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What is Growth Hacking


In this episode, I share a my take on what growth hacking is and how it compares to other real-world examples.

Carlos: 00:00 One of the things that I’ve done to growth hack and now, so that’s how I graduated high school and high school. There was a program specifically made for young pregnant students. Okay. If, if you were, if you were pregnant, it was going to be tough to go to school every day. So

Carlos: 00:19 welcome to the growth hacking secrets show with Carlos Vazquez where we share actionable strategies and tactics to grow businesses no matter what industry you’re in now, your host Carlos Vazquez. Good morning, good afternoon, good

Carlos: 00:34 evening. Welcome to the growth hacking secrets podcast. I’m your host Carlos Vazquez, and today I wanted to talk to you about what is growth hacking. You’re probably wondering what the heck is growth hacking? What is this all about? Well, I’m hoping that I can give you some clarity and help you understand that if you’re not trying to growth hack your efforts, then you’re probably doing it wrong. Okay. Growth hacking is essentially. It’s still relatively new, but it’s only knew because someone has just recently give it, give it a name. Right? It’s Kinda like when you’ve been doing something over and over and over, and they finally went, sort of puts a name to it. You’re like, yeah, that’s exactly what I’ve been doing. What you’re, you’ve probably been growth hacking already, but you just didn’t know it. Right? So growth hacking is essentially, in my opinion, being able to use strategies and tactics to get the most results without putting as much effort as everyone else.

Carlos: 01:31 Okay. So if, you know, what, if I were to compare that to anything, it’s Kinda like when I was in school, in elementary school, Middle School, high school, even university, uh, I was in a gifted program. Well, you know what? I wasn’t in a gifted program and university to put the same tactics I did apply in university. However, I was going to get the program and I’m not saying this to Brag, I’m saying it because a gifted kids, they had to be taught differently. And the reason why is because they were constantly trying to find shortcuts to get the most results without doing all the hard work. Now I’m not saying that we were lazy to the point where we didn’t want to just do any hard work. I guess maybe maybe I am, but if there was a way where we can work smarter rather than harder, we’re always trying to find it, find a way to do that.

Carlos: 02:16 Okay. And that’s what the gifted program is all about. Right? It wasn’t a bunch of geniuses that were just so smart. It was just a bunch of kids that wanted to find a smarter way to get things done. So they had to find different ways to stimulate us to engage us because we were constantly trying to find those shortcuts. Okay. And when we did, we taught those shortcuts and we shared it with everyone else, just kind of, which is Kinda like what I guess what I’m doing right now, right. I’m learning things out and I’m going to share it with as many people as possible so that way they don’t have to get stuck doing all the hard work like everyone else. And that’s how we evolve as a society, as, as in a world. Right? I mean, that’s where electricity came in. People were constant trying to find better ways to do things without having to do the same in hard work day like else was.

Carlos: 02:59 Right. So I’ll give you an example of how one of the things that I’ve done to growth hack and now that’s how I graduated high school and high school. There was a program specifically made for young pregnant students. Okay. If, if you were. If you were pregnant, it was going to be tough to go to school every day. So they didn’t want to penalize these young girls because they couldn’t make it to school. So they came up with a program that said if you pass the hspt test, which was the highschool competency tests at a time. Now it’s called the F cat. Thank God I had to. I don’t have to take that efficacy, but hsct test, if you pass the HSC t test and passed the ged test than Miami Dade County public schools gave you a high school diploma. They said you have met the requirements of someone that knows what they need for for ged and you.

Carlos: 03:52 You’ve demonstrated highschool competency, so they’re going to reward you with a high school diploma. Now the program was, was made with them in mind. However, it wasn’t restricted. Now. Why? Why it wasn’t restricted to them. I don’t know. It could have been probably a discriminatory if it was only restricted to them, but what I found out about this program when I knew that I was going to the Marine Corps and I didn’t have to worry about having to take an sat and act and have to worry about GPA when I figured out that this program existed and I’ve discovered that there was no, there was no limitation to them. I took this test. I took both of the tests. I passed both of the tests and essentially I graduated high school as a sophomore. I graduated high school with the same requirements as a sophomore. I just didn’t have to go to school anymore than have to worry about credit.

Carlos: 04:43 I don’t have to worry about community service. I went to school to play drums because I was in a marching band. I was a drummer. I was in high school band. I was in jazz band, I was in all of those bands, so I just had a blast playing drums and then I also went to a. my programming class now we did was a bunch of land parties were playing starcraft or playing Duke nukem doom. We’re just having. We’re playing quake. I mean we were having a ball so my high school years were, were phenomenal. There were great. I had a great time and I don’t have to worry about all the hard work that everyone else was doing because I met all the requirements of graduating high school, so I shared this information with other gifted students and sure enough other get the students jumped on it and some other people were.

Carlos: 05:26 There were some that needed to do. They wanted to go to university that they had to have the GPA and the act and sat so they still have to do all that stuff, but others still like, I don’t care. I’m not gonna worry about college. Just going to go and I just need to graduate high school so I can at least get the basic requirement and sure enough a lot of us did that so it’s Kinda like the same thing. It’s Kinda like going through Jim, when you go to the gym, you work out and you can spend every day working out pumping iron, but you’re not going to grow as fast if you don’t try supplements. Supplements are like the growth hack. They’re like biohacks. It’s a way to grow your muscles without having to do all the hard work. Right? You’re still gonna have to pump iron, but now with the supplement, with a hack, you’re able to speed up your efforts.

Carlos: 06:09 So it’s. It’s like the same thing. Okay, so growth hacking is a mindset to constantly trying to find a way to marry technology strategies, tactics with a real world use. And that’s what growth hacking is all about. Okay? So if you don’t have this mindset, understand that you are probably going to be working harder rather than smarter. If you. If you want to make money and you only, you are depending to work hard on edits, then your efforts are not going to be as exponential as someone that has found a hack to speed up their efforts to increase their efforts to make making more exponential, so you need to change your mindset constantly trying to find ways to marry a real world use with the software out there, and that’s what the show’s all about. I’m going to go ahead and share with you different software and tactics that are going to help you growth hack your business, your efforts in just about anything and everything that I can find and I’m also bringing on other people that have found growth x because obviously I can’t.

Carlos: 07:08 I can’t know everything, but I’m going to bring in more people that have discovered other growth hacks to grow their business. Whether it’s for networking, whether it’s for your website, Seo, marketing, facebook, whatever, whatever I can find. I’m going to share it here on the show. So that’s it. That’s the episode for today. Now you know a little bit more of what growth hacking is all about, and if you, if you want to share one of job growth hacks, please, I invite you to come onto the show and just tell me, tell me I have a form I created a form on the website. If you go to Miami, I have a button right there that you can tap on. Click on whatever if you’re on your phone or your computer or Ipad, whatever, and just tell me more about what you want to talk about and if it’s a. If it’s a good fit for the show, I’d love to have you on the show. So Miami And that’s it for today. I’ll see you next time.

Carlos: 08:01 Thanks for listening to the growth hacking secrets show with Carlos, a Vazquez one to join the exclusive growth hacking community. Of course, you do make sure to visit us forward slash growth. For more info, see you soon.


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