What You Need To Know About The Facebook Pixel

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We have good news for people who are running Facebook ads or are thinking about running ads, the Facebook pixel is just the right thing for you.Now you must be wondering what exactly a Facebook pixel is? A Facebook pixel is coded language which is provided by Facebook in order to be put on a website. You don’t need to be a developer in order to use or manage Facebook pixel.

3 Things Facebook Pixel Will Do For You

Here are three things that Facebook pixel will allow you to do:

No. 1 Track Conversions

It’s one of the very first things that Facebook pixel will let you do and that is that it will help you track conversions. It is a broad action that is taken by someone on your website whether they are purchasing, subscribing to an email list or a lead in an inquiry.  For example, if you are selling blog services for $50. In order to drive people to your site, you are using Facebook ads. The cost of those ads is $2 per click. For 200 clicks you spent $400. Now you have no clue whether this deal is making you money or you are losing money. Let’s suppose you use Facebook pixel and find out that with the ads you were able to sell 3 blog post services only. For a cost of $400, you earned $150 only.  With the help of Facebook pixel, you were able to discover that you were losing money and need to change your ad strategy and targeting.


No. 2 Optimize Ads for Conversion


Another reason for using Facebook pixel is that it will help you optimize ads for conversion. Facebook will automatically improve your ads, in order for them to be visible to more people that will be creating a conversion.

No. 3 Create Retargeting Ads

It will help you create Facebook retargeting ads. It is a way of marketing in which those people are targeted who have interacted with your brand previously or visited your website. For example, you are looking for flights to Australia. Later on, you see ads relating to Australia being visible on your Facebook profile.


One magical attribute of this is that people can be targeted on the basis of certain actions that they made on your website. It can be anything, for example, submitting an inquiry form, adding something to a wish list or searching for a specific item.   68% of people don’t buy the stuff they add to their wish list. The targeted ads will remind them to complete their purchase. The customers who are retargeted are more prone to buy stuff, these ads get you more clicks and lastly, these customers spend more than the average customer.  Once someone performs an action on your site, for example, adding something to their cart, the pixel will be triggered which will be feeding that information back to   Facebook. That persons Facebook id is tracked so that ads can be shown later on.




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