[Marketing Chewable] Selling FITDs The Easy Way

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So, I’m going to show you how to offer everyone that goes through your funnel, the FOOT IN THE DOOR OFFER and increase your chances of the sale.

And of course, if you don’t know this already, you need a funnel to do this.

And this type of funnel usually consists of four different pages, right?

You have your optin page, your opt in page is the reason why they’re going to go ahead and put their information into your system, okay?

And then from the optin page, the thank you page says, Hey, we’re at the top. You say thank you. Check your inbox.

But then this right here is your offer, your for your foot in the door offer. Okay?

Now everyone’s going to see this foot in the door offer.

And then of course, if they buy, they’re going to go to the order form and all that good stuff, whatever, put their credit card information, and there’s some type of confirmation page. Okay?

So this is how you start introducing your foot in the door offer to everyone that goes into your funnel.



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