8 Common Myths About Marketing Automation

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Marketing automation is a tool that helps entrepreneurs and marketing enthusiasts with their daily repetitive routine.


This type of software assists, generates, enhances and acquire leads, and in fact, the use of this tool has proven to increase sales productivity by 14.5% and a 12.2% decrease in marketing overhead.


But a lot of people say that marketing automation is used mostly for e-mail marketing efficiency and many other myths.                           


So here are the 8 myths about marketing automation that you can adapt for success


Myth No.1 – Marketing Automation is Costly

There is some truth behind this myth that it is expensive to apply marketing automation, and this fact lies originally for large corporations. It was indeed expensive to sustain a marketing approach solution customized in a larger company.


With technology evolved over the years, it has become cheaper and accessible for smaller and mid-sized companies.


According to Gleanster Research, there are 68% small business who are now top-performing by using some marketing software automation.


For marketers, you may invest by choosing the best technology that suits your needs while it increases your conversion. You can choose with available platforms that best-suited your business and fits your finances.


Myth No.2 – It needs an increase in headcount

There is an assumption that acquiring the skills to properly execute marketing automation is time-consuming and requires more people.  

This belief initially requires some extra time and effort until its perceived goal is modified to a specific business set-up.


When this is done properly, the platform can be readily available to generate and automate some repetitive marketing process that allows the department to handle more critical aspects of the business.


This proves that marketing automation improves efficiency and effectiveness of all sales process and not the other way around.


Myth No.3 – It is only used for Email Marketing

This is another common myth linked with automated solutions that assumed that it only worked for email marketing.


Although this is somewhat true that it works as automating email marketing, there is also some common options as effective with different channels as well.


In fact, marketing automation also works with other campaigns such as in social media marketing, lead generation on LinkedIn and other social media campaign programs integration


Marketing automation capabilities can be maximized regardless of the type of marketing channels used. With this tool, you can speed up and make repetitive processes simple.


It is very useful for lead generation and converts customers into clients.


Components methods that you can use includes: behaviour analytics, campaign optimization, CRM or customer relationship management, website visitor ID, and email automation  


Myth No.4 – It’s a spam

It is apparent that most people think that marketing automation campaigns are spams. If it is not done properly it will really end up giving an impression that marketing automation is spamming.


This should not be stigmatized as a whole because of single negative use.


People mostly avert towards spam because of its irrelevant, inappropriate and annoying way of execution and distribution.


For business owners and entrepreneurs, regardless of any chosen channel solution you use to deliver your content, if the customers don’t feel the relevance of your content, they will consider it spam.


Marketing automation’s objective is to continually deliver relevant and necessary information to the prospective clients, connecting with them, and taking their preferences into consideration while guiding them through the funnel of sales, which in turn increase your rate of conversion.


Myth No.5 – No outright benefit for the sales team

This is a common myth from a narrow-minded perception of the business process.


In business, processes are all intertwined.


The effectivity of the business process in the marketing world will be based on communication, project management, as well as process definition with the help of technology and chosen vendor platforms.


When you analyze the big picture, marketing automation drives the entire sales by nurturing leads with its content throughout the process.


When the sales are reached, keep in mind that by nurturing leads and driving new ones continues to produce referrals and increase in other sales.


Myth No.6 – It’s set to do everything

It is often assumed that marketers tend to abuse the use of automation that it end up disregarding interaction with visitor responses.


This is because some companies tend to rely on the automation to do all the work and neglect to give the necessary action and attention to the prospective buyers.


Many marketers believe that marketing automation is a lazy way of dealing with your content publishing.


It is an easy stigma to assume that since you can set the schedule of your content, there will no longer be an effort in your end.


Unfortunately, It isn’t finished once you send it.  


Marketing automation has to be used as an extension to existing sales techniques that considered as an enhancement to processes.


It is only a small tool to a larger strategy.


According to statistics, there are 74% of respondents who claim that technology has the ability to save time and has the largest benefit.


Marketing users agree that using such tool shows increasing sales growth by 91% to their online marketing activities.


Myth No.7 – It has no personal touch

When marketing automation was just starting, improper and inefficient use of marketing automation led to mass email distribution to mass lists of leads and it led to the belief that marketing automation is cold and does not relate much to the customers.


However, technology and proper use have been taken into consideration, and with the direct and proper approach, marketing automation has gained personal touch with prospective customers and leads.


Myth No.8 – It is only for large businesses

Small or large scale businesses or companies can use marketing automation platforms.


With the increasing numbers of channels on the market, it is no longer surprising that these platforms are now targeting small and large businesses.


All you need to do is look for a platform that best suits your business.


Bottom line is, you may have heard that marketing automation is bad for your business or difficult to manage and might even get you into trouble, but do a research and marketing automation is inherently great for your small or large business.



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