How To Use Quizzes To Generate a Flurry of Qualified Potential Buyers

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We live in a world where it is still difficult to obtain information about what types of customers will want your products or services. Yes, you can meet with potential customers and conduct interviews. But customers may not tell you what’s really going on in their mind. They may provide you with some false leads, which can lead to wasted time and money.

Alternatively, there is an effective (and fun) way that you can get honest, relevant insights from potential buyers. Specifically, we are speaking about online quizzes and (and one of my new favorite tools) Interact.

Interact: The Basics on Generating New Leads

Interact is a software that helps you create quizzes. What you do with those quizzes is up to you, but most users leverage the software to generate leads, segment an audience, and drive traffic to a particular website.

Now you may be asking yourself: “why should I think about leveraging quizzes in my business to generate new leads?” There are a number of reasons.

First, quizzes are fun. Users love them. For example, Buzzfeed, which is one of the most well-known websites that contains online quizzes, released one quiz that received more than 22 million views and more than 2.5 million likes on Facebook. In 2013, the most read story on The New York Times’s website was an interactive quiz on particular dialects that are used in America. Ultimately, users find quizzes to be fun, entertaining and informative, and are willing to spend some of their valuable time on them.

Next, quizzes are very effective—particularly in uncovering hidden insights, needs, and opportunities. One Interact user, for example, received 3,277 leads with one quiz. When using a platform like Interact, you can create quizzes (from scratch or by leveraging a template) that can test for a variety of things. For instance, if you are thinking of launching a new product to a certain group of potential customers, you can design a quiz that tests whether those customers would be receptive to your idea. The quiz-takers would only be able to receive their results, for instance, if they provide their email address. Here, you are only limited by your imagination. That said, the ultimate goal is to design the quiz that seeks unbiased, relevant feedback from quiz-takers. By doing this, you will be able to generate warm leads that you can pursue through your normal email marketing and marketing automation systems.

Not only can you design customized quizzes on the Interact platform, but you can create custom-tailored campaigns per quiz-taker. Follow-up conversions are absolutely possible, as you can analyze a quiz-taker’s initial answers to develop a custom-tailored campaign. This level of nuance and customization allows you to build tailored campaigns which are more likely to lead to conversions down the road.

In addition to the features provided by the quizzes, Interact is simple and easy-to-use. The Interact developers and designers take pride in the fact that Interact is seamless and intuitive. Once you start using Interact, you will quickly be able to design quizzes that you have envisioned.

Finally, another prominent benefit of using Interact is that you can easily integrate your quizzes with Zapier. You can be confident that the quiz results you obtain with Interact can be sent to any other software in your sales cycle. As a backup option, you can also download your leads in a CSV file. No matter which option you choose, you can rest assured that your quiz results will be available.

Get Started Today

No matter what business you are in, we encourage you to see how online quizzes can help you generate new leads. At Interact, we are proud of our platform and the hundreds of thousands of leads that we have generated for our clients. If you are interested in trying out our platform, we invite you to request a one-on-one demo, where you can speak with a quiz expert on how you can leverage quizzes in your business.

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