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In this episode, I share a little bit about why I started the podcast and a little bit about how prank calling Fidel Castro jumpstarted my growth hacking career.

00:01 Welcome to the growth hacking secrets show with Carlos Vazquez, where we share actionable strategies and tactics to grow businesses no matter what industry you’re in. Now your host Carlos Vazquez.

00:16 Hello. Good morning. Good afternoon, good evening, whatever time of the day you’re listening to this, uh, this episode I want to say thank you so much for taking the time to listen to this episode because I know you have a ton of options out there to listen to a bunch of other podcasts and I am just grateful that you decided to listen to mine. Well, my name is Carlos Vazquez and this is the first episode of the growth hacking secrets podcast. And as you can tell from the intro and the well, all right. Just to kind of give you an idea of what this is all about. Well, for one I’ve been, I’ve been dying to come up with a podcast for a while and I just couldn’t figure out exactly what type of episode to create. So I finally decided, you know what, I, I, I’m a growth hacker.

00:57 And, and why don’t I just create a podcast called growth hacking secrets where I go ahead and I share the latest tactics, strategies, softwares for basically growing any type of business, whatever, whatever industry that you’re in. So I mean, this is, I mean there’s so many good things out there that I want to just share with the world and, and maybe it’s not new, it’s, it’s older, are there so many more people that know about it, but I want to find and share whatever I can die discover and just make it so that someone like you could just take action and do something right away with it. And my goal is not to keep these episodes long. I want to make it so that they’re good, they’re good, they didn’t have good information. And um, you can take action and anything you can add or, or contribute back that way, you know, I can share with the rest of us and, and just kind of keep it going from there.

01:46 So that’s the, that’s the whole reason for this show. Now let me tell you a little bit about me. Um, well my name is Carlos Vazquez, uh, so, and I started with this whole computer thing since like 1991 and it all goes back to when my, I saw my dad playing on his packard bell. He had this, uh, this uh, Super Vga Monitor. This is the type two type of monitor that at the time it looked like realistic ish. Right. And I saw him playing games and I was like, Oh man, I want to, I want to play games too. So, uh, I, he got me this whole, um, Tandy 1000 with, with the green little monitor where like if you were to, if you were to rub your finger nail right on the monitor, like up and down, it would make the zipper effect, right? It’ll sound like a zipper.

02:32 So that’s how old it was. And then later down the road he got me an Ega Monitor, which is like even more cartoonish than the Super Vga. Not, not realistic at all. I had like a few colors, like 16 colors or something like that. Anyways, he said if you want to play games you need to read this book, and it was his book on Dos and I was like, uh, this sucks. I don’t want to read a book. I want to play a game. This is, I mean, back then we had the, we had the Atari, I had an, I had an Atari 2,600. I also had this sega master system, so I was used to just putting a cartridge into the console and just turning it on, letting the game load. And then boat plane. Not, not, that’s not, it’s not like that at all with the computer. I had to actually do run a bunch of commands. So I was discouraged, but I did like to read

03:23 and then I decided to,

03:23 to read it and eventually he created this monster. So now I’m the type of person that I love to read and figure stuff out on my own and then just apply whatever I know, which is kind of like what leads me to this whole growth hacking experience. Um, in 1997 I, I, I gained access to Microsoft from page 97 where I was able to right click a website,

03:48 click on view source and then pasted retina center from page 97. And then from there I learned how to build websites. Right. So now I’m here building websites for the fun of it. And then 1999 I joined the Marine Corps and I went in as an ammunition technician initially and it’s like a tongue twister. I went in as an ammo tech. If you ever seen the movie saving private Ryan. Um, I mean I don’t like the character, but what he was doing, uh, the guy that played up, I’m not the actor, but the, the, the, the character of his role was to make sure the ammunition wanted a front lines and back. Well that was what I went into the Marine Corps for. Um, that’s another, another story. I mean, I didn’t choose to be. I know what I guess I did choose it, but the recruiter really wasn’t straightforward with me.

04:32 He did say it was a logistical position and logistics sounds a lot cooler. Right? So I went in as an ammo tech, but then the master, the master gunnery sergeant said, Hey, I heard you know, about computers. So I showed him what I had and then I got to a secondary job secondary Mos as, as a computer specialist. Um, at the time the, the number, the phone number code was like 40 slash 66, but then it changed like two. Oh, 6:51 or something like that. My military, my marine corps cats know what that means. Um, and then I also got a Marine Corps recruiter a job and then I also became a martial arts instructor. So I feel like by my whole Marine Corps experience has a nice little wall balance with physical intelligence and sales. Right. And believe me, recruiting sales recruiting is like you learn how to really sell the.

05:23 They taught me a whole like standard operating procedures on, on sales and I did pretty good. Um, and then in 2003, that’s when I came back to Miami. And then that’s where two good friends of mine, they, uh, they were in Vegas, Santos and Santos and Joe Federico, that’s a lot on, um, okay. So ambica Santos and Joe, they were the morning show jocks over here in Miami and um, I met them and we became good friends and one of the things that they were really, really known for were prank calling a bunch of people so I to do their website and I did it for free. I want it to get the experience and I wanted to go ahead and, and just see if I’m, see if anything came out of it because I love all that computer stuff. And Emmy, how much cooler can I get that I can do something for free that I love to do and I get to meet a bunch of celebrities, get a bunch of concert tickets through a bunch of fun stuff.

06:16 Right? And then one day we ended up prank calling Fidel Castro. And then that was the call that changed everything for me. Right. That call went worldwide. It went on BBC, CNN, Fox News, every local newspaper. It was just humungous the news was insane and that’s where I created my first email capture system, right. Um, I went to a website called at the time it was called hot scripts, that net I think, or.com. And this is a website where you could just download a bunch of codes. It’s solid on your website and just like whatever the function was, you just go ahead and just, uh, you go ahead and just, you know, use it. Right. So I ended up building my first email capture system. Now they’re called funnels that an email email generation funnel or a prospect generation funnel. And because of the stupid little code that I put together and with all the traffic we were getting, I ended up building an email list of over 250,000 email addresses and this opened the stations eyes and they decided that, you know what, we need to monetize this and we need to go ahead and use Carlos to our advantage because not only did he volunteer, but we could probably get it for cheap.

07:29 And they, they, they definitely did get me for cheap. And then that was, I was just responsible for building out all these email campaigns and um, I ended up working with major agencies that had some big clients like Coca Cola, Universal Disney, Pepsi, Carnival cruise lines and so on and so forth. And these guys had like deep, deep pockets. So they were able to buy all the expensive software. And I was just this, I was like a kid in the candy land or kid in the candy store. Right? I was able to play with all of these softwares. I was able to build all these fun campaign, see these numbers rising. And it was just really, really fun. I’ve been viral several times and uh, now the software is so affordable that the stuff that only the only the only the larger companies were able to do now, the small businesses like myself and people like you, we’re now able to do the same things that they were able to do.

08:23 And, and, um, since I’ve already been in this space for quite some time, I already had an advantage because I already knew how to use all of this software. And I knew how to, um, how to just leverage all of this. And so now what I do is I go ahead and I teach small business owners how to leverage automations and funnels and paid ads to grow their business, different pieces of software to grow their business so that way they’re not caught spending millions and millions of dollars just to do something that now we can do it with a lot less. So as a growth, it is, it is our duty to find effective ways that are not only cost effective, but it’s measurable and, um, and that we’re able to just

09:07 move the needle, get some results and, and just have fun and at the end of the day, grow our businesses, grow our careers in whatever it is that we’re trying to do. So, um, that, that’s my story and I’m just going to go ahead and end it there. That way you get to know a little bit more about me and what it is that I’m all about. And I am. I am grateful that you just spent this list little moment with me and I’m hoping that I can make this, this whole, uh, audio experience worth your while. Please believe me, believe me. Believe me. I’m going to put all of my efforts and all of the experience that I’ve learned from radio. I’m going to go ahead and just apply it here. Plus I’m going to share my, um, my toys, my tools, my experiences, plus I’m going to bring people on the show that can just share their secrets so that way you could take full advantage of it.

09:55 So, um, thank you so much for listening and I hope that you just joined the, the, uh, growth hacker growth hacking secrets community because, uh, this is the way we can go ahead and just keep the conversation going. You could share input and if you just want to be a part of the show, go ahead and just visit the page, uh, Miami marketer.com/growth and just come on board and, and I’d love to have you as a part of the community because you know, the more of us that we unite, the more of a difference that we can all make any each other’s lives. So I hope you come by and I look forward to, um, to, uh, the you to download the next episode. Talk to you soon. Bye.

10:37 Thanks for listening to the growth hacking secrets show with Carlos Vazquez, one to join the exclusive growth hacking community. Of course, you do make sure to visit [email protected] forward slash growth For more info, see you soon.



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