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Krisp: Noise Canceling App for Growth-minded People

By LJ Diaz 0

Having smooth, clear communication with your clients is crucial for the rapid growth of your business.


It is as vital as speaking with your team to map out your conversion strategies and implementation of the rest of your marketing mix.


But let’s be real…


In this digital era, establishing your dream team and even pitching to clients are mostly done through computers mainly through video conference or video call…

And all that you need is a decent headset that can support a professional meeting.


Will you allow distracting background noises to interrupt your make-or-break sales pitching and conferences?


Krisp has solved the problem.


It is a revolutionary noise-canceling application that reduces noise in real-time.


The power of this app lies between the microphones and speakers and video-conferencing application.


All kinds of noise are being filtered before the sound is transmitted to the video conferencing tool that people are using on both ends.


And do you know what’s unbelievable with Krisp?


It can massively support over 600 web conferencing apps.

author: LJ Diaz