The Biggest Mistake Everyone Makes With Their Funnels With Christopher Gaudreau

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People come in thinking that they’re the experts, but when they come to me and I tell him, okay, great, okay, send me the blueprint. That question always throws him off and then it humbles them.

00:00 Carlos: Does that answer your question if you have one?

00:03 Christopher: I think it did. Yeah.

00:03 Carlos: Look I’m not, I’m not, I got here too, but Sunday was my haircut day. You know what it’s like really weird because everytime I wear a hat this little lining shows up does it mean I’m balding?

00:13 Christopher: It does. Yeah.

00:15 Carlos: It’s like it’s weird. It’s only where it had though.

00:18 Christopher: Life is over now.

00:21  Introduction: Welcome to the digital marketing secrets show with Carlos A. Vazquez where we share actionable strategies and tactics to grow businesses no matter what industry you’re in. Now your host, Carlos A. Vazquez.

00:39 Carlos: Well I wanted to, I wanted to bring you on board today because I wanted to talk about the Facebook group thing because my, my podcast is all about digital marketing secrets and tips and tactics people can use to grow their businesses using digital. And uh, you know, you, you run the funnel architects Facebook group, which I used to be an admin for, but now I got kicked out so I no longer want to talk to you anymore. So I don’t know why we’re even here. I guess I have to keep the conversation going.

01:08 Christopher: Well, it’s probably because you kinda want your way back into a position of power, which I understand completely. But, um, I just couldn’t be associated with somebody who is obviously now balding.

01:23 Carlos: Alright, you’d come back and it laughed me, it laughed me. Alright man. So I prepared questions for you, which I think I sent it to you. And if I didn’t send it to you, um, then I’m stuck because I don’t remember sending it anywhere. So I’m just going to go on the fly. We’re just going to go do this. And, and uh, I wanted to talk about how someone can start their own Facebook group and make it as big as you have. And, and I’d like for you to share everything you can so people could just copy all of your idea so they can do it themselves. And that way

02:02 Christopher: Oh okay.

02:02 Carlos: And get all the original credit for it. So can you, would you be willing to do, and then of course I’m going to put you on my show so that way I don’t have to come up with the content myself and other people can hear this stuff and you know, I just come to just skate off of your hard work. Is that cool?

02:17 Christopher: That’s a good plan.

02:19 Carlos: Thanks, man. So first things first, who is your daddy and what does he do? Who are you and what do you do bro?

02:29 Christopher: So, um, I do a lot of things, probably like a lot of entrepreneurs out there, but um, I built funnels, but more importantly than building them, I help folks plan the funnels, which, uh, is something I stole from you, I believe way back when it all began.

02:51 Christopher: This is just coming around full circle.

02:53 Carlos: Drinking water when you said that, I’m almost choked on it. And now I remember, yeah, I showed you. I showed you my, my Gliffy board and you being, you being the, the Entrepreneur Bill Gates. You, you, Bill Gates-ted me to my and I, Steve Jobs-ted you, I guess.

03:12 Christopher: Yeah. Yep. I just made it fresher. That’s all I did. Now, so it goes back to I think 2015 when we connected. And, um, I was in a not great bass financially. I had just lost a job as a marketing director at a local, um, the family of medical practices and I was home, uh, I had moved into apartment to try to save money to then go and find a good place to live because I had this fancy marketing director job and I lost the job.

03:45 Christopher: So I was stuck and it was in a bad place. And I just remember in this tiny apartment, my family and my kids at, at the, uh, at the kitchen slash dining room table, I’m saying, what, you know, what am I going to do? Um, I had just, I had just a dove into the world of funnels at that time or you know, as far as funnels as we know them, a series of pages where people can, um, you know, opt in and be sold and upsold and downsold and cross-sells and all that kind of stuff.

04:18 Christopher: Uh, I was just getting into that and I was making funnels for people and I was talking to you, you’re helping me out with some of the tech stuff at the time of learning the, the ActiveCampaign. Um, I, uh, I think I was working for ClickFunnels at least for a few months at that time.

04:37 Christopher: And I just started a group about the importance of planning the funnels before you go and build them. Because that was part of my process in selling what it is that I was going to do for somebody was look, here is the opt in page and then it goes to a sales page and then it goes to this page and we’re going to have an email and here’s what’s going to be inside each page. Hey, why don’t you give me your, uh, images that you have and what you want it to say. Then I was, I was creating this diagram in this plan, um, just as a way to say, hey, here’s what I’m going to do. Uh, do you want to give me money now so that I can do that? That’s, that’s kinda how, that’s kinda how it began. And then it’s, it’s changed a lot since then, of course.

05:23 Carlos: Dude, you, I stumbled upon you, um, because I was, I was always building these maps. These, these blueprints on doing the things and then I found a Google slide that had this really cool architect blue background and it just looked fancy. I’m thinking, oh my God, I just stole somebody’s awesome funnel map system.

05:47 Carlos: And, and then I see, I see this name. I’m like, I recognize that name. I don’t, I don’t know who it is. It turned out that you’re the creator of this funnel blueprint thing. Like you know, you started a movement without even trying to start a movement right when it comes to these maps. Right?

06:05 Christopher: Yeah. So I had spent a long time creating a few of my own little, little icons, you know, an icon for different types of pages and social media icons and put it all, I had a couple of iterations, but I think the first one might have been a Google draw document. And I just laid out, I put this corny, uh, blueprint, you know, grid style background on the back of that.

06:28 Christopher: I think I divided it up into a couple of sections like the um, the attraction, engage, and so sections and you could, you could move a slide those sections, uh, around. And then the icons are sort of outside the canvas and the gutter area on either side. And I spent a while just like creating these icons and putting it together and use that as my lead magnet to start the group.

06:52 Christopher: So I would say, um, I think I made a little optin funnel and say, Hey, if you want this opt in. And then at the back end of that it was um, hey, you can go join, join the group where people are using this thing and, and creating diagrams. So that really helped in the beginning.

07:07 Christopher: Um, and when I would post in other groups, ClickFunnels group, some other groups that I was in, um, hey, I have this thing for diagramming out blueprints. It, it got a lot of attention at first because there was no software out at the time that was specifically dedicated to diagramming your funnel or your marketing process. So it really, it really got some attention in the beginning and really sort of kicked off the membership of the group.

07:33 Carlos: A lot of, a lot of, uh, like major, I don’t know about major players, but a lot of people that have already generated millions of dollars teaching marketing were using your blueprint.

07:42 Christopher: There were some, yeah

07:44 Carlos: There were actually using your blueprint because they would map out their strategy on your blueprint and they never actually gave you credit for it because I guess you really didn’t, you really didn’t, uh, put yourself out there.

07:56 Christopher: We didn’t license it or anything like that. No, I was just kind of using it to, to attract people into the group. Um, there was, uh, Scott Oldford had asked me permission to use some of the imagery, but then I started seeing it pop up everywhere else too. But I was fine with that and I’ve explicitly said to folks, yeah, use this picture of your diagram. It, use it in your own marketing process or whatever it is that you’re going to do. Um, but you know, opt in to get it or come into my group. And uh, it took, it took a few iterations from there.

08:28 Christopher: So it went from, it went from being a Google drawing, drawing document, whatever, however you say that into being a Google slide show was I think the second iteration of that. So it was the same thing. It was just done on a Google slide, but then it had the option of all these other slides underneath it. So you could click on the icon, turn it into a link, it would link down to and associated slide where you could then put in some more information about that thing.

08:57 Christopher: So if it was you clicked on the optin page icon in your top slide, um, you can, it would link down and bring up a slide about that opt in page where you could maybe put the copy there, the image is there, um, the, the Facebook pixel or whatever it is that you needed to keep track of or put information there.

09:15 Christopher: And the idea being, you would use this for planning and you would, you would put everything in there that actually needed to be there before handing it off to someone to build the funnels, uh, so that they would actually have everything that they needed before they had to open up their software and start building so that they could build quickly and save time, save money, save frustration.

09:37 Christopher: Um, you and I worked, uh, as together as subcontractors, um, for a, for an agency where you were building the funnels, emails, automations, pages, all that. And I was in there as sort of a client facing project manager and my job then was to use this thing that I had created to gather all this information and pass it over to you, uh, so that you would have all the pieces in place so that you could build and turn around in the time where you had promised, I think it was like two weeks or something like that.

10:09 Carlos: Yeah, I, um, I, without that plan, I don’t even work. I don’t even start working with a client. It’s the most underrated component for building up a marketing system. Truly. I um, I

10:25 Christopher: No matter what you use

10:26 Carlos: What was that?

10:27 Christopher: No matter what you use to gather the information, you at least need it all somewhere. And I’m a very visual person. I think you are, too. And a lot of people are to have it visually and then where you can zoom in to one particular thing and get everything that you need. I think it’s a big help.

10:42 Carlos: I get people coming to me, “Hey Carlos, I need a funnel. I need a sales funnel for this. I need a funnel for that.” And now I say, okay, great. Send me your blueprint, send me your funnel blueprint. And nine times out of 10, I want to say if it was possible, 99% of the time someone will say, I don’t have one.

11:04 Carlos: Can I tell people, look, that’s where we should begin. We should go ahead and have a session where we map out your structure, your strategy. So that way we know exactly what needs to get built out to include the funnel pages, the emails, the links, the pixels, everything, everything, everything. And then when people realize that there’s a cost behind that, they’re like, whoa, wait a minute. This isn’t just, you can’t just build my funnel was like, no, I can’t. It’s kind of like trying to construct a building without a blueprint. It’s, it’s, you need someone to come up with a plan.

11:33 Carlos: The advantage you have with me is that not only am I the architect, but I’m also the contractor that construct the entire building and manage the entire marketing process. So that’s where I leverage and I, I have a good time. And you know, I, I had so much value with it. So it’s like that planning phase really is underrated, but when you try build it without one, that’s where you see you’ve, you’ve, you, you screw up really, really bad. So, I mean..

12:02 Christopher: Especially if you’re building for clients, if you’re, if you’re putting something together on your own, it’s, I guess you can jump in, you can wing it, you can enjoy the process. You know, you can do the parts that you want to do and you know, uh, but if, if you’re working for a client, it’s, it’s really gotta be two Spec what they need. And even if they say they don’t really care or they don’t have an opinion about X, Y, Z, they really do.

12:27 Christopher: And they will when you’re done. So you may as well get it upfront and get the plan solidified before you, um, before you open everything up. I mean, I’m hoping more people will do what you have done and require the plan, uh, and that’s sort of become the mission if there is one, two funnel architects is that more people need to be doing this.

12:49 Christopher: It, it needs to be a required process by anybody who is offering marketing services. I think in general as a pretty broad category and statement, but it all needs to be planned out. It all has to be information gathered and centralized, um, and in a visual way if possible. Uh, and the visual ways, just the cleanest, clearest way to communicate across, you know, different teams from agency to client. Uh, you know, different cultures. Having that visual communication I think is very, very key. And as you said with just like with a real building, if there was no blueprint, there’s not a builder who’s going to touch it.

13:31 Carlos: Right. I mean I agree with you, the blueprint and now with the way technology is, you can map it all out, share this file with everyone. Everyone knows everything that they’re looking at. Plus each component is hyperlinked to the, that deliverable, that page, the email, whatever the case is. So that way when I deliver my projects, not only do I build it in their system, but the blueprint is basically the deliverable.

13:57 Carlos: Look, this is the deliverable. You can actually see this stuff by clicking on the links and you can, you don’t have to worry about looking through this list of links. Plus, I mean I delivered a list of links as well. It just adds more value so people can understand that there’s some type of tangible assets that’s digital and that blueprint really serves it. So you get to really plan it all out, show people what it takes to build it.

14:21 Carlos: And, and when you deliver the project, everything is hyperlinked, ready to go. I used to do these things for free and I actually started doing I, I recently, I would say last year I started charging for it and the demand was there. I’m, I mean it started with fiber, really fiber. I was building these strategies, these blueprints for people and then I would get these people and they will see this complicated system in their eyes because they don’t know anything about all the details behind it.

14:51 Carlos: And then they’re like, okay, cool, Carlos, can you build it for me? Which was what led to a sale.

14:58 Christopher: Yep.

14:58 Carlos: Then, I went to go create a funnel, a funnel gig in fiber, but it always ended up I wanted to provide a five star service. I wanted to make sure everyone gave me great reviews and the only way I was able to do this to make sure that everything was on a table to know exactly what they expected for me to deliver.

15:14 Carlos: So I’m thinking, okay, I have the funnel blueprint. Let me go ahead and see if this is a gig. So I charged 50 bucks for it and people were buying it like it was too many people buying it. Okay. That was a problem. And then

15:26 Christopher: Yeah, there was, I remember it

15:29 Carlos: Their fiber was telling me, “Hey you, since you’re a fiber pro, you have to start your pricing at 100 bucks.” I’m thinking, alright, sure. So I put it 100 bucks and still people were buying it because people were realizing that they didn’t know how to start their, their funnel. And then I said, damn, I’m still getting 20 sales supplying them in. I need to go ahead and minimize these sales. I’m spending too much time working on these things. So I upped it to 150. Sure enough people still buy, bought it. So then I went ahead and I went, okay, now let me see if I cut down the time for 30 minutes of my time.

16:04 Carlos: Uh, you get, uh, for 200 bucks you get 30 minutes session where we get to map out everything for you. We basically do it for 30 minutes and then people were still buying. I’m thinking, okay, this is actually a hot thing. It’s just they don’t come to me for the plan. They come to me with the funnel, but when they realize that you can’t go in the funnel without the plan, then they see the value and then I made it a point to in the session, not only map out the, the the strategy, but give them a process on what the offers will be for each funnel component.

16:34 Carlos: Then I give them a list of all the software I recommend to do it and then there’s extras. I can get the session recorded for video and that’s an extra, get the audio recorded. That’s an extra, if you want me to do a competitive analysis where I download all the keywords your competitor is, is using for their sales.

16:53 Carlos: These are all lectures and it’s all just because of the blueprinting planning session and if you, now, if I did it for free, which I did, people never saw the value. I don’t know why it’s just human psychology, but when people pay they are like, they think it’s the best thing they ever purchased and they know now they have a plan to actually get rocking and rolling.

17:15 Carlos: So I know that this session was supposed to start out about Facebook ads

17:19 Christopher: Facebook groups

17:20 Carlos: Facebook groups. But it ended up becoming a blueprinting thing. I mean you’ve made me realize I took it for granted, I do this every day, but I didn’t realize that this is that this is actually, this is actually a big deal

17:34 Christopher: It’s good because if, if um, if people want to continue this conversation afterwards, they can go join the Facebook group, see what that’s all about as well. Um, cause it is what it is, what the group is about. And I think, um, going back to the blueprinting thing, I think you hit the nail on the head as far as when people pay, they actually put more value into it or there pay attention cause that’s something they’re invested too. Um, and I started making that a big part of what I do as well.

18:03 Christopher: And you took the fiber out. You kinda up to the pricing from there. For me, um, I was, um, working with and consulting for lead pages and drip and they had asked me to do some diagrams and some planning for them. And at one time, this was years ago, they were going to actually offer a service to build some funnels and they signed a few people onto that had purchased the service already. Um, and I think they sold it for somewhere around 7,000 and then they didn’t want to do them and they would change directions or whatever.

18:37 Christopher: So since I was already talking to them and I was doing this kind of thing for them, um, they sort of handed those over to me and I thought I was like, okay, how much would I charge for, you know, comparative to what they were going to build and what they’re asking. And I knew what their price point was. I was like, can you really charge that much? Because up until then I was like 300 bucks, 500 bucks for funnel.

19:02 Christopher: Um, and then, you know, my, my expertise was building and growing. So I thought, okay, well I do this whole planning thing and I know that lead pages isn’t gonna do any of that. Um, they were just building whatever the client wanted. I guess I didn’t really look too deep into it, but I thought, okay, I have these two phases. Um, which we got or which I got when I was working with you for that other, um, other agency that we were with said they had broken it into I think three phases. So I said, okay, I have these two phases, I have a planning phase and we have a building phase you’re going to take about a munch, munch, munch a month, each planning phase, building phase.

19:44 Christopher: And um, and I thought, okay, so you, you charge 7,000. Since I’m offering more value here, I’m just going to go ahead and bump it up a little bit to, uh, to 8,000 and I’m going to break it up. And they do month one is 4,000 for this planning and one, two will be about 4,000 for the building. So the planning actually included though, um, more than than you would expect it. Just the diagram because it actually included page mockups. It included, um, market research and consulting and, but just a bunch of things together so that by the time, I mean it really took them from, they know nothing about their business at all to having a complete plan to market their business and generate leads and sales.

20:33 Christopher: Um, so it was avatar research, it was all of that stuff. And so I completed all that for them in the planning phase. And then when I found too same, same things, what you found is that plan, since they were invested in time and money, um, and everything that I gathered together for them as far as research, as far as copy, as far as design made me the expert at to call the decisions.

21:01 Christopher: I did the research, I did the planning, I did all that. So I was going to make the calls when it came to funnel building. Now, prior to doing all of this, the client would always end up taking control of the project and wanting to approve or not approve or change the plan because there’s all these other marketers in their ear, right? You got Russell Brunson and a thousand others that they’ve signed up for, especially if you made them go get click funnels or something.

21:27 Christopher: So they’re getting all of this, all of these ideas. So they want to come. They want to say, um, well, I, I want to do this kind of phone call because I saw it in tons of people are doing it. And so they would always, you know, interfere. But with the planning phase and all this commitment that they had financially and timewise and you being the one that had that had done it all, um, it flipped the client relationship back around to how it’s meant to be. You being the expert and allowed you to maintain control over the project, through the building phase, which is that another huge, um, underrated benefit to what planning can do for you.

22:05 Christopher: Because so many people drop price, they lose out on their margin, they lose the project and mess it up completely. They lose clients and anger them completely. The ruin their reputation completely because they weren’t able to maintain control of project. Um, then there’s all kinds of finger pointing, but really you can maintain control of the project and keep that authority if you have this whole planning process in the beginning.

22:30 Carlos: You know what my clients, I, I agree with you. My clients, the people I’ve worked with, they think that they come to me because they’ve read, they’ve, they’ve experienced, they’ve heard someone say, “Hey, I’ve heard this is great. I’ve read, this is awesome. I’ve seen this person generally these type of results. I want to do the same exact thing.”

22:46 Carlos: So they come in thinking that they are the experts, but when they come to me and I tell him, okay, great, okay, send me the blueprint. That question always throws him off and then it humbles them. It puts them in a position where we’re like, well, I didn’t, I didn’t even think that far. And I’m like, okay, well that’s where we need to start

23:07 Christopher: To think I’m not ready.

23:08 Carlos: Yeah. When you hit him with that wall, they realize, okay, you’re not the expert because you haven’t even done the most basic part and it’s not their fault really. It’s really not their fault. They’ve been sold on this success story that they can basically duplicate themselves and they think that, I don’t need to do any thinking. I just got to go ahead and do that. And the expert will say, okay, cool, I’ll do it. Send me the blueprint, send me the Carfax, you know, whatever. I just said, send it to me and that’s making it. Let’s make the real decision here.

23:38 Carlos: And then when they see that, they slow their roll, they realize that they’re not the expert and then they, they people appreciate someone putting them in their place. Because one, I’ve heard this over and over, and I, if you, if you feel like you’re the smartest person in the room, you’re in the wrong room. Right. And that’s, that’s basically what we ended up doing to them. Hey, you’re not the smartest person in the room.

23:59 Carlos: If you were so good, you’d be doing it yourself. This is why you’re coming to me. And that plan, that’s simple little thing. Just turn out to be the the biggest reason why I closed more deals. And then when they see it, they get to see a visual and they’re like, wow, this is exactly what I was missing. It literally is like that missing piece for them to build their stuff. Because the moment you start building a funnel, they clone a funnel. They’re like, okay, now it’s always, now what? How do I do this? How to do that? Well, because you didn’t plan it all out. You didn’t, you didn’t think it through. And, and now this is how we’re going to make you the hero in your story that this is the piece you’re missing and I’m going to give it to you. That’s it.

24:33 Carlos: And this is what I do every day. So yeah, man. So then you stumbled upon the whole blueprinting process. You credit your whole thing, then you got some ideas, a high basically that you can monetize it for me. And then you actually started doing it for all these other businesses. And then so what is your group specifically all about? What’s the Facebook group covering? What do you..

24:52 Christopher: So now there’s a, there’s a big focus on the blueprints themselves. Um, since the, the group has started in 2015 there has been, uh, released a number of different, what I would call “blueprinting software.”

25:09 Christopher: Um, each have their own, I guess little special ability. But to me the main components that you’re blueprinting software it needs to have is not only to make a diagram, which you could use the whiteboard for or Google draw or anything else, but also too, like we said, collect information, keep it in an organized fashion, but also keep in mind that you’re going to be building the project. So your blueprint is going to be used for project management. So I’m using one now who is also now a client of mine called market plan. And I know you’re not using market plan. That’s okay.

25:46 Carlos: I have it, I have it because you know me, I’m a big, um, I

25:49 Christopher: Liked everything, yeah.

25:50 Christopher: Um, but this one actually allows you to create tasks. And since I can do that on the diagram, I can create a task for, you know, the optin page. “Hey, write copy and assign it to the copywriter” and then they can create a task, “Hey build page and assign it to the page builder” or you can do it, you know, um, sub phases of your building phase as well.

26:13 Christopher: Lots of different ways that you can roll that out. But I use it to not only have the blueprint, but I use that blueprint to manage the build project. Um, there are software out there that will do some elements of that and maybe not task specifically, but allow you to hold some information there or at least put links there that can link out to Google documents or something like that. But whatever it is you want to do. But um, but yeah, what was the question again?

26:42 Carlos: No, I just thought I just got realized I started getting more ideas about how to make a bad ass. A funnel blueprinting software and, and I know that market plan, but I got market plan because I saw the vision and size, I’m addicted to lifetime deal. So anyways, I, and one of the things that really kept your my, my attention from, that’s the name of the website is that you have the ability to track performance of a campaign, like the actual conversion rates. You could just see how much traffic was sent to a page and then

27:10 Christopher: Coming soon, yeah.

27:12 Carlos: So that was one thing. I know a lot of the systems are lacking and I know they’re still trying to figure it out, but that was one thing that they mentioned that sold me because if I could just go ahead and open up a funnel blueprint that has all the links to each component, each asset, and not only that, but it has a link to the editing version of the page plus the published version of the page.

27:35 Carlos:  It gives you two separate links and then you get to look at the numbers and report. I was like, man, this is all I need. Like, I don’t, I don’t even need to open up three different software. I just opened up all in one and I can have a conversation with my client, letting them actually feel like I know what I’m talking about. Well I have to stumble upon a bunch of different pieces of software.

27:55 Carlos: So I know has a bunch of room to grow. But I saw a lot of promise in it and I now the lifetime deal I got, I wish I got a lot more projects because it was just kind of pricey for me. I spend more than average. I asked for like 250 bucks and I think it was like 20 projects total. But the dose could be my active projects from my active clients. I don’t have to always create for everyone instead of market. That’s how I thought about using it.

28:21 Christopher: Yeah, they’re my clients. So I just have that, you know, unlimited number. It’s an endless scrolling of my, uh, my personal projects and client projects that are in there. Um, but when the, the tracking feature that you were talking about is, uh, you know, they’re still finishing up. It will be released soon. Um, that’s going to be big.

28:44 Christopher: But the other thing that it has in there is the ability to do projections, which is, you know, you’ve, you’ve set up your funnel, you can assume you’re going to get a specific number of traffic or amount of traffic.

29:00 Christopher: And if you could do that and you can put your products in there and the prices in there, it’ll actually give you a projections about, um, you know, how much, how much money you can expect to make or you know, could you put your advertising budget in there? You put your conversion rates in there. It could be as conservative as you want to, but that’s a really good selling tool as well. Uh, when it comes, when it comes time to, um, to sell it to the next phase of building.

29:24 Carlos: That’s exciting. I mean it’s, I, what I would like to see from Market Plan is, is maybe a section and unlimited section to create blueprints, but then another section for all of those management things work that that can be an active contract, like an active retainer client that you can convert it into a, I don’t know what the name would be, but basically a tracking client, someone that’s worth tracking because they’re paying you a retainer fee for it.

29:51 Carlos:  I’m not going to keep every client like that because I’m not going to track all their stuff. But, uh, if there was a way to separate all my blueprinting from actual management clients, that’d be, I think I’d use it every day for that because I don’t need everyone on market plan because I’m not going to manage other, their campaigns like that.

30:10  Carlos: So Market Plan is very promising. I know that I started off with Gliffy. That was my tool and I liked it because it, it was nice and easy to connect to things and I download a bunch of icons that I uploaded it. Um, and it had the grid background, which I like to help blueprinting thing. It’s just so basic, that little stupid little background, but it was cool.

30:31 Carlos: And then I’ve upgraded to a different software called RealTime Board and RealTime Board isn’t a funnel software. However, do you remember funnel flows?

30:41 Christopher: Yeah

30:41 Carlos: I download and upload all of those icons into it and I had to create some custom icons and RealTime Board has been my favorite one because you’ve not only get to, not only get to build the blueprints, but you get the ability to, um, put the web address of the funnel page and you know

30:56 Christopher: When it’s done

30:57 Carlos: Inside of the funnel page, like inside of the blueprints. So it’s like you don’t even need to go to the page itself. You don’t want to, it’s going to show you everything. All I want. You can print it all out and whatever. One of the components that I loved from RealTime Board and Market Plan, I’m sold on it because of the reporting features.

31:14 Carlos: So there’s still, it’s still room for everyone to grow. Maybe we could come up with our own freaking thing that, and you know, now that we’re getting even more experienced with the everything that we’re doing, but, um,

31:26 Christopher: It’s a growing space. Like I said, new software come out all within the past couple of years. Uh, Market Plant is less than a year old. Um, there’s ways to do it yourself, like you said. Um, so one of the biggest components of the, the group now is giving away these blueprints. So I’ll create a diagram based on, um, you know, something I’ve seen or something I’ve done, or I’ll interview somebody like this and talk about their funnel and what they’ve done and then make a blueprint that, um, that can go with it. So a lot of times that can be just the diagram itself, but it could also include, um, the pages and emails of, um, of who it is I’m interviewing.

32:12 Christopher: We did one for DigitalMarketer that was available in there where you can actually, you can see the diagram of the others market plan yet. Um, but we did one for DigitalMarketer where you could actually see, um, when you click on a page icon, the page that is live now, because we put the link in, uh, and then you could click on the email icon and see the actual copy from the emails that they’re using. So give you a good, uh, research piece to use as well. Or a demonstration piece if you want to go and try to sell that kind of a funnel or a project to a new client.

32:51 Carlos: Man, I did, this one has does have a lot of promise, man. It’s, it might be too powerful because of how, how in depth it goes. But um, I see it, I mean, I totally see it. You have the plan version. Oh look at, you know what the plan versions should be unlimited plans and then lives should be the, the, the caps where you have certain line.

33:17 Christopher: Well what it is, that’s a, that’s a toggle for um, turning off, being able to see the conversion points there

33:24 Carlos: Right.

33:24 Christopher: Whether you’re putting it in plan mode or seeing, plan mode would be seeing the projected, uh, conversion points and then live would be the actual tracking once that’s finished and then you could just turn it off too if you want to clean it up a little bit and just get to look at the pages and icons.

33:40 Carlos: It’s man, this is through, it’s just so cool. It’s so freaking, it’s, I’m a, I’m a geek man, so I love, you know, I’ve always loved this kind of stuff, man. Being able to kind of show that and people love seeing this. Like they’d love seeing the blueprint and they have not met one person that has, that has ever seen this online. I think maybe one person, but I have met one, I’ve not really met anybody that has not looked at their blueprints of men. This is not this exactly what I needed.

34:07 Carlos: Like everyone has talked to me, they say this is exactly what I needed. I knew what I wanted to do in my head, but now that I see it on paper, I can see exactly, I can communicate it to my team and I can see us. Um, alright. So you share a bunch of different blueprints in the group, in the Facebook group?

34:22 Christopher: Yeah. So if we want to talk about keeping your, your group engaged, um, you, there’s, first of all, there’s people with a lot more engagement than I have in a lot bigger Facebook groups that I have like way, way bigger. Um, I haven’t devoted all my time and energy to the group because I do some group stuff for clients, like Market Plan as well.

34:46 Christopher: Um, and I just haven’t found it just, just to be upfront. I come and go, I’ll go through phases of a few months where I’m getting a lot of engagement and new members and then I’ll just kind of duck out for a little bit and not say anything. And it goes, it goes a little bit of a little quiet. But when I want to jump in and, and ramp up engagement, I, I do know how to do that. So, um, and it’s, it’s not magical or glorious or even automated, uh, yet.

35:14 Christopher: But if you can create a blueprint, well I create blueprints. If you run your own Facebook groups, we’ll do whatever’s going to work for you as the lead magnet. And just ask, put up a post and ask if people want that lead magnet and have them comment below. This is the kind of thing that gets most engagement. Uh, and I try to try to keep using that technique to, um, to keep the engagement up and put one of those out maybe once a week. If I do it for a couple of weeks in a row, I’ll start not being able to actually keep up with how many people are requesting.

35:51 Christopher: There’s about, there’s just over 4,000 people in there now. Um, so if I, if I put one up, I can keep, keep up with it. If I put another one up, I can still maintain and keep up with it. Once I get about three or four in, I’m struggling because the engagement is still going and more people are still seeing it. Um, yeah because you have to do it manually. You have to go into the comments, comment on their comment to keep up the engagement and then actually click to message them and then send them a link to, uh, to opt in or whatever. So, um, yeah, it’s a lot. It’s a manual work.

36:28 Carlos: It’s a lot of work. No, for sure man. Uh, and you know what, although, although I agree that there are, there are some groups that have massive, massive of people in it. But you know, we’ve got to put into perspective how many people actually care about planning funnels. I think you have the majority of

36:44 Christopher: Of the audience?

36:47 Carlos: Yeah if ClickFunnels., if ClickFunnels has an audience of over 100,000 these are people that have click funnels, they have fun, they want to build a funnel for their business. But all of those 100,000 only a small percentage are actually the smart one that are planning it out or, or doing this as a business.

37:02 Carlos: So you, you had to put that into perspective. I think you have the biggest group out of all when it comes to planning out a proper funnel. So you, you, you can’t sell yourself short on that one and don’t, don’t, I had to bring you back to reality though. I, you know what, maybe you didn’t know that you just want to keep the humble but you do have you know and,

37:23 Christopher: And just recently, um, probably, uh, probably not for the last time, I’m remotivated to jump out to jump back in there and add up the engagement and um, and sort some things out. So I would always have, uh, oh man over the years there’s been different, um, things happening in the group. And then even outside of the group, like I made a Facebook page just so I could get a Facebook group butt going, but I didn’t really keep the page engaged and then I messed it up and I did some, I did some, a gray hat stuff with my page to get a bunch of likes in and I ran some ads to like third world countries and so

38:04 Carlos: Yeah I remember that, we, we, we both did that one. So

38:06 Christopher: It’s been a learning process. Yeah, it’s been a learning process.

38:08 Carlos: And now they don’t do that. Not, not Facebook see, that’s the trick. Marketers, when we try to do something, we learn it and then we ruin it and we abuse it. We’ve used it till we ruin it. And that strategy has been ruined because now Facebook will penalize you if you even add the words “Click Like” or whatever.

38:26 Christopher: Oh really?

38:26 Carlos: Yeah. They penalize you and they’ll know. They’ll put you at the bottom. They’ll, they’ll increase your pricing as far as your Facebook constantly.

38:33 Christopher: There are courses that you had to actually pay for it to get that piece of information. Right?

38:37 Carlos: Yup.

38:38 Christopher: That’s the biggest piece of information.

38:39 Carlos: I hate it and I love it because I hate the fact that, damn, I just learned something new. And I love it because if we dot the people that can’t keep changing it, keep changing things up. So

38:49 Christopher: Yeah.

38:50 Carlos: Alright man. So I, I, um, I wanted to challenge you on something here because this is my way, my rave. The word “lead magnet,” I think has been ruined. I don’t know if you’ve ever seen my videos. Lead magnets are no longer those free things you give away like just like that I call those are “FREE IRRESISTIBLE OFFER” because a lead magnet implies the person is ready to be a lead.

39:12 Carlos: Now what is a lead? A lead is someone that has expressed interest in hiring you or buying something from you. So, and here’s how I came up with this whole thing because I was a marine corps recruiter and as a marine corps recruiter, when someone told me, hey, I have a lead for you.

39:29 Carlos: In my mind I’m thinking this is someone that probably wants to join the marines. On the other hand, it was just someone that filled out a piece of paper because they wanted to get a shirt

39:39 Christopher: Right.

39:41 Carlos: So I was like, this is not a lead, this is not a lead. This is just a prospect. This is someone that potentially could be interested in talking to me, but these people are not ready to talk to me. So whenever we had this, this, this, this entire folder and the folder, it was basically every name of every high school student. The activity of cold calling. We called it prospecting. We were prospecting to find someone that could be interested in calling. So lead magnet, in my opinion now, after going through my experience and ruin, marketers ruining everything, I realized a lead magnet should only be something that implies this person is considering hiring you or buying from you.

40:22 Carlos: So I lead magnet in me, in my eyes is a pricing sheets, a calendar booking system, a contact me form, because these are people that are only going to sign this if they’re actually considering talking to you for a sale. If they’re downloading something, they don’t care about talking to you right now. They just want to know how they can solve the problem themselves.

40:42 Carlos: So that’s a FREE IRRESISTIBLE OFFER. They want to download it because it’s irresistible. So that’s, that’s where I’m, I’m disrupting the market and unintentionally because I’m tired of people telling me, hey, I got a lead for you. No Dude, you don’t got a lead for me. You got, you just got, depends on the front what of this. But it’s at least someone that wants to talk to me. You remember, you remember Glen, Gary, Glen, Gary, Glen Ross. Have you seen that movie?

41:08 Christopher: No.

41:08 Carlos: Okay. Glen Gary. Glen Ross is like the ultimate sales motivational movie, one of the most motivational and the other one’s boiler room. So anyway, and of course the Wolf of Wall Street. So Glen, Gary, Glen Ross, Alec Baldwin does his phenomenal scene where he’s there to motivate all the sales guys. And

41:26 Christopher: Oh yes I’ve seen the scene.

41:27  Carlos: Okay, well that’s the secret I’m talking about. He comes with these pink little sheets and then this one person says, I’ve got the whatever leads, whatever. These were people basically were the ones that want to talk to someone to buy a property, but they don’t want to waste these leads are people that can close. So there was one person that says, well, the leads are garbage because they’re thinking in their heads, these people are supposed to be people I want to talk. No, it means that they weren’t getting leads, they were getting prospects that just hooked potentially by.

41:58 Carlos: So that’s why the whole lead magnet I think has been ruined for now. And I, yeah, I’m just going to going to plant that seed. I probably going to mess you up with that one. But that’s how I’m disrupting the market because lead magnets are not what they used to be back then. You create this ebook and people give you an email address. And then when I, when I would tell a client, hey dude, I got you a hundred leads, they’re like, none of these are freaking leads. None of the people want to talk to me. Every time I call them, they just hang up the phone on me. I’m thinking, okay, maybe the word lead is being is very misleading because

42:26 Christopher: Contacts

42:27  Carlos: These are contacts because they’re just prospects. These are people that are, are, they fit the avatar, but they’re not interested in your services and no one wants to call someone to sell. They want to talk to someone to answer questions that they have about the sale.

42:42 Carlos: So that’s how I’m, I’m changing it up a bit, man. And, and I think that your map was a free irresistible offer. If people want to download because it was perfect, but they don’t want to hire you. They don’t want to be, I don’t want you to pitch them anything. Only when they’re a lead. Don’t want to be pitched dude.

42:58 Carlos: Alright. So then how can people reach out to you bro?

43:01 Christopher: Well, you can find the group Funnel Architects, Facebook group

43:06 Carlos: The only funnel architects group in Facebook,

43:09 Christopher: That’s for sure. And I’m working on finishing up the website. So maybe by the time you released this, that’s going to take me a couple of more days.

43:18  Carlos: No, no I release episode Friday or tomorrow.

43:21 Christopher: Oh, okay. You’ll be, you’ll be ahead of me. You’ll be ahead of me. But it’ll be FunnelArchitects.Pro. There is something on there now, but uh, it’s not what I want it to be, but that’s, um, that’s coming out. That’ll be another way to, to, to reach me and see the free blueprints, the premium blueprints or, uh, to contact me for blueprinting services as well.

43:41  Carlos: Gotcha, man. Alright, my brother, thank you so much, man. I’m gonna upload this as soon as possible. I’ll send it to you so you could pass it off to a group. And, um,

43:48 Christopher: Alright.

43:48 Carlos: I, uh, I always appreciate hanging out with your bruh.

43:52 Christopher: Yeah, it’s been good.

43:56  Closing: Thanks for listening to the digital marketing secrets show with Carlos A. Vazquez. Want to join the exclusive digital marketing community? Of course, you do! Make sure to visit us at for more info. See you soon!




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