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The 3 Emotions That Multiply Sales and Conversions

Now, it’s not a very strong evoking emotion as the fear one, but it is one of the lighter ways to get someone to take action for those that don’t take action when it’s gain.


Welcome to the growth hacking secrets show with Carlos A Vasquez where we share actionable strategies and tactics to grow businesses no matter what industry you’re in. Now, your host Carlos A Vasquez.


Welcome to another episode of growth hacking secrets. I’m your host Carlos A. Vasquez, and today I’m going to be talking about what will make someone take action so we can generate more conversions. Now when it comes to this – when I’m talking about conversions, I’m talking about a specific objective.


For example, it could be something along the lines of getting more people to sign up for an event, or sign up for a Webinar, or make a small purchase, or reach out and set up an appointment. These are primarily the objectives that this would work for because the commitment is not as high.


And when I say the commitment not being as high, I’m talking about like a very low priced item or a free phone call, or for registration for a Webinar or something. Okay. Now I learned this from Digital Marketer, which I happen to be a Digital Marketer Certified Partner and one of the things that I’ve learned was that there are three emotions that people take action on. And when you invoke one of these emotions from someone, then usually they will take action.


Those three emotions are gain, logic, and fear. I’m going to go through each one right now. All right, so when it comes to the feeling of gain, people usually will take action if they feel like they’re going to gain something in return. Now, it’s not a very strong evoking emotion as the fear one, but it is one of the lighter ways to get someone to take action for those that don’t take action when it’s gain. Then we have what’s called logic. People don’t like to feel stupid, so to avoid feeling stupid, they want to go ahead and take action because it makes perfect sense.


Logic allows people to go ahead and feel like they’re smarter because it’s something that makes perfect sense. And then we have fear – fear of missing out. FOMO. This one happens to be one of the strongest evoking emotions out there because people really would rather avoid missing out on something. Fear of missing out on an important event.


Gain, logic, fear. Now I’m going to go over some examples of how to use gain, logic, fear. For example, gain. Usually when someone takes action, if they request to download something like a free irresistible offer, then what you say is, “Hey, the other day you downloaded my ultimate guide to podcasting and I wanted to check in to see if you had any questions, but most importantly I wanted to know if you saw this,” and it’s a link to whatever the next step is.


If you are serious about podcasting or having success or growth hacking, then this is the next step you should take because you will be able to get these types of results. You will gain these type of results with this. That’s just the general gist of it.


Now logic, “hey, I’m a little confused because you did this and you still haven’t done this. Is Everything okay? I want to make sure that everything is good to go.” And that’s how logic works.


And fear. “Hey, the other day you did this, but I’m afraid that time is running out and you may miss out on this opportunity. So if you’re serious about doing this, then you need to jump on this before it’s all sold out.” Or it’s all locked out, or whatever the case is. Right?


So gain, logic, and fear. Now primarily you can either use this whole concept with email automations where the email automation software will go ahead and send out the first email, then it will wait a day or two days or whatever you set it to be. Then it will send logic. Then it’ll wait one day or two days, and then you have fear one day or two days, whatever the delay is.


Now, one of the cool things about these email automation software, the sophisticated ones, is that if they take action on one of those emails, you can set it up so that it skips and doesn’t send the other reminder emails. So if you’re going to have a campaign that has gain logic, fear to remind someone to take the next step, make sure you use it in an automation sequence that understands when someone does take action.


Because it leads to a poor experience for you to send that logic, trying to try to make them feel stupid if they already took action at the gain, right? If you’re sending out logic and fear, it’s pointless, and it could lead to a very negative experience if you send out any of the other reminders.


And another cool way to do this is also through Messenger Bots like Facebook Messenger Bots. Or you can do it with Manychat where if they get a specific tag if they get tagged with completing the next objective, you can have the Messenger Bot stop sending out these Facebook Messenger automations, and that’s about it.


So if you want to double your sales or double your appointments, go ahead and implement this gain, logic, fear strategy so that way you can see a boost in your next objective. And that’s it for now. Hopefully, I’ll catch you at the next episode.


What emails and Messenger messages are you using? Feel free to send it to us in the community channel, the community group. Just go ahead and go to and we’ll go ahead and share and learn from each other so that way we can keep expanding and making our game that much better. All right, talk to you soon.


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author: Carlos Vazquez

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