[Marketing Chewable] Boosting Profits

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Okay. So we’ve already, we’ve already gone ahead and attracted our suspect with our lures.

We’ve converted the suspects into prospects with a free, irresistible offer.

And we, we also converted this prospect into a lead with a FOOT IN THE DOOR OFFER.

And then we showed them what we got with our gateway offer by converting them into a potential buyer.

Then we show them the different offers that they can go with with the main offer.

But how do we increase the customer lifetime value? And that’s what that profit boosters all about.

In profit booster is exactly what the name says to boost profits so that way you can increase that customer lifetime value.

If you are not incorporating a profit booster, then you really are leaving money on the table because people are going to buy, they just need to be offered something.

And if it makes perfect sense for their business, they’re going to buy it.



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