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Carlos Vazquez is an expert marketing strategist AND hands-on implementor. He develops automated marketing systems that will speed up your sales cycles by tailoring timely omnipresent marketing messages based on your prospect’s behavior. He is fast becoming one of the most sought after automated marketing consultants on the planet.

Connect with Carlos

It has been amazing trusting Carlos to complete my click funnels and help setup my webinars. Great communication and always willing to answer questions!

Stephanie Dior

Marketing can be murky waters but I cannot say enough about Carlos! Super talented and a true subject matter expert! I went from feeling lost to being excited at the potential in my business all in 1 hour! He doesn't give you a fish, he gives you a net, boat and points you to where the fish are. I will be buying more gigs, HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!!! A+

Clemency Mdaya

Carlos the Miami Marketer is NOT JUST ANOTHER PRO, he is an outright MARKETING NINJA. Can build a BRILLIANT Marketing Strategy and a Funnel for You, with his eyes closed while lounging on a beach chair and sipping on a Mojito. He was very courteous, generous, knowledgeable, detailed and thorough Will definitely do business with him again soon.

Ernesto Sebastian

Carlos was so responsive, first of all. Also, he's very trustworthy and obviously has a lot of knowledge when it comes to marketing strategies and a lot of tips to use. Also, he's so nice, which shouldn't be taken for granted anymore lol. Def my go-to Marketer. Thank you!

Darya Cohen

Carlos was awesome. I needed clarity and he gave me exactly that. I'm looking forward to implementing my next steps and finally getting my business marketing off the ground. Will definitly be working with Carlos in the future.

Candace Chapman

After speaking with Carlos I felt a heavy burden lifted off of me because he gave my business a ACTION PLAN, when I was all scattered brain. Most helpful and highly recommended.

Jermon Keller

Within one minute of speaking with Carlos I knew he was a true professional that I would definitely want to work with. His insight and knowledge on digital marketing is very impressive. I went into my consultation with him having no experience or direction, and Carlos laid out a clear map for my business. Looking forward to working with him more.

Jason Palmer

EXCELLENT WORK. I've never had this missing piece of the marketing roadmap before and finally understand how to reach people with the message I want to convey. Wish I had known this information years before!

Adam Link

Amazing! Very well explain how to apply the theories to practice. Direct to the point. Reviewed what we have done and clarified improvements. Designed the funnel with us in a very short period. I highly recommend the service. Plan to get more services. Thank you!

Yasan Thaindi

Carlos is very knowledgeable. Where I found difficulty in my own industry, Carlos was able to pinpoint a value and strategy to implement. Highly recommend Carlos for your digital marketing or Clickfunnels strategy.

Joe Newkirk

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