So, What is a FunnelHacker?

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Leads, sales funnels, digital marketing strategies —

You probably have heard them if you’re doing business online.

If not, 99.9% you’re doing your online business the wrong, senseless way.

Let’s assume you’re aware of those terms and currently dealing with digital marketing, the big question is,

Do you really know how to grow your business online?

A data from says that 71% of small business owners tend to choose to manage their own digital marketing instead of leaving it to the experts.

In this scenario when online businesses start to fail.

And in this event as well when you will be needing a funnelhacker.

But what is a FunnelHacker?

A FunnelHacker is someone who’s engaged in doing a series of steps to investigate the sales and marketing system of his competitors and eventually applying it to its own process to know what’s working and what’s not.

The process is called funnel hacking.

Also, a funnelhacker is an entrepreneur who’s following Russell Brunson’s growth hacks and funnel builder secrets.

Brunson is the CEO of ClickFunnels, one of the robust digital marketing tools today to easily create high-converting web pages to market, sell, and deliver goods and services.

Basically, he is the one who extensively coined the term “funnel hacking.”

What does Funnel Hacking mean to your business?

Funnel hacking is as important as creating your master plan for your business.

You have to plan everything smoothly so you can ensure the growth of your company. Otherwise, you’re most likely to fail.

With funnel hacking, you’re trying to mimic the most effective business strategies of your competitors and that means you’re trying to follow the steps they’ve taken to succeed.

However, it will really take you time since you’ll be dealing with the trial and error process.

You have to conduct deep research, analyzation, and implementation to a number of marketing strategies and sales processes that you will reverse-engineer to find out what works for you.

But how do you know if funnel hacking is difficult or not?

Well, all you have to do is to try it.

There’s no such term as “luck” in marketing.

Everything should be done properly, strategically.

And time will come, you too will become the so-called “Funnel Hacker.”

The funnel hacking process

If you want to become a funnel hacker, you must learn the process of funnel hacking.

You can follow Russell Brunson on his Funnel Hacker TV, Scott Oldford with his SSF method, and other digital marketing experts and learn their techniques.

But remember that whoever you want to follow should be updated with the strategies that work.

Technologies and strategies are rapidly changing the way we get things done in a business environment both over the internet and in physical.

Alright, so to start the funnel process, here’s what you’re going to do.

You must first understand the competition.

Know everyone both in the direct and indirect competition but they should be offering similar to your goods or services.

Then make a list of who they are, what they do, and how they do.

That’s what you are going to use in going through the funnel hacking with every business that you want to be your role model.

But to save you time and effort, make sure you only list those who are already successful in the industry you’re seeking a place.

What are the things to look for when doing the funnel hacking?

  • See if your competitors run Facebook ads to their landing pages
  • Know how they make their copywriting and sales pitch
  • Try to find their subscription link if there’s any and if they have, try to subscribe and see what they offer
  • Check what colors, fonts, frontend designs they’re using on their websites
  • Evaluate their previous clients’ review. It’s better if you can find some loopholes in their products or services that you can fill in.
  • Try to figure out the sales funnel software they’re using

To know more of the funnel hacking process, you can check this article and try creating your own process to start growing your business.

If you want to join the community of funnel hackers, you can join here.



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