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ST Smith

Carlos did an incredible, professional job for me! I really appreciated his videos walking me through his thought process for my product and business...


Andy B Kohler

Soild work all the way around and provide some great insight on how to build out my sales funnel. Hightly recommend.


Vogel Spotter

It was amazing, we really needed a marketing plan to work everything out. Even though the plan looks easy, the information Carlos provided is very helpful.


Mario Stopfer

Delivered everything as agreed even before the deadline. Very professional team working behind the scenes to deliver the best results.



Great seller - good approach and solid strategy with good tips shared.


One Base Media

Very good insights, definitely knows what he's doing


J G Egberts

High value, to the point as always. Not a second nor a dollar could have been better invested. Look forward to taking the next step together as we continue to grow and expand.



Working with Carlos is a dream come true. he delivered exactly what was promised and then agreed to go above and beyond as I still had questions. He even responded on Sunday!


Media Contour

Great communication, and final product. Will work with them again.


Jo Cokap

Delivery was excellent. Everything was well explained and made sense for my budget. Thanks so much!!


Dagmar Kusiak

Carlos team is very responsive and hardworking! We definitely received value for the price.


Carl Parker

Carlos and his team are great. Particularly impressed with their communication! Already mapping out future projects.

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Shift Into High G.E.A.R

The Game Plan Your Business

Didn’t Know It Needed

Unlock Explosive Growth with a Simple Twist:

Engagement, Acquisition, Retention

In a world where attention is the new currency, and every competitor is vying for a slice of the pie, it's not enough to just show up. You've got to play smarter, not harder. Enter the G.E.A.R Approach by Miami Marketer—a masterclass in making your business the one they can’t ignore. Crafted for high-ticket sales warriors eager to dominate, our strategy isn’t just a game-changer; it’s the playbook you wish you had yesterday.

This is How The Gameplan Works

Abstract representation of brand engagement, with a central luminous figure drawing attention symbols towards it in a digital space, symbolizing captivating first impressions.


Engaging Your Target

Imagine walking into a room and having every head turn. That’s what we do with your brand. We don’t just talk; we captivate. Crafting messages that stick, creating content that buzzes, and sparking conversations that engage. It’s about making your first impression so powerful, your audience can’t help but want more.


Acquiring The Sale

Now that you’ve got their attention, let’s talk conversion. This isn’t about casting a wide net; it’s about precision. Sniper precision. We target, we attract, and we convert. With meticulously designed campaigns, we transform casual browsers into committed buyers. We’re talking high-quality leads that don’t just add to your numbers; they skyrocket your sales.

Conceptual image of customer acquisition precision, featuring abstract targeting symbols like crosshairs drawing high-quality leads into a central point, set against a vibrant digital backdrop.
Visual metaphor for customer retention showing intertwined hearts and a network of connections, illustrating the transformation of transactions into lasting relationships within a community.


Retaining Your Clients

The secret sauce? Never let them forget why they chose you. This is where good businesses become great brands. Through personalized engagement, unmatched value, and loyalty strategies that actually mean something, we turn fleeting transactions into lasting relationships. Your clients won’t just come back for more; they’ll bring friends.

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