[Marketing Chewable] The Campaign Lifestyle

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Whenever you’re building a campaign, there are five different stages for the light of that particular campaign.

First stage is you’re BUILDING PHASE where you get to build the actual campaign portion of.

Then you have your LAUNCH PHASE.

Now, people tend to stop right here because they’re expecting an ROI at this point.

It’s not meant to happen, guys. It’s not meant to happen. You’re not going to have an ROI here.

It’s possible, but it’s not likely.

Then you have your GROW STAGE. You don’t see an ROI here, put yours. You’re going to start seeing the numbers going up right here.

Then you get your PROFIT STAGE. This is where you get to scale and really, really see the money coming in.

People are expecting if they come this stage way before they even do all these little things right here.

So, and of course there’s always an end, right? A campaign is going to end. A product’s life lifecycle is going to end.

So, prepare yourself mentally to deal with all five of these stages because it’s going to increase your chances of lasting a lot longer.



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