[Marketing Chewable] 7 Buyer Stages

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So, whenever you’re creating your messages, you want to understand that there are seven primary stages at every customer goes through.

As long as you understand these stages, it’s a lot easier to write a message that connects with them so that way they can make it make sense to their personal needs.

So, the seven stages are you know the SUSPECT – these people are unaware of a problem, so now is your job to educate them.

Then you have what was called a PROSPECT – a prospect is someone that is aware of the problem. Now they’re looking for solutions.

A LEAD is now someone that is considering you to help him with the solution.

A POTENTIAL BUYER is someone that is not considering hiring you to help them with the problem.

Then you have a BUYER, someone that’s going to pay you to keep you on board to help you fix the problem.

You have a REPEAT BUYER, they’re going to continue paying you so that way you can keep your problems at bay.

Then you have a FAN, someone that’s going to tell everyone that they know, like, and trust how great you are and how you can help them with their problems.

That’s it. Carlos, your Miami Marketer, 60-second chewable.



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