How To Defeat The Shiny Object Syndrome (SOS) With Jimmy Jam

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“I just brought the business further today by one step, two steps. I want everybody to be able to have the energy to enjoy their evening after the day’s over.”

Carlos: (00:00) I get a camelback, Jim because this is what keeps me hydrated and going to the bathroom. I’d be like..

Jimmy: (00:05) I’d like to be elegant so I’d like to just use it at last.

Carlos: (00:09) That’s a cute, cute glasser.

Introduction: (00:12) Welcome to the digital marketing secrets show with Carlos A. Vazquez where we share actionable strategies and tactics to grow businesses no matter what industry you’re in. Now your host, Carlos A. Vazquez.

Carlos: (00:27) I have to start recording already, especially with you bro. Hold on, hold on a second. So what’s up Jimmy Jim?

Jimmy: (00:34) Haha present. Is this Carlos?

Carlos: (00:39) Yes sir. Yes sir. So, um, I just want to just turn on the recording. I wanted to record you specifically because you are the uh, the rapid action plan business coach. You are the guy that, that gets the ball rolling, gets the conversation started and put some, gives people clarity as far as how are they going to get started with, well basically working with us on the team and, and despite that, the whole Miami Marketer thing, I want also people to learn more about you man. So I’m glad to, I’m glad you decided to take the plunge. And do this first recording of the first one on the team through make this recording, man.

Jimmy: (01:21) Yeah, I’m excited. I wanted to put a face to the name or what did the release talk a lot more about why I’m doing this, why I’m confident in doing these rapid action plans and build it too because it’s all about relatability and you really, you really want to work with somebody in anything you do, whether you’re learning how to do marketing, learning how to dance, uh, maybe you have somebody who has a shop for four years or something. Someone who actually loves the subject matter and loves doing it.

Jimmy: (01:48) You know, when they’re as a love for something, just people just do it better. And because it’s not about, it’s not about the money or the recognition, it’s something that whenever we enjoy anything and, or especially if it’s something that we feel like it helps us and we think that someone else is, you know, there’s that common ground and it helps them to, you just always get a better job. Like I get a bit, I’ll do a better job doing this. Or people who are, who really, really need it and people who are just like, maybe I just have an idea. Either way you get an awesome job done because it’s something that I really care about and it actually is. I can made my, my career more enjoyable. Just a of process automation.

Carlos: (02:25) First of all here, Miami Marketer airpods are not a requirement. And it would just have to be that Jimmy and I were wearing airpods. He got his for, it was a Valentine’s Day.

Jimmy: (02:35) Yeah, it was a Valentine’s Day.

Carlos: (02:37) However I did, I did give Jimmy Jam a headset that he just does not want to wear at all. He hates the whole phone call marketing. Yeah, that one I spent some money on that one. I bought it for the entire team because one time he, he didn’t realize that there was so much echo in the background and and at my passive aggressive self said, you know what, I’m buying this for everyone else. Actually, it was Sharlene she was the one that really triggered me to, to get this for everyone, so no, but airpods not a requirement. However, you should probably get a camelback Jim, because this is what keeps me hydrated and going into the backyard be like

Jimmy: (03:12) Ah I’d like to be elegant so I’d like to just use it at last.

Carlos: (03:15) It’s a cute, cute glasser that and I watched it too.

Jimmy: (03:20) Absolutely.

Carlos: (03:20) Dude. You’re like all apple.

Jimmy: (03:26) All apple. Macbook, my iPhone..

Carlos: (03:27) I’ve got a Samsung over here. I mean I’ve got a real phone. I love Mac, but when it comes to phones, I’ve got to stick to Samsung

Jimmy: (03:36) You hear your phone whistle all day?

Carlos: (03:39) Oh yeah.

Jimmy: (03:44) Yeah yeah and that’s the air mail sound that it is pretty obnoxious, isn’t it?

Carlos: (03:48) We’re both pretty bad, man. So, alright man. Well I wanted to bring you on board because I want it to not only record this episode for the podcast, I also want to put you put a face to the name to the voice and I wanted to learn more about your story. I want everyone else who’s watching or listening to learn more about your story and then a little bit of how, how you, whenever you work with someone, whether it’s with us at the Miami Marketer house or anyone else, what I learned how like, what your process is like so people can kind of swipe that idea and then do it off on their own.

Carlos: (04:20) So, um, so as of right now you’re the, you’re the one of the many things that you do and I say many things. I’m gonna, I’m gonna. I want people to know about your satisfied classes and your gym cycling. I don’t know where you have the time, man. So I want everyone to know more about you and I want them to, to just get the, get the ball rolling. So first of all, you’re not in your 20s although you look like you’re in your 20s.

Jimmy: (04:49) Oh good. Great. Well what is the good genetics? But I will, how about this out loud? I’ll leave it at good nutrition, good nutrition and just my whole thing about life is my best. My mantra is never not having fun. Like soon as I’m having, as soon as I’m done having fun with it, I’m done with it. I always want to make sure that I’m enjoying everything. I think I got from Earl Nightingale. Life is supposed to be a daring adventure or nothing at all. So that’s a, it’s a big thing is I’ve always, um, from my, I guess from my childhood being very creative and entertaining type, very extroverted type and if you haven’t told her. Um, and I just have a lot of interests. It really, really comes from my mother so that she was, uh, she was a teen. She’s been, I think I’ve seen my mother changed career maybe five times in my life and I’m 33 years old actually.

Jimmy: (05:39) And um, and his, whatever my interests were, I always have, uh, have just pursued it on some level. And um, you know, they say some people like us or like uh, you know, a Jack of all trades, master of none. And I have found like, you know what that used to kind of get to me when I was trying to figure out later like in college and after college like I gotta be one thing, had to figure it out. Even though deep inside I’m like, you know that works for some people it’s kind of like a gift and a curse. It’s like well they’re gift is that they are one day and they need to do it really, really well and they got nothing. But then I was like, well that must be a curse to me because as I’m good at a lot of different things but, but it actually turned out to be to build a really, really awesome autobiography and I’m really available to be used in a lot of different roles in places.

Jimmy: (06:27) Keeps me busy, engaged and entertained. And it actually, I find that I help more people by being able to help people in different, different ways. You know, for example, I mean I’ve been, I’ve been teaching a ballroom, Latin dance and swing since I was 15 years old. That was my high school job. My other friends in high school, they’re working at Burger King and CC’s pizza. I’m leaving school and all of beat up Nissan and I’m going to teach ballroom dance lessons. And that’s where I learned to create rapport and nurture in a very positive and an effective way. People who were older and more established and are senior to me, you know, where you know my, my boss at that time, Tom, he said, you know, forget about the fact that you’re in high school. You know, you know this surgeon and this lawyer, they are the premiere person in their space, but your putty in their hands because they are, you’re the expert.

Jimmy: (07:16) You’re learning something from you. That is a really powerful position to really add something that, that person really needs in their life and they can’t do for themselves because they’ve spent all their energy becoming the expert in somewhere else. And so just all of their things I was always good at. So that just that just phone up to a lot of different things, being able to dance and teach people, um, and command the attention of big groups because you teach private lessons, you teach small groups and large groups, uh, to being entertaining. You’ve got to be entertaining to do that. So then you have competitions and showcase. So then that just went all through. I went to a health sides engineering magna high school after, uh, I went to a secular prep school all the way from um, you know, my younger years into high school.

Jimmy: (07:58) And so then my is really crazy. I worked at college for Biochem, I want it to be a cosmetic surgeon. And uh, that was actually my initial path and same thing I realized like do these kids. So in my, my health science programs and in college and university where they had a really, really big reason why this was their number one thing and they really wanted to go through it. And I get to organic chemistry and microbiology, immunology and I’m like, I am not having fun with this thing, man. And I really love, I hung out with a lot of the kids in the dance and the dance program and in the business school. And I had an interest in marketing, but I didn’t want to just be like another back then. Somebody’s gotten my, some bad guidance counselor got in my head and say, man, MBAs, business to business majors aren’t diamond, does it, you want to do something special?

Jimmy: (08:44) And I’m like, man, I’m doing something special and I hate it. And I’m, and then after college I go back to Georgia where my parents were at the time and where the dance studio was. I spent all my twenties, uh, managing the dance studio where I started and then got into competition and um, and, and showcase dancing. So then that actually built up more ability to do a whole lot more. I’m trying to not make it too, too long, but just connect all the dots. Um, I let that later on when I was like 25 and, uh, healthcare administration. And so then that was one thing where I took all that that I learned and then I figured out the systems and training could be translated from the entertainment world to actually the business world. So then when there was a time when they was, um, uh, electronic health records came out when we were taking paper charting and then the health care industry and turning into systems to, to electronic system learning how to do implementation projects and training people how to use it.

Jimmy: (09:39) People who have been clinicians, nurses and doctors who they have one way of doing things, being able to relate to them at this young kid, trying to teach them something new that some of them are really frightened by it. So we were really resistant to, it was able to get into that. So that was kind of leading into so much more of the fun stuff. You know, I was in, in California, in Louisiana, in New Orleans, it was an MC on Bourbon Street. That was a good fun stuff. So being able to just entertain and command a room and positive way take where people really, really weren’t pure enjoyment. Uh, and, and, and create that, that thing now here in Miami and then he got into sales and marketing, all of that stuff. All of, you know, being a jack of all those trades brought me to this moment now. And I was just purely until I was in another marketing firm for about three and a half years before I got him with the Miami market or team. And it’s like all that, being able to help and train and speak to people in their language, learn systems and implement them and the duplicate them brought us to where we are here. You know? That’s all.

Carlos: (10:50)
Good story. I love how you brought the circle man. And it sounds like to me you, you managed to monetize your A.D.D and that’s what it sounds like to me from something that seems like it’s distracting into a positive because that’s, over here our clients, we have, we don’t have one specific type of client. We have clients in all different areas. So you’ve got to experience stuff from the beginning through the middle and to the growth stages and which is one of the reasons why I, I was, I was honored to bring you on board because that type of experience, you just can’t get it anywhere else. And you had the courage to actually jump out and try all of these different things.

Carlos: (11:32) And as a, as the rapid action coach, as the guy that sets everyone into motion, it’s a lot easier for people to understand why you can give them that aid. Let’s stop focusing on everything you don’t need to focus on. And this is what you need to focus on because everything else is a rabbit hole.

Carlos: (11:52) Everything is just going to take, it’s a shiny object syndrome. You’re going to be taken from here to there, from up to down. And then at the end of the day, you ended up having all of these unfinished projects and you never actually get started. So not only did were you able to have that experience, but you’re able to speak in a language, a language where you don’t sound like a total geek.

Carlos: (12:17) You actually speak English and I was like, okay, I’m a geek, I love all this stuff but I get lost. I get lost into my little world of marketing automation and, and you know, I mean you, you work with me. So you’re dealing with this every day that you are able to capture a hard to understand topic or an overwhelming topic and then bridge the gap between English. So you were able to make or Spanish, right? I mean they got, they call you, Jimmy Salsarito. So Spanish teaching Salsa is not easy. I mean dancing Salsa has to come natural but it is a teachable skill and the fight.

Carlos: (13:03) But you know what me, I’m, I’m Puerto Rican but I still don’t dance Salsa because it’s like, to me it’s like I can’t get it. I got the rhythm. I can play drums, I can, I can do the, I could do the whole process. But when it comes to dancing, the moment I start thinking of the process, I just have two left feet and you’re able to teach a complicated, in my opinion, it’s a complicated, it’s a complicated thing to someone that doesn’t know how to do it. So basically I know you could teach me and I gotta I gotta jump on that bandwagon ASAP because

Jimmy: (13:34) Is it, we haven’t hung out enough outside of the computer stuff, but you know what? You’re absolutely right. It actually is, and I’ll say this is a person, whereas he should teach to everybody. I’ve got some people who have been some strict waffle stompers and turned out to be the biggest Rico suave as you’ve ever seen in your life, ladies and felt so unconfident, I can’t dance and now it may just be like the biggest diva. They always knew that they weren’t. And so is very complicated and it’s great that I’ve had that experience to be able to, to bring it to a place that’s manageable so it can actually be enjoyable to do because for the exact same reasons, people want to be able to dance whether they want as a new thing to try, they want to teach people or do we want to build their competence or just, or just undo a story that someone says you can’t dance, you know?

Jimmy: (14:18) Well that, that’s confidence breaking or, or you know, you can’t have your own business. That’s confidence breaking because you know, funnels and automations are very, very complicated, you know, but they’re manageable, they are able to be broken down and be manageable. And that’s what we do as Miami Marketer team.

Jimmy: (14:33) Kind of like what I just told you earlier today, like I said, you know, there was a point where I’ve done a lot of calls, we’ve worked on some things and some things were a little bit disconnect. You Think, oh, it should, it should be there. Uh, well, you know, you hit what’s called a breakthrough point, but that wasn’t, that was like a pitch that we have, you know, in my own studio is like, you know what, after so long, uh, X amount of lessons, you’re going to hit what we call a breakthrough point and everything that you’ve heard in practice is just going to click and then you’re going to be doing it.

Jimmy: (15:01) You’re going to be able to run through these and create them with your own style and your own personality without, uh, having to think about making a mistake. And I really believe all those years, what is it, 16 years I’ve been dancing, all that, all those years is really made me able to take this really complicated thing that can lead to, you know, people’s wildest dreams wanting to leave a job that the only so, so liked or was one that’s maybe they have one awesome thing that they’re great at and their industry is dying and there’s no way that the job can last, but the information is valuable and they can create a funnel and automation to get that.

Jimmy: (15:37) And so where they became a master of one, but that industry died in the specific way they did. They don’t have to die with it because the funnels and automations can get the information that’s still relevant and, and so I just really, really, I’m really super grateful for, I guess you said being able to monetize your APG.

Jimmy: (15:54) Um, and all the systems, they all work the same, all of them a cycling trainer for Equinox. So I get to, I get to give you my gym membership for free and I get to also practice speaking to people in their language and giving them something that’s really, really moving. So, um, uh, and I just want to bring that up cause I kind of like left that out the whole thing.

Jimmy: (16:13) But I’ve really started to feel very, even just talking about it now, I’m starting to feel even more very confident about who I am and what I do and how I split time. I feel like there’s no time in the day for any of this stuff. And I was like, you know what? It’s so necessary because doing all of that is just setting me up to be able to help virtually up here. I have all the confidence that I can help virtually anyone because I have to as I’m helping everybody with all these different ways.

Carlos: (16:41) Right? That’s all we came up. That’s all we came up with the rapid action plan call. The rapid action plan is basically a phone call with you to so that someone knows exactly what they need to do to finally get started without the distraction, without getting lost in all the details.

Carlos: (17:00) Because at some point they’ve heard about funnels, they’ve heard about generating leads, they’ve heard about Facebook ads, but there are so many different components that are necessary to get to a certain point that they don’t know where to begin.

Carlos: (17:13) And that’s why, that’s why you basically came up with the whole rapid action plan where you are the one to say, look, what is your goal? Okay, how much do you want to generate this month? How much you want to generate on a monthly basis?

Carlos: (17:26) Okay. So in order for you to get to that, we had to sell this amount of of stuff, so here’s what we’re going to do next. And then you go ahead and you develop the plan to get them started and that’s, that’s like the part that usually everyone’s missing. Like they, they, they know enough to know that they don’t have everything they need, but they still need someone to put them on the right track to get them started.

Carlos: (17:51) So that’s, that’s like, it’s the, it’s the most important process for anyone, no matter what they’re trying to do. No matter how long they’ve been in business, whether they just started or have a growing company, they need a rapid action plan to get started quickly and right away. I mean, I don’t know how any other way to put it and that’s why you’re, that’s why you’re here man.

Carlos: (18:16) You’re, you’re here to, you’re here to learn about what they want to do, give them what they need to bridge the gap and get them started. That’s, it’s as simple as that. It’s, it’s been, it’s been a game changer for all of us because most of the time people come to me and it’s say “Hey a Carlos, I need a funnel. Hey Carlos, I need marketing automation, Hey, I need this.”

Carlos: (18:36) But I was always a having a hard time because I’m here trying to figure out what I need to get them to where they’re trying to be. But there are so many missing pieces that they never actually got started with. And that’s where you came in, you, you came in to fill those, to begin the steps that they need to keep climbing to where they want to go. So, so what is, what is it, art, I don’t really get to jump on the calls with you, but what, what is typically the process when somebody gets on the phone with you or schedules a plan with you? Like what is it like in that way? You kind of just break it down?

Jimmy: (19:09) Oh, that’s a good question. Uh, so, uh, it is, it is under really to simplify your objectives. It’s a, it’s a, it’s kind of like the rapport that we’re building, not just a build trust, but actually just like, you know, I want to, my, my first steps is speaking somebody who’s language is just hearing what they have to say.

Jimmy: (19:27) Um, I asked very, very simple question well, okay, well what is your, what is your product? Um, who do you sell to? Why do you do it? What’s the story for why you’re doing it? You know, in the calls can actually be pretty quick. They don’t like to do, I have to take a whole lot of time, but I just want to find out just the, the, the who, what, where, why, how, all that stuff. Basically starting there and then we can get into the nitty gritty.

Jimmy: (19:49) Okay, well then I decided, then I determine, you know, how can we help? Because one good thing that you don’t kind of bridge the gap between being a master of a Jack of all trades.

Jimmy: (19:59) One thing I love about Miami Marketer is that we’re not a full service digital marketing. We’re the experts. We’re the premier experts in one aspect of digital marketing. It’s, uh, you know, converting anonymous traffic to actual buyers, um, through automations, marketing funnels and automations.

Jimmy: (20:17) A big reason why I got into it is because in my sales career, I spent time and learned a great, uh, learned how to be really, really competent and powerful salesperson, but I was just beat up all the time. So have a lot of different products. So like all of my good discovery calls and meetings, I had to drive to figure out, okay, which of our products fit what they need?

Jimmy: (20:38) How can I fit it in? How can I stack it? How can I build the sale? And then how do I find a person at all follow up? How do I get through the gatekeeper and all that stuff. And the automation changes that, you know. And I was like, you know, I want other salespeople. I want that, my mission in this. And so I want other salespeople to, uh, to, to love their sales career.

Jimmy: (20:59) I want them to be able to feel like they’re getting sales in and they still have the energy to go and enjoy their life. They could play softball, volleyball, they can spend time with their family, their kids and keep them date night. They can or they can just relax, play call of duty without feeling like they have to decompress. You know what I mean? And so like all the heavy lifting is taken out.

Jimmy: (21:17) So it just kind of going back to what you were asking, so how did it go? Well now let me just ask some of the, uh, the simple questions. How much do you want to make? What’s the purchase costs? Okay, great. Well, does this fit into the automation thing? Because we had one thing. Uh, alright, well if it fits, if it’s a perfect fit, then great. This is exactly what we can do. It doesn’t take a lot of convincing or a lot of conversations trying to figure stuff out.

Jimmy: (21:41) And if it’s something that we don’t, one thing I love about Miami Marketer is something that maybe, maybe your demographic isn’t exactly, uh, you know, the best for this type of work. We have a lot of affiliate partners that we can help, you know, so either way with Miami Marketer and we get to help, you know, and that discovery rapid action plan call is uh, I can either give you a little form that I need to get more of the numbers so I don’t have to spend two hours on the phone with you, give me all these numbers and then give you some time to think about it all.

Jimmy: (22:10)
And then I can help give you a multistep plan. It’s tailored to what you can do. So you get to start on your own. Um, so you can get started, you know, so we don’t have to do a long thing have, so you feel like you have to commit so quickly to a guy you just talked on the phone for 30 minutes, you know.

Jimmy: (22:24) You’d say, we know what it sounds good. I’ll take the first step. You know, everything that we do in Miami Marketer I love about it is like we leave the door open. It’s like, it’s like a good relationship. If, if, uh, if it’s comfortable on your own terms step by step and you’re getting what you want, why would you ever want to leave? But the door is always open for you to do it yourself or work with someone else, you know?

Jimmy: (22:46) We don’t want that to tie it up to where you have to do it this way. Or you know what? This is the plan. You can’t do it. It’s like, listen, this is the plan. It is complicated. We can help make it simple or we could do it for you. And just kind of all of that stuff gets handled in bachelor’s hall and because it’s easy to execute and it’s easy for them to make decisions.

Jimmy: (23:07) You know, it’s always comfortable and easy that everybody has a better day and everybody’s not, you know, five o’clock in the roll around and everybody’s just, everybody just pooped. You know, we just like, you know what, I just brought the business further today by one step, two steps and I still have now and I still have energy to enjoy my evening today.

Jimmy: (23:27) That’s my mission to help everybody with my remark, whether you want to be a marketer, you want to work with us as the team scales up or you have a business that you need to market. I want everybody to be able to have the energy to enjoy their evening after the day’s over.

Carlos: (23:44) Well, speaking of rapid action plan call, we actually have to end this recording now because I took two minutes to Jimmy’s time and this is actually a consistent with Jimmy that people are our scheduling on his calendar so that they can have this session. So Jimmy, I’m going to just wrap it up right here, right now so that way you can get to that.

Carlos: (24:04) But one of the things we want to do is if you, if, if whoever’s watching this one person that’s watching this right now, if you want to get started and just get an idea of how to get going, Jimmy’s the first person you’re going to want to talk to you whether you work with us or not. So Jimmy, real quick, how do people find you either an Instagram, Twitter, whatever. What’s your, what’s your, handles

Jimmy: (24:26) All of that — Instagram, you can hit by me at EQX Jimmy EQX like equinox. EQX Jimmy. That’s where you find most of everything. It’s just a lot of inspiring quotes. I’ll tell you about what’s going on in my typical day. Um, I also reshare a lot of our Miami Marketer, um, or Miami Marketer, um, information,

Jimmy: (24:42) Uh, actually specifically for the salsa dance industry cause I’m so plugged in and not saying, you know what, I don’t have the time to performing dance anymore, but I’m actually working on a new funnel and a new process that we’re going to call the Mumble Marketer. So look out for that. So it was basically if you need to get more students, instead of you having to Facebook close to all the same people or just try to go to all these different events and trucks, pull people in, you’re going to really, we’re going to, we’re going to have somebody come out for that and um, uh, yeah, yeah.

Carlos: (25:09) [email protected] Well thanks for taking the time brother. And, um, we’ll talk soon man. Bye.

Closing: (25:21) Thanks for listening to the digital marketing secrets show with Carlos A. Vazquez. Want to join the exclusive digital marketing community? Of course, you do! Make sure to visit us at for more info. See you soon!



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