Swipe This Proven Sales Message Tactic From The Movie “Boiler Room”

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Know your audience, know what they want to do and then use  this little, simple formula to leverage your sales message.

Carlos: (00:01) If you’re trying to craft a, a good sales message, the video that I’m about to reveal to you right now is going to really help break down how to understand, how to craft a good sales message. Because once you do that, you increase your chances obviously to get someone to move forward with you, alright? And the scene that we’re about to dissect right now is a scene from boiler room. It’s a very quick, very quick scene, but it’s so powerful in how it delivers the story and presents the offer.

Introduction: (00:38) Welcome to the digital marketing secrets show with Carlos A. Vazquez where we share actionable strategies and tactics to grow businesses no matter what industry you’re in. Now your host, Carlos A. Vazquez.

Carlos: (00:52) So there’s, obviously there’s a, the three characters, there’s a that Giovanni Ribisi character, there’s a Jamie Kennedy cat character and I forgot the, um, the sales guy’s names, characters name. But let me see, let me just try to get a real quick. So, um, Giovanni let me see boiler room cast. Let me just look it up really quickly boiler room cast. And the guy’s name is Rosie. Yet. Greg. All right, so we got Greg, I’m just write those down. So we got Greg and he’s a salesman. And then of course we have Seth, which is Giovanni’s character, right? Then we’ve got Jamie Kennedy’s character and his name is Adam. Alright.

Carlos: (01:41) So let me kind of just set the, the tone really quickly. So Greg is a hot shot stock trader. All right. And he’s literally generating millions of dollars with this job that he has. Um, uh, Seth is running an underground casino out of his house, out of his apartment, and Adam happens to be a friend of, of Seth, a childhood friend apparently, and that he’s earned a ton of trust.

Carlos: (02:13) So Adam brings Greg to Seth’s casino and to basically start the relationship to engage in the relationship. Greg wants to sell Seth on the idea of working for him, so that way they can all make some money. Now we already know about uh, Seth’s character. If you watched the movie, Seth is trying to make money, he’s trying to make millions of dollars. That’s his need.

Carlos: (02:43) Now, one of the underlying needs, um, for him is the fact that he wants to earn his father’s respect. And although he’s been able to generate a lot of money, he hasn’t been able to earn his father’s respect, which is a big deal to him. So the casino thing is just not working out for him that his father caught on. So he wants to earn his money and earn his dad’s respect at the same time. But we don’t really, uh, Greg doesn’t really know that.

Carlos: (03:11) Greg just knows that Seth wants to make a lot of money. So what’s going to happen is that Greg is going to play in the casino. He’s going to basically show off his Ferrari, his yellow Ferrari. Um, Adam is going to start the conversation, get them in there, and then, then Greg is going to present the opportunity and the opportunity is work for him.

Carlos: (03:33) So what you’re going to see is you’re going to see Greg talk, hook Seth into paying attention. He’s going to cater to his ego. Um, he’s going to set up the opportunity. He’s going to have some back and forth to kind of keep that rapport going, keep that comfortable feeling going, and he’s going to make the opportunity scene easy to achieve and then he’s going to gain social proof. Then he’s also going to reinforce the benefits of the opportunity.

Carlos: (04:05) I want to warn you real quick. If you’re sensitive to curse words. Um, they, they’d I think he uses it one curse word and it’s the f word one time. So, um, if you’re listening to this on, on loud, uh, radio or something out there that other people can listen to, like you don’t want other people that have sensitive ears to listen to. Um, just uh, put the volume down or just bought in to warn you on this one. Okay. So let me just go ahead and play it out. I’m going to play the video first and then we’re going to replay the video with my commentary.

Boiler Room: (04:39) I think you’re a good business. You know, I think you’re a smart kid.

Carlos: (04:42) Alright, hold on. Let’s go back. I want to get this part.

Boiler Room: (04:47) Alright, uh, place your bets. I’m gonna be honest with you, I, yeah, I think you’re running a good business. You know, I think you’re a smart kid and cloning some real cash in a little bit. And I tell you, man, this is risky fucking business. You know, I mean, you really honestly plan on dealing cards in the college kids when you fucking 35, you don’t think you’re gonna get pinched in the next couple of years. Maybe it’s time to start thinking about down the line time. You know, so you want me to come work for you, but I guess it’ll be like a retribution for me, taking all your money here. First of all, I’m not done with you, alright? And now you’re only going to work for me short time, you pass the series seven, you know, you learn the ropes and you’re on your own. Ask Adam and he’ll tell you. It’s good. It’s good. I’m gonna be blunt, you know, I mean, I’m talking about millions of dollars.

Carlos: (05:50) Alright, so that scene is so powerful because that same exact tactic, we use it for our sales messages. Whether it’s in person, on stage, in a Facebook video, in a, in any type of video, in a Facebook ad, in our sales copy, on our landing pages, the same exact format. You can swipe it for yourself. So let’s just kind of go back over exactly what happened here. So let’s go back to this part right here.

Boiler Room: (06:23) Big Bird mode. Alright, uh, place your bets. I’m gonna be honest with you, I, yeah.

Carlos: (06:32) Okay. First thing he says, I’m gonna be honest with you. So anytime someone uses something like that, that’s intriguing to people because it usually lets people feel like they’re about to gain some type of inside information. Let me be honest with you. Alright? And also with that, people also feel that authenticity with just that simple phrase and people connect and people want to pay attention.

Carlos: (07:00) Okay? He’s about to be honest with me. He’s about to share something with me that he probably wouldn’t normally share with anyone else. And he’s opening up that door for him.

Boiler Room: (07:10) I think you’re running a good business. You know, I think you’re a smart kid and cloning some real cash a little bit.

Carlos: (07:16) Okay? So now he caters to his ego. Okay? So he’s basically telling him, uh, you’re a smart kid, you’re pulling some cash, and that reinforces that, hey, I know you’re a smart person. You’re having success. Okay? So He’s, he’s keeping his, his, uh, his interest piqued and he’s not insulting him. He’s actually doing the opposite. He’s complimenting him, right? If you, if you are, if you have a tendency to always try and make people feel stupid, people tend to shut down. But when you tend to lift up and reinforce that someone is doing well in something, they were more likely to listen to you.

Carlos: (08:00) So, Hey, let me be honest with you. I think you’re making a lot of money. I think you’re a smart person. And this right here works okay. Especially in New York. If you, if you’ve ever worked, worked with anyone from New York or have any family from New York or if you are from New York, in New York, we live, it’s basically like a hustle or get hustled mentality.

Carlos: (08:22) So when, when you’re talking to someone, people have this tendency to want to always seem like they’re never going to be hustled. They’re not likely to compliment someone. So in New York when someone tells him something like that, that it, it, it takes a lot of, um, I don’t know, um, courage or a lot of confidence to compliment someone else. Um, but you know, sometimes New Yorkers kind of take that as, hey, what, what is this guy buttering me up for?

Carlos: (08:50) But since, since, uh, Adam brought Greg in, Seth already trust Greg. So that way his defenses are a little bit lower. So, which is a key key thing here. That’s why you always have to earn some type of trust. And in marketing and sales, one of the easiest ways to do that is by providing value. Greg now only proved that he had money because he had the Ferrari, but he literally has given him money because he’s in the casino. So there’s valley hall already coming from Greg before the sales message ever even was brought up. So I was kind of a little bonus. We could talk. We’re going to talk about that in another video and another time of RNA trustin and giving value, but he’s already given value. He’s already earned trust. So Seth’s defense is a lot lower.

Boiler Room: (09:37) I tell you, man, this is risky fucking business. You know? I mean, you really honestly plan on dealing cards in the college kids when you’re fucking 35, you don’t think you’re gonna get pinched in the next couple of years.

Carlos: (09:49) Alright, so now after he went ahead and compliment to him, make him feel like he’s smart, now he poked holes into his current circumstances, which is a reality. This is literally a reality. You’re running a back, back door casino. You’re running an illegal casino. You’re going to get pinched. Are you planning on living like this for the rest of your life? And no one wants to live like that, especially if you’re trying to make money legitimately and knowing, well, Greg did annoy his knee behind a need, but we as the audience know, Seth wants to earn his father’s respect. So he already knows that, no, he doesn’t want to live like that. And Greg happened to already know that people don’t want to live their life watching their back. Okay? So he’s poked holes into the existing circumstances.

Boiler Room: (10:38) Hey, maybe it’s time to start thinking about down the line time, you know?

Carlos: (10:43) Okay, so now he set up the opportunity. He’s setting up the bridge to present the opportunity. So that way there’s a reason why there’s a bridging of opportunity with current circumstances. Listen, your circumstances are like this and this is what can happen. So it’s time to start thinking about the future is it’s time to start thinking about ahead. Okay, now we’re setting up the opportunity.

Boiler Room: (11:13) So you want me to come work for you?

Carlos: (11:18) Now the funny thing is that there’s a New York attitude right there. You want me to come work for you? And he basically presented a, a an objection. He, he basically presented some type of skepticism to the opportunity, right? So Greg now has to overcome this objection.

Boiler Room: (11:38) But I guess it will be like a retribution for me, taking all your money here. First of all, I am not done with you here, alright? And now you’re only gonna work for me short time. You pass the series seven. You know, you learn the ropes, you’re on your own.

Carlos: (11:53) Okay, so now he overcame the objection by, for one, he say, first of all, I’m not done here. I’m going to get my money back. And he kept that rapport going, kept it fun, kept it, that kept it natural. Okay. And then he made the opportunity seem achievable. Short amount of time, learn the ropes, just passed the series seven. I’m their past series. Have an obvious, I’ve never done it before. Not Not saying obviously, although I almost started saying, but passing the series seven isn’t something that I think is going to be very easy. So he kinda just underplayed that. But Hey, I’ll show you the ropes. You’ve worked for me for a little while and I’m, you pass the series seven and I just, you know, get set you up. So he made the opportunities seem attainable.

Boiler Room: (12:40) Ask Adam and we’ll tell you..

Carlos: (12:42) Okay, so now this is the way he brings in Adam, which is someone that Seth Trust for that testimonial, for that social proof.

Boiler Room: (12:55) That’s good. That’s good.

Carlos: (12:58) That’s all. That’s Ugh, it’s good. So I guess Adam has that much trust where he could just basically say two words “It’s good” and that’s it. And Seth was sold. That was that testimonial.

Boiler Room: (13:10) I’m going to be blunt, you know, I mean, I’m talking about millions of dollars.

Carlos: (13:16) Alright and then there’s a reinforcement of the benefit. I’m going to be blunt again. Remember that, that I’m going to be straightforward with you talking about millions of dollars. There’s the benefit working for me for a short amount of time. You learn the ropes. Here’s your buddy Adam that says it’s good and you’re going to make millions of dollars. Alright? That’s the message he’s trying to get across. Okay?

Carlos: (13:43) So when you’re constructing your message, when you’re constructing your message uses video as a guide, use this, this commentary that I just shared with you to help you break it down so that way you know how to construct your sales message, how to construct your offers, how to construct, uh, the landing pages, whatever the case is, follow this basic format.

Carlos: (14:05) And this is a great starting point if you’re ever feeling stuck, okay. Know your audience, know what they want to do and then use this, this, the little simple formula to leverage the sales message. Okay.

Carlos: (14:18) As a matter of fact, what I would do is go ahead and go to MiamiMarketer.com/growth apply to join the group. It’s absolutely free. I just, the only reason why we have an application processes to make sure that everyone in there is, is legitimate and they’re actually there to learn, not there to, to basically pitch everyone.

Carlos: (14:40) In fact, there are no, there’s no pitching allowed. Um, and what we’ll do is we’ve had someone come in and basically paste their message, ask for feedback and we all gave them that feedback. And he was able to get a better constructed message that he was much happier with. And this, this group is absolutely free. Just jump right in. Join the group, I mean MiamiMarketer.com/growth and we’ll help you with your messaging and that’s it. So I’m looking forward to seeing you on the other side. I’d love to see your sales messages and damn, I’ll talk to you soon.

Closing: (15:13) Thanks for listening to the digital marketing secrets show with Carlos A. Vazquez. Want to join the exclusive digital marketing community? Of course, you do! Make sure to visit us at MiamiMarketer.com/growth for more info. See you soon!



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