s very important to have stories because we’re waking up the consciousness. We’re, we’re disrupting our, you know, the, the listener’s brain from thinking about everything else that is taking priority in that list. Because we’re just automatic. We’re just running lists all day long as we’re awake.

Myleen: (13:15) We’re even running list most likely when we’re sleeping. I come up with honey dew list every morning for my husband after dye and sorry advance. And uh, that’s, that’s one thing you want to think about as the story. The other thing is, is that, um, you want a whole bunch of other, like when you don’t want to tell the story, it’s because you want a whole bunch of other Carlos’s in the room, which you don’t add the, as much as it’s easier for us.

Myleen: (13:50) You know, when you’re in your space and you’re talking to somebody else that’s on the same wavelength as you and you, you don’t have to go through the whole justification and explaining, you know, doing the whole leg, breaking it down to a five year old, uh, you can skip some stuff, but we have to always take into consideration that sometimes we’re the student, and sometimes we’re the teacher. And if we’re a teacher, we have to practice patience. Because we have students at all levels.

Carlos: (14:19) Got it.

Myleen: (14:19) But I love that. I love that larger story. But the whole chunk thing, it’s very visual.

Carlos: (14:24) It made it, it, it, uh, it made the connection. And the other story that I was going to use is, um, right in my neighborhood. I’m going to record this on my, on my Facebook video ad or some video, and I have a pond over here and it has a bunch of ducks. I’m going to start the video with, hey, you know what? I’m going to explain to you the concept of a lure. I might have some bread. And so you see those ducks over there? That’s my target audience. All right? And this is going to be the bread. Watch this. I’m going to start tracking that. I’m not going to say their name, and they don’t say anything, but I want them to come to me. And you know what, I’m going my kids recording me and I’m gonna have the duck following me with a piece of bread.

Carlos: (14:58) And I’m going to say, I’m going to say that this is a part of the natural discovery process. I’m just giving them what they need. And that’s my target audience. And then you have to do exactly the same. But whoever’s I’m talking just this video, I’m going to use the power of story to, to show the power of creating the right type of lure to attract your target audience. But I mean, that’s so much more appealing than, okay, you see this book, you want to come up with some type of content that attracts your target audience.

Carlos: (15:31) Okay, cool. I’ll do it. Yeah.

Myleen: (15:33) Sounds good. It’s feel like, do you have that in audio form? There’s somebody having an argument with your curtain in the back.

Carlos: (15:44) Maybe. Maybe. She’s so annoying, man I swear. I’m recording Phoebe. This is everyday. You know, every time I’m with a client, like I’m on the phone, look I’ve been on the phone, but luckily I don’t have my camera on, but she’s in a bad conscious. She always jumps on here and gets her tail up in my face. You saw some of it just like, and then she gets all of his hair on me. And by the way, I’m very allergic to Phoebe. What I’ve developed, some type of immune system that whenever it wants, who wants to go nuts. And there’s times where I can deal with it. So every time I start talking, she always said, y’all pop and saying, hey, that’s my hour of working from home.

Myleen: (16:33) Yes, she’s, she’s I was just wondering if there was nothing I was like, ah, I don’t know. I don’t know.

Carlos: (16:40) There’s a loader in back there, there was a, I um, there’s a guy named Frank Kern. Yeah. Have you heard of, you know about Frank Kern?

Myleen: (16:50) You know, like, don’t but for sure. I do, but I had to like, look at this picture because..

Carlos: (16:54) You’ve seen his work, you’ve seen his work. He’s a, he’s a, he’s a big, he’s a big guy. He’s like a celebrity amongst the market, the marketing automation geeks. Okay. Definitely.

Myleen: (17:04) Yeah.

Carlos: (17:05) And he’s been doing this since the, I think the mid nineties, and he, he put it into an easy way as far as how to, to create these video stories. And I know there’s a bunch of different ways to do it. Like, for example, Russell Brunson, he teaches you hook, story, offer, hook, story, offer all your stories and to have a hook, capture their attention, a story that relays a point and then offer a call to action.

Carlos: (17:30) What frank does, I like it a little bit better. And it’s um, you have, uh, you have the [Phoebe inaudible] you have, um, oh man, I just had a, a brain, a brain fart. Hang on. It’s, it’s, it’s high. I shoot, I had it in my head. They go, hold on a second. It’s, it’s, he calls it, he calls it intent-based branding.

Carlos: (17:54) And when you’re creating your video, you have your, your hook, you have the point of the video and then you have an analogy that makes a connection for someone and then you have your call to action at the end of it. So hook, hook, point, analogy, call to action. And that to me is a lot easier than just saying hook, story, offer. Because when you say hook and just go straight to the story, you don’t mention the point. And it could probably lose the person that’s listening to the story.

Carlos: (18:26) Like, for example, if you want to make a ton of sales, this is the next, the next thing, what am I about to reveal to you is super important. Hook, we cook for it to hook. Now what I’m going to share with you is the power of creating the right type of stories to make a connection that makes people want to buy. That’s the point.

Carlos: (18:48) And now for example, well maybe not Nadia Botanica story. Uh, for example, my lower story, right? If you want to attract whatever, whatever, whatever I show if the call to action. So if you really want to generate more sales, the first thing I want you to do is to create a hook, a point, analogy, and a call to action outline and start writing your steps on how you’re going to do it. That’s an example.

Carlos: (19:15) So it’s like, that’s how I now think every time I’m trying to create a create a story, like I might not watching it boiler room and man, now that I’m in marketing and sales, like the way I am right now, everything is just like a learning lesson. Like I see the pitch, I see the webinar or I see the epiphany bridge, I see the vehicle, I see the inner bully. I see so many different things that I’ve been like ignoring or I’ve never noticed that a, I’m like, how am I going to get anything done? Now I enjoy watching Netflix, even Game of Thrones. I’m like, wow, I can see you the story here. This is a major, stories like, beyond the most important thing I have always said,

Myleen: (19:59) But it’s also crucial to make sure that you have the right elements in your story, that you have an introduction. You’re not going mid story. It’s very, you know, it goes back to that delicate dance, how that introduction, is that, um, and they’re both right. Russell Brunson and Frank are, they’re, they’re, they’re both absolutely correct. You know, um, in their format.

Myleen: (20:24) But the story, the element of the story, you have to make sure that introduction is there, introducing the situation for what it is. What is it that you want them, you know, present it. But it on that stage we’re going to go back to elementary school basically when they taught us how to write in paragraphs and you know, beginning, middle and end. But it’s, it’s more like a sale story. So definitely except the introduction presents the problem.

Myleen: (20:52) Not Problem. This is the problem. No, present it in a human form because humans do sale, do business with other humans. We want to know, like, and trust you so we can give you your money, um, give you, our money and then present the solution to that problem. And if you have a multi faceted problem, one problem at a time, and with that one problem as a solution.

Myleen: (21:18) And then the one thing that we all forget is the call to action. What do you want me to do with this information? Uh, being in the business for as long as I have, I have read so much. I have some coffee and I’ll have even clients like, you know, they’ll be like, oh, I wrote the most amazing blog post or even wrote the most amazing email. And it’s capturing and it’s awesome and it, it tells all those bells and whistles, but I’m like, okay, wonderful.

Myleen: (21:46) What do you want me to do with it? Do you want me to buy? Do you want me to opt in? Do you want me to to do some more research? Do you want me to call you? Like what do you want me to do with this stuff? It’s like getting that useless Christmas gift that you’re just like looking at it like, oh gosh, what do I do with you now?

Myleen: (22:05) So make sure that you have that call to action because I think that’s the most crucial part of the whole situation is we, we get wrapped up and telling the story, but then we forget because we’re so tied into having to tell the story and figuring out how to break it down, where like, you know, for the charm or the ducks and whatnot, you’re taking something that is not for, for you and I, we know about the lure all day long because we’re in marketing, but the business owner doesn’t know that or you know, somebody that fresh entrepreneur or even a seasoned entrepreneur doesn’t really know about that.

Myleen: (22:40) They’ve just been like going at it without really a process to it. The call to action is so crucial and we always tend to forget that, that little piece cause we get wrapped up in the story. And uh, yeah. So when you’re, when you’re crafting your message, what would you like me to do with that information? So good. Uh, like let’s play with the duck. So you’re going to feed these ducks.

Myleen: (23:05) So what’s the call to action? Are you going to have the ducks follow you home? Are you going to be consistent and show up at the same time every day with a loaf of bread and feed those ducks? Is it a one shot deal? Like it’s been real, I think that you want to think about.

Carlos: (23:24) I don’t, I don’t eat duck or anything, but you know, that’s, that’s the, that’s a starting point right there. Right. And, and um, I just, I just never, I still have a hard time. Like I still have a hard time trying to establish this story. Like I, I’ve, I’ve seen a ton of videos from Gary Vaynerchuk saying, Hey, get off of Netflix and stop watching this and just get it to work. And I’m thinking, wait a minute. No Netflix. If I enjoy watching Netflix, how can I turn something that I love and is something that can make useful?

Carlos: (23:57) And now I’m, I’m, I’m looking at these Netflix shows and all these different movies or whatever from a different perspective now. I specifically like to watch documentaries because these are real stories. Plus, the true stories or movies of true stories like the Wolf of Wall Street. These are actual stories that you can incorporate into your sales pitch if it’s relevant to what you’re doing.

Carlos: (24:21) So, I mean, I’m not going to go through all the stories now, but like for example, you got Pursuit of Happyness. This is a guy that he was basically a single dad trying to provide for his kid. He was literally living inside of a bathroom and, and, and in the subway and he struggled to pay the bills. He, he had, this is lemon of a product and nobody was buying, but he didn’t give up.

Carlos: (24:45) So like you can use this story to, to connect with entrepreneurs, right? Um, Wolf of Wall Street, this guy, he found an opportunity and he figured out how to basically make a ton of money, but he started doing money. He started making money the wrong way. So these are the things you want to do to avoid.

Carlos: (25:02) So there’s so many different stories out there. You can swipe if you, if you don’t, you feed can’t even come up with your own story. Don’t reinvent the wheel. Go to youtube clips and watch something that’s like my little life hack right now. Like what I’m doing right now

Myleen: (25:17) Oh, I even give you a better life hack. Go to Goalcast.

Carlos: (25:21) Oh it’s right, Goalcast is like your, those are some tears workers and a half.

Myleen: (25:25) Oh gosh, that is Goalcast is like the Oprah of entrepreneurship. It is, you can get some good content

Carlos: (25:38) Man.

Myleen: (25:38) Did you like that?

Carlos: (25:39) I love it. You know what I thought of Goalcast but here’s what I’m having a hard time of Goalcast because I know that there’s the stories here, but what I would like to see, and maybe this is an opportunity for us or whatever, is to come up with some type of library of okay you want inspirational, these are the videos and stories you want to put. You want to talk about sales. These are the ones that are category specifically for sales because there’s so many different videos. There’s so many different things. I don’t want to waste time on the ones that don’t, that I have. I have a ton of inspirational videos like there’s so I’m all over the place, but now I want stuff that helps me close or to bridge the gap between a problem and a solution.

Carlos: (26:19) You know what I mean? Like that’s the sales ones are the ones that I’m looking for and and Goalcast as, as, as some of them I’m trying to find more like that. So it’s, it’s okay.

Carlos: (26:29) I’ll give you one example, right? One an example about a sale and that’s the power of whispering when you’re on the phone with someone. And when I say I used to work at a bank and I had the same exact information as the banker on the, on the side over there, there’s nothing that I knew that he didn’t know, right? However, the way I delivered it made that person feel like I was giving them insight or knowledge. So this is how I would do it. I would go like this, I would be like, look, I said, look, I look around, I look around as if I don’t want anyone to hear me.

Carlos: (27:01) And then I’d put my elbows on the table and I will tell them, look, if you really want to avoid those overdraft fees, here’s what you need to do. Open up a second checking account and when you are going to use one for bills and when you’re going to use one for allowance, that way you have one separate account to never overdraft on because you already know that this is your budget. Okay? So do whatever you want from that, with that information.

Carlos: (27:27) How didn’t say anything crazy? I didn’t do anything while I basically sold his guy on another checking account to avoid fees and you could definitely do that for the fact that I wouldn’t like this. I looked around like I was going to tell them a secret like I was like, that makes perfect sense. I’m like, okay, cool. So it’s like that’s a sales story. That’s like a powerful sales story. You want to sell something, put your elbows on the table and tell them, look, if you really want to generate more sales, which you got to do is build a funnel. The funnel you’re missing,

Myleen: (27:59) Carlos you’re missing, you’re missing, you’re missing like the, the magic ingredient, Phoebe is walking around.

Carlos: (28:13) Gosh. So yeah, if you’re into

Myleen: (28:15) The missing ingredient is, look, look around with which these are. These are actually great things to do when you’re onstage and you’re in front of a room to, PAUSE. People like below, through the speech. I’m guilty as charged. I’m a wild introvert. I know that’s like really Miami, but I am quite the wild of an introvert. And when I have to talk, I have to remind myself to pause, to slow down, to lower my voice. Um, do the whole look things. Um, keep your body language open. Body language is still important when you’re delivering this story, whether it’s on video, whether it’s in person.

Myleen: (28:56) Put your arms down, like if you’re going to talk with your hands, talk with your hands all like, don’t be flagging airplanes in or anything. But you know, definitely just, uh, keep the movement going. Don’t cross your arms cause that crosses, that closes you out, that closes out your body language and don’t wear anything wild. Uh, keep, keep it to a minimum because you don’t want them to be analyzing your outfit all day long. You want them to like really listen to you because that’s the fun part is that they’re really learning about you, not about what you’re wearing.

Carlos: (29:30) Gotcha. No, no. Let’s see. I think that’s like next level stuff. So first find the story. If you can’t come up with you all, just go ahead and swipe, swipe other stories you can model after someone else’s story. I’m not saying to lie and say it’s your story, but just to hey that…

Myleen: (29:48) Actually, you know what, if you’re an uncomfortable talking about yourself, find a story that is in alignment with you and talk about why it’s in alignment with you. So for instance, um, Pursuit of Happyness, that’s an amazing story of learning. You know, seeking an opportunity of never giving up, never settling. You know, you’re in these dire circumstances and, and all of us have our own story. Maybe not to the point where we’re sleeping in a public bathroom, you know, trying to feed a two year old,

Myleen: (30:19) But we all have that, that store, you know, that part of our lives where we, you know, we all go through our battles, um, and overcome them, whatever they may be. And it looks different for everybody. And if you’re not comfortable talking about yours, talk about something that was in alignment with you and how you saw, you know, how you saw the solution and got out of that problem.

Myleen: (30:42) And that kind of removes that tension because you know, some people are just not comfortable talking about themselves just yet. Um, and, and their story. So that’s a really good thing to do kinda Goalcast. Sorry

Carlos: (30:58) Goalcast. Yeah. And I would recommend if at first you don’t want to start with your own story, just like Myleen said go ahead and use someone else’s, but hopefully you develop the courage to share your story because your story is what people want to know.

Carlos: (31:15) They don’t, they don’t want to know what someone else, they want to be able to connect with the person that’s telling them something and that build, that builds the trust, the authenticity. And that’s the easiest way to get people to know you like you and trust you because why would you share something so personal if you didn’t want to earn someone’s trust? So I think that’s it man.

Carlos: (31:35) I think, I think we should just drop the episode right there. Cut the, cut the show because I would, what I would really like to do is I like to keep this going inside of the Facebook group because what we’ll do is I’m going to go ahead and compile a list of all these as many as many of these type of videos that I can find and see if we could try to categorize them in ways where we can look. This is an inspirational one about entrepreneurship. This is one’s about trying to close this deal. This was about a, I’m trying to sell this like I don’t know exactly how we’re going to categorize this just yet.

Myleen: (32:11) There’s a different type. It’s like information because it’s not all about sales. Am I informing somebody something? Am I selling something? Am I encouraging an upsell? Um, am I, am I revolutionizing assist in a product or whatnot and, and you know, it’s a full PR blitz. What is definitely identify and we, we, we have, we can, I mean we could probably do like a dozen videos on this one topic alone and just you know, go off on different tangents.

Myleen: (32:41) But it’s like identifying what do you really want to talk about and, and also keep it in. This is a dangerous thing because once we start talking about a story, keep it in the zone

Carlos: (32:52) Right.

Myleen: (32:52) The danger zone.

Carlos: (32:55) Right.

Myleen: (32:55) Don’t go off into nothing because we, we tend to do that. We’re like, oh here it’s like a Harry Potter series.

Carlos: (33:00) Yeah. My [inaudible] just like all other place without it right now. Like, because like my cat, like my cat, I just started, you know, like she came in and took over this show. But that’s, that’s the goal. Sometimes your cat just comes in and just starts trying to steal the show and then you realize what were they talking about.

Carlos: (33:20) So, alright, Myleen, thanks for coming by thanks. Anytime you want to come by, just let me know.

Myleen: (33:26) No, thanks for having me, man. Always, always a pleasure talking with you.

Carlos: (33:31) You’re, you’re in the group so people can interact with you right then and there. How else it can anyone reach out to? Because what, I know that you specialize in helping people develop their stories. So how can people reach out to you regarding this dot.

Myleen: (33:44) Definitely a shoot me a PM on Facebook. You can also tag me there on the group. Um, how else you can, um, send me an email if you want [email protected] there was a light bulb like the ones you screw into a light fixture [inaudible].

Myleen: (34:04) And uh, yeah, it is easy to find.

Carlos: (34:09) I don’t know, that’s good or bad. Alright, thanks Myleen. Bye.

Myleen: (34:14) Thanks Carlos. Take care.

Closing: (34:17) Thanks for listening to the digital marketing secrets show with Carlos A. Vazquez. Want to join the exclusive digital marketing community? Of course, you do! Make sure to visit us at for more info. See you soon!



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