[Marketing Chewable] The 3 Traffic Types Every Marketer Needs To Know

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There are three types of traffic that you’re going to deal with.

There’s traffic that you own, there’s traffic that you control, and then there’s traffic that you don’t control.

Traffic that you don’t control is traffic coming from some type of search engine optimization, something happening from Youtube.

Whatever it is, you have no control over how they got to you.

It’s nice to have, but it shouldn’t be your primary strategy.

Then there’s traffic you control.

The traffic you control is where you can spend some money and drive specific traffic to any page that you want.

This is where you can go ahead and send a message to either your email or messenger list, whatever the case is, you can drive that traffic wherever the heck you want without spending any extra money.

So everyone’s ultimate goal should be to find a way to own that traffic.

You start off with controlling it by spending money on ads to get people to an offer so that way you can own that traffic.

Focus on owning that traffic.



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