This Is How Real Estate Agents Generate New Motivated Sellers

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Getting seller leads regularly is one of the key factors to thrive in the real estate industry.

But to work with motivated sellers ensures that your real estate career would be a huge success.

So, how can you possibly generate new motivated sellers?

There are simple ways, my friend.

First, you have to build relationships with your target market.

And second, you must provide value to them.

Simple, right?

BUT BEFORE ANYTHING ELSE, you should do some hard work in creating your foundation and there are another two things to consider:

1) Know your target audience

Like in any field of business, you should analyze the market.

You should know where they are hiding, what they will buy as well as their buying behavior.

Creating a customer avatar persona or ideal characteristics of your target market is critical to make sure your goods or services will be displayed in front of the right audience.

Therefore, giving you a higher chance of getting customers and eventually, advocates.

Below is a sample worksheet on how you can map out the ideal characteristics of your target audience.

Via DigitalMarketer  

2) Know how your content strategy will be implemented

Since we’re now living in the world of digital marketing, it’s now impractical to deal only in physical selling — you should start marketing online.

Otherwise, you’ll surely be left behind in the competition.

This part is a mix of strategies including the creation of high-converting landing pages, social media marketing, emails, sales letter, blog, etc.

Observing the said two factors above can make the two simple ways of generating motivated sellers a success.

Relationship Building

As mentioned, it would be impractical for most businesses today to deal only in physical selling.

Today’s trend is online marketing or also known as digital marketing and one of the key factors to implement a successful one is building relationships.

In case you didn’t know, it can tremendously give you a broad range of customers if done right.

Here are the things that can help you grow your relationships:

1) Creating a seller landing page

Landing pages are designed to get your visitors’ contact info or commonly called lead generation.

But you have to offer something in exchange for that information.

An excellent example is offering A FREE HOME VALUE REPORT on that landing page.

Will it work?

Of course!

Sellers will surely love it to know their houses’ value.

All the leads who will opt into your offer just to get a report they needed will be included in your email list.

And this means new relationships that you have to nurture along the way.

How Real Estate Agents Generate New Motivated Sellers Via HomeLight  

But maybe you might ask, “How can I make people visit my landing page?”

That’s where digital marketing actually comes in.

You can drive traffic to your website, specifically landing page, by using Facebook Ads, GoogleAds, and similar tactics.

You can also post something interesting in your social media accounts and include a link to your landing page.


2) Make a local contest

Some agents are so creative to create a local contest on their website to get their target audience’ attention and accurate information such as their real names and correct phones and email addresses.

This strategy doesn’t necessary to be pricey.

Instead of a one-time bigtime prize, it would be better if you can give the prizes away in small chunks.

A $20 or $30 worth of local restaurant gift card will be fine.

Your prospects will get excited while successfully targeting them as your next sellers. It’s making sense, right?

And what’s even better about running a contest is its being cost-effective.

You can do this on social media even without a website.

Continue doing this in a few weeks or months and you’ll notice lots of sellers leads will come into you.

Just keep in mind that you should nurture your leads until they’re ready to sell their homes.

Bringing value to your prospects

Once you’ve got enough number of relationships, it’s time to upgrade the value you’re giving them.

One of the best offers to your target market is creating contents.

But you have to ensure that it’s useful to them.

For example, you can offer “An Ultimate Guide for New Sellers” to new seller leads.

But people don’t like being sold especially if they haven’t seen you being valuable to them before.

So make sure to give your offers for free.

This way, not only will your prospects appreciate the effort you put in to help them but they will look at you as an authority and expert in your field.

Eventually, you’ll notice a significant number of leads listing their houses with you.

Here are the other 13 ways of generating new motivated sellers in the list

  • You can send some postcards to a certain location with high turnover rates and leave your contact information especially the link to your landing page.
  • You can post ads on online classified ads such as Craigslist and Merchant Circle about “buying houses”
  • Run a retargeting campaign for those people who recently visited your site but you weren’t able to convert them as your leads.
  • Use email automation and send your prospects some offers. You can setup the free offers in email sequences that will be automatically sent on a pre-set time intervals or trigger-based automation or both.
  • You can send a newsletter to your entire lists segmented by city, price range, and timeframe.
  • Join online communities where you can share your expertise in your field and become an authority. People will easily trust you and seek your help.
  • Place classified ads on a newspaper
  • Advertise on paid ads such as Facebook Ads and GoogleAds
  • Advertise on public utility vehicle or locations
  • You can create a real estate blog website
  • You can contact landlords or property owners who own properties for rent
  • Contact property owners who are in the stage of bankruptcy
  • Search for properties with title problems

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