How To Use Facebook To Find Your High ROI Buyers

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Wondering how to utilize Facebook to find high valuable buyers?


If you use Facebook ads, you’re close enough to get a significant number of leads for your goods and services, that’s if done right.


Today we’ll show you some good ways to find your targeting for your Facebook ads and save yourself from spending so much time, budget, and effort in the process.


But before that, do you know what affects your FB ads campaign budget?


In 2017, AdEspresso by Hootsuite made an experiment to run two same exact FB ads — similar in CTA, copy, design, and most especially in the budget. But it ended up to two different significant results:


  • First Ad: 278 clicks
  • Second Ad: 1,103 clicks


Can you guess the underlying factor for the different results?



Know more about Facebook Ads Manager’s Relevance Score here via AdEspresso


In all of our marketing strategies prior to implementation, it’s important that we always go back to basic yet the most important part marketing — knowing your target audience.


And yes, proper audience targeting was the crucial factor for the two ads to come up with different outgrowths.


Digging up the demographics of your target audience can make a huge difference in your marketing efforts.


Keep reading to know how to hack your FB ads using audience insights.


Utilizing Audience Insights

When you try to build your audience, it’s crucial to be relevant to them and deliver the right message and solution to their pain or interest at the right time (like what we discussed in our previous article about the SSF Method).


However, you can only create the correct messaging if you know who your targets are.


For instance, if you want to promote or sell makeup kits, speaking in the general audience won’t work well. Sure, you’ll have trouble getting a good ROI.


Audience insights will help you find the right target based on the demographics of your preferred audience.


It helps you create in audience segmentation based on their age range, gender, income, location, interest, and even lifestyle.


And it will only take a few minutes of your time.


Here’s how.


Go to your business page insights and click “People” found in the lower left-hand corner of your page.


You’ll see there the basic demographics that you may study to get an intuitive understanding of your preferred audience.











But if you want a more advanced search for the audience demographics, head over to your ad account under the Business Manager.


There you’ll find more preferences that should work in analyzing your target in almost all kinds of the campaign of goods and services, from personal to business.


Check them out below.


Now let’s dissect this feature.


If you noticed the Business Page Insights has very little preferences such as the age, gender, location, and language and these quite common in most filters available online.


Audience Insights has more details to target people.


Relationship status, for example, is good for the campaign that’s ideal to run an ad based on a person’s current relationship.


If you want to trigger them to take action based on their feelings, relationship status is a good clue.



On the other hand, education level and job title can somewhat give you clues about the intellectual capacity, lifestyle, and household income of your audience.



Now based on the types of people you selected will be the result of those in “Page Likes” section.


It will give you the top 10 categories and pages that interest them while spending their time in the Facebook platform.



This feature will also be discussed in the video that we have embedded in the later part of this article.


But before you move on the next steps, you may want to consider understanding more about your prospects.


The “location” that’s being featured on the photo below is not about the geographic location on where to run your campaign for a specified period of time.


Instead, it is the location where the types of people you selected are residing.


This will help you decide whether or not it is worthy to run your campaign in your preferred location or you better switch to another with high probability for people to take action on it.



Meanwhile, the activity of your selected audience can also be tracked at the “Activity” section of audience insights feature.


In this segment, you’ll know how to better deliver your campaign.



If you want to explore other preferences of this audience insights, you can just click the drop-down “Advanced” and try if they can help you get the number of your audience broader or narrow it down.



According to Neil Patel, one of the most renowned digital marketer, the perfect audience size is between 500,000 to 2 million.


You don’t want to a tiny audience because it won’t give you enough sell but the problem with a too large audience, you’ll be needing a few thousand dollars without an assurance that your target will be engaged in your campaign.


The larger the budget, the larger the audience that you may have.


However, 93% of marketers use Facebook ads to regularly promote their businesses and not all of them always have a huge budget to fund ad campaigns.


So you may be wondering, how much should be the average budget for each campaign?


That’s what we’re going to discuss in the upcoming articles so stay tuned.


But the hint is that it depends on your audience size.


So for now, take a time to watch the video below to know more how to apply the audience insights in creating your Facebook ad campaign and get high ROI.




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